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   About Compassionate Care Network (CCN):
       For more than ten years, Compassionate Care Network (CCN), has established partnerships between health professionals and community based organizations to provide free or low cost, culturally competent health services in low income and  immigrant communities that are underserved. 

       CCN programs are multifaceted and designed to foster a culture of community wellness in a professional and culturally competent effective grassroots model that promotes access and affordability, and awareness.

       CCN has partnered with state and federal agencies and community based organizations on ACA education outreach for the past 4 years and ACA enrollment work in underserved communities for the past 2 years since open enrollment began. 

       In a novel faith based approach, CCN also promoted the Cook County Board President's CountyCare program during its first year of implementation at several mosques during Ramadan, making presentations and distributing CountyCare materials reaching more than 10 thousand people. 

   CCN has over 200 medical providers in its volunteer network, with over 100 primary care physicians and over 100 specialists who provide community health screenings as well as open the doors to their private clinics to serve uninsured and low income patients who cannot afford to see doctors otherwise. 
   Diabetes and obesity and heart health are three main focuses of CCN, both because of the impact these diseases have on immigrant and low income communities, particularly from south Asian decent, and also because with prevention and education and lifestyle changes and early detection the life threatening affects of these diseases can be significantly reduced.
   To reduce chronic obesity, CCN provides an innovative one on one coaching to people needing weight management guidance. This includes one on one meetings every week, food and nutrition diaries and monitored exercise. CCN also provides healthy food alternative recipes for various commonly eaten ethnic foods with nutrition content information. This type of information is not readily available to members of many immigrant communities.
   CCN hosts weekly community health radio shows and weekly articles in ethnic newspapers, and health talks by physicians at neighborhood community centers. 

       Our community based partners include such diverse groups as south side African American churches, Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Metropolitan Asian Family Services, Asian Health Coalition, Chinese American community groups and the YMCA. We also reach over 500,000 south Asian and Arab immigrants in Illinois, with multilingual health screenings at over 100 mosques and temples and community centers.  CCN's partners have also included the Illinois Governor's office, Get Covered Illinois, several multicultural and grassroots advocacy community based organizations, inter-faith leaders, U.S. Health and Human Services, U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, members of Congress, and Enroll America,  and it's work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune. Our outreach efforts include mosques, churches and temples as well as neighborhood organizations. 
Currently CCN has a network over 300 medical doctors in Illinois providing services to those who are unable to afford healthcare and also to those who are undocumented. CCN was also a grant recipient from the state of Illinois during the last enrollment period to recruit and train multilingual and culturally competent navigators to provide outreach and enrollment services in underserved communities, particularly to South Asian, Arabic, African and Eastern European communities.

       Currently the CCN model exists in Illinois and New Jersey. We are also communicating with partners in other states to serve more communities this year, bringing our services to a national scope.
       In 2014 CCN's work was recognized with honors from the Governor of Illinois and also by President Obama at the White House. In 2015 CCN was invited to participate in White House policy recommendation discussions with the US Dept of Health and Human Services Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.