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Articles for deletion[edit]

New articles for deletion should be added to the top. Upon closure of discussion of an article undergoing AFD, the result should be noted next to the entry, and then moved to the subsection below: "Closed AFDs".

Open articles for deletion discussions
  1. None at this time.
See also Article alerts subpage

Closed AFD Discussions, results[edit]

  1. Standard Tech Result was Delete
  2. Stacy Meyer Result was Delete
  3. Symbols of Scientology Result was Keep
  4. Jessica Rodriguez Result was Keep
  5. The Bridge (2006 drama) Result was Keep
  6. Church of Scientology editing on Wikipedia Result was Keep
  7. Kaja Bordevich Ballo Result was Keep.
  8. Category:Deaths connected to Scientology Result was Delete and create List of deaths related to Scientology
  9. Category:Relatives of L. Ron Hubbard Result was Rename to Category:L. Ron Hubbard family
  10. Reactive mind Result was Keep
  11. Stephen A. Kent Result was Keep
  12. Sara Northrup Hollister Result was Keep
  13. Gabriel Williams Result was Delete
  14. Clear Expansion Committee Result was Delete
  15. Dean M. Kelley Result was Keep
  16. Clear Expansion Committee Result was Delete
  17. Patter drill - Result was Delete.
  18. Jessica Rodriguez Result was Keep.
  19. Scientology and sex Result was Keep.
  20. Homosexuality and Scientology Result was Keep.
  21. The Thetan - Result was Delete.
  22. Whole Track - Result was Delete.
  23. Eugene Ingram, undergoing deletion review - discussion here Result was Deletion endorsed.
  24. Shawn Lonsdale Result was Keep.
  25. Noelle North Result was Delete.
  26. Variant texts in Scientology doctrine Result was Delete.
  27. Celebrity (magazine) Result was Delete.
  28. Squirreling Result was Delete.
  29. Chaos Merchant Result was Delete.
  30. Security Check Children Result was Redirect to List of Scientology Security Checks.
  31. David Graham (former Scientologist) Result was Speedy delete.
  32. John Carmichael (Scientologist) Result was Keep.
  33. Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science Result was No consensus.
  34. Dianetics: The Original Thesis Result was Delete.
  35. Jesus in Scientology Result was Keep.
  36. Have You Lived Before This Life Result was No consensus.
  37. Dianetics Today Result was Delete.
  38. Scientology controversies Result was Snowball Keep.
  39. Dianetics 55! Result was Delete.
  40. Golden Age of Knowledge Result was Delete.
  41. Golden Age of Tech Result was Delete.
  42. Arthur Ceppos - Result was Delete.
  43. Scientology 8-8008 Result was Delete.
  44. The Phoenix Lectures Result was Delete.
  45. How to Live Though an Executive Result was Delete.
  46. Symbols of Scientology Result was Keep.
  47. Citizens for Social Reform Result was Keep.
  48. The Scientology Handbook Result was Delete.
  49. The Technology of Study Result was Delete.
  50. Enturbulation Result was delete.
  51. Scientology and sex Result was Keep.
  52. The Cause of Suppression - Result was delete.
  53. Scientology 0-8: The Book of Basics - Result was delete.
  54. Incident (Scientology) Result was Keep.
  55. L. Ron Hubbard Classic Lectures Result was delete.
  56. Project Chanology Result was Keep. per WP:SNOW.
  57. List of Scientology Rundowns Result was merge to Rundown (Scientology)
  58. The Creation of Human Ability Result was delete.
  59. Route to Infinity Result was delete.
  60. Scientology discography - closed as keep.
  61. Scientology filmography - closed as keep.
  62. Notes on the Lectures - deleted.
  63. Susie Coelho - deleted.
  64. Dead File - Result was keep.
  65. Orientation (film) - Result was keep.
  66. Tone scale - Result was keep.
  67. Fear (novel) - Result was keep.
  68. Mary DeMoss, AfD Discussion here -- Result was Keep.
  69. Foundation for Religious Tolerance of Florida - Article has been prodded for deletion. -- Article was Deleted.
  70. ARC (Scientology), AfD Discussion - Deleted.
  71. KRC (Scientology), AfD Discussion - Deleted.
  72. ScienTOMogy, please see Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/ScienTOMogy - AfD Failed, decision was Keep.
  73. {{ScientologySeries}}, please see Wikipedia:Templates_for_deletion#Template:ScientologySeries. - Deleted.
  74. Noah Lottick, Please see Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Noah Lottick. - Result was Merge to Scientology controversy.
  75. Image:Xenu BBC Panorama.jpg. See Wikipedia:Images_and_media_for_deletion/2007_October_21#Image:Xenu_BBC_Panorama.jpg. - Result was No consensus to delete, image kept.
  76. Pat Broeker. See Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Pat Broeker. - Deleted.
  77. Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network. See Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network. Keep
  78. Altered texts in Scientology doctrine (Discussion, at AfD). No consensus
  79. The Friend of Mankind (Discussion, at AfD). Delete
  80. Eugene Martin Ingram - (AFD Discussion) - Closed as Keep.
  81. Category:Xenu -- New category, nominated for deletion. (AFD Discussion) -- Result was No consensus.
  82. The Thetan (AFD Discussion) -- Result of AFD was No consensus.
  83. Stacy Meyer (AFD Discussion) -- Result was: No consensus, default to Keep.
  84. The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power (Ongoing AFD discussion) -- Result was Keep.
  85. Category:Critics of Scientology has been nominated as part of Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2007 April 21#Category:Critics of religions. - Result was No consensus.
  86. Ken Ogger - Result was delete.
  87. Tim Bowles, defaulted to Keep after a Deletion Review however it has been relisted for AfD again (AfD #4), Tim Bowles. The result of that discussion was Keep.
  88. Xenu - (2nd nomination). Result was Speedy Keep
  89. Tilman Hausherr - (3rd nomination). Result was Keep.
  90. Barbara Schwarz - (4th nomination). Result was Keep.
  91. Scientology Public Relations has been nominated. Deleted.
  92. Security Check Children has been nominated. No consensus.
  93. Tim Bowles has been nominated. "no consensus", default to keep.
  94. Scientology as a business has been nominated. Kept.
  95. Margeret Grubb [sic] has been nominated. Kept.
  96. Scientology Timeline has been nominated. Kept.
  97. Xenu has been nominated. The discussion was closed early once the votes hit 22-to-1 in favor of keeping.
  98. List of Scientology centers has been nominated. Kept, no consensus — in severe need of improvement.
  99. Merge of Scientology and the legal system and Scientology versus The Internet has been proposed. Merge defeated, see talk page for scientology + the legal sys.

Other AFD processes[edit]

Articles PROD'ed[edit]

  1. None at this time.