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Hello there![edit]

Some Wikipedians have formed a project to improve the article on Spooks and start to create individual episode and character pages. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help or join, please inquire on the talk page, or you could simply help out and add your name to the list of Participants.

This WikiProject aims to create and improve all articles relating to the franchise, including episodes, characters, actors, and the main page, and create a consistent look for each kind of page. Most new topics can be incorporated into existing articles; we do not need fancruft or pages on minor things. It is also our goal to organize all Spooks pages and link them all systematically, making the Spooks database easy to navigate.
Please refer to the talk page for discussions regarding major projects. Click here for a list of recent changes to Spooks-related pages.
  • Shorten plot synopses in character and episode articles
  • Add/ improve production, reception, awards and themes sections in series and episode articles
  • Add/ improve casting, characteristics, creation and reception sections to character articles
  • Integrate trivia sections into prose
  • Clean up references on main page
  • Model character pages after Adam Carter
  • Model episode articles after "Series 8, Episode 1"
  • Add fair use rationales to images, remembering that each article the image links to must have a separate fair use rationale.
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Featured content
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Symbol support vote.svg Adam Carter  8 October 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Lucas North  13 October 2010
Symbol support vote.svg "Series 8, Episode 1"  12 December 2010
Symbol support vote.svg "Series 8, Episode 8"  24 December 2010
Symbol support vote.svg "Thou Shalt Not Kill"  2 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "New Allegiances"  18 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "Split Loyalties"  18 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "The Tip-Off"  21 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "On the Brink"  22 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "Nuclear Strike"  23 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Maya Lahan  30 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Spooks (series 7)  31 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Spooks (series 3)  4 December 2011
Symbol support vote.svg "Looking After Our Own"  9 July 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Tom Quinn  14 July 2012
Symbol support vote.svg "Nest of Angels"  15 November 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Spooks (series 1)  26 December 2012
Did you know?[edit]

The following is a list of facts from Spooks articles that were added to the Did you know template. For instance, did you know...


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Anyone interested in joining and participating in this WikiProject is free to do so. If you are a member, or would like to join this WikiProject, just place one of the Userboxes below to your user page (the userboxes will add the user to the members category), and/or add your name to the list below (in alphabetical order). This allows users to find likeminded wikipedians faster. Users who haven't contributed to the project, or Wikipedia in general, in a while will be added to the "Retired or inactive participants" list. They will be re-added to the "Active participants" list once they are active again.

The following users are active or semi-active: