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While April Fools' Day can be fun, there are several rules you need to follow to avoid disrupting the encyclopedia.

April Fools' Day has historically been a contentious day on Wikipedia, and the limits on how editors may play jokes and pranks on other users and the encyclopedia have been disputed for some time.

To help settle the debate on what is and is not allowed on April Fools' Day, several rules have been established based on this Request for Comment for users who choose to play jokes on April Fools'.

The rules[edit]

With the exception of the Main Page:

  • All jokes and pranks must be kept out of the article namespace.[1] Jokes in articles will be treated as vandalism.
  • All jokes must be tagged using {{Humor}} or similar templates, or the inline template {{April fools}}.[2]

As long as you follow these rules, feel free to have some fun on April Fools' Day. There is consensus against a complete ban of jokes on April Fools'.[3]

Additional notes[edit]

  • There is consensus for "Did you know" entries on the Main Page that are "clever puns rather than poop jokes and sexual innuendos".[4]
  • Editors who revert non-harmful jokes should be assumed to be acting in good faith and should not be sanctioned[5] as such edits may appear to be vandalism. However, editors should generally avoid reverting jokes that comply with the above rules and are made in the spirit of April Fools' Day.
  • Vandalism, including inappropriate joke edits in article space, should be treated in the usual manner as vandalism on other days of the year. A vandal should not be blocked immediately simply because the vandalism occurred on April Fools' Day.[6]
  • Editors creating a joke AFD page must immediately remove the line "{{REMOVE THIS TEMPLATE WHEN CLOSING THIS AfD}}". Otherwise a bot will add the deletion notice to the article.[7]
  • Jokes must not be hateful, discriminatory, or intended to make others feel unwelcome.[8]

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