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“When a button is pushed to go back in time, you will return to the time the button was pushed.” - Echoes of Atlantis, by Eirik Sinclair

Voyage of the Thundergods

Three Days, Two Knights – The Olympic Saga!

Birth of a Civilization – An oubliette, a prison within a desert bears its fruit. Man is no longer a robust and naturally occurring animal. Hard labor and scant nutrition has thinned man to the point where a physical evolution takes place. Speed, flexibility, and range of movement are increased. The Greeks mix with the Egyptian profile and create a new race of beings. Egypt, Israel, the City of Troia and back to Greece, is the trek followed by land. The Scottish Race is erected in Greece. The Aenglish Race is created from those rebelling from this forced state of breeding, in Mesopotamia. Blue eyes are created. The Cretan Bull, 4th King of Crete, Samson of Jewish heritage which evolves into the future medieval line of Henry VIII of Irish heritage, an English/Scottish mix, takes his thrown. Forcing each Greek family to sacrifice a child to this endeavor by sea, Atlantis forms its first ring. India is created as a Well for those who wish to follow the path by Zeus. Helen of Sparta, consort to the Cretan King, is sent to Troia to mix with the Aenglish Race from Mesopotamia. A mix of inbreeding devolution and discipline from royal excess create Helen of Troy. Racial/Sexist tones cause Greece, the world’s first civilization to fall as each side favors their station (ingredient) over the broader Greek form (recipe). The 1st naval citadel of Atlantis, Crete, is abandoned as it needs to move West to avoid the culture clash.

The Greek World was becoming effeminate due to the choices that wives take against their husbands. Also, due to the choices men make as they take brides from Sister States, such as Troia. Two marriages were the obvious solution. One to reduce size and girth in the human form, and another to sustain thought and strength from Royal lineage. Heroic voyages during youth are simply the search for brides in Sister States. Olympic marriages are simply the continuation of a genetic line. Racial/Sexist conflict due to the burgeoning populations of both marriages, growing within a home state, force a need to found a new home. Helen of Sparta, is a she wolf. Taken to South America in 754 BC as punishment for opening the Gates of Troy, she suckles both Rome and Carthage. Romulus and Remis. The Pillars of Heracules. From Peru, Helen’s children are taken to Cuba & Japan in the Oriental Trade, serving the third ring of Atlantis and the fourth Olympic Ring. Romulus, Washington DC, becomes the capital. Remis, the son of Mar, starts the melting pot within an Equatorian cave. The Origins of Indians. So begins the Religion of Thor in North America, until the Battle of Uppsala Sound in 791 AD. The Viking Age in Europe begins in 793 AD at Lindenferne with a leaderless army seeking revenge.

As written in Greek History (despite all the coded flummox), King Philip II of Macedon and his General Attalus had prepared for war against Asia due to the incursion of western Greece. The Epirus Region in western Greece was heavily inhabited by antecendents of Sysyphus the Egyptian, or modern day Asians. When Alexander I was coming of Age, King Philip II determined that his marriage to his first wife was an attempt to overthrow his rule. As she was truly a Cleopatra, a descendant line of Sysyphus. Speculating that his son was indeed Alexander Sysyphus... or a bastard, he then plotted his retreat due to their aversion to his invasion plans. Distraught over his marital strife, he divorced and remarried, to father a Royal son of Greece. As misdirection to Alexander I (Pharaonic son), King Philip II (Greek son) gives the appearance of sinking into drunken debauchery instead of planning his invasion of Persia. The historical conquests of Alexander the Great are all but a Stratagem, for they actually belonged to King Philip II. After winning many battles, and driving further than anyone had gone before, King Philip II collected his generals from their eastern regions and made for an exit as they could not sustain the war indefinitely. Word was sent of his army’s defeat, and Alexander I and his court concocted the stories to be told upon his supposed death. Word was dispatched that Attalus who sent word of the defeat, as he would be the only survivor, was to be executed. A replacement was seated. It is to be noted that Attalus had the pleasure of poisoning Alexander in Egypt, as retribution for the death decree. A replacement seated?

Alexander the Great, being Prometheus of Scotland, is held to his lofty throne until Greece dissolves from its internal Racial/Sexist strife as his (Olympic) father Philip II circles over Greece (West & East) with more sons. Herakles, the lowly son of Greece, more brawn than brains, but still greater than humans, embodies the six royal Sister States of Persia that circle around the Peloponnese as Zeus of Arcadia, the internal nation. Descending from Samson & Sampson, those who completed two of the ancient challenges from Temples, he then becomes a Hero by sea for the working class. Occupying 10 islands during his own pursuit around the world, he acts as Union Boss to complete ten ancient challenges as Regent of Persian forces (Titan). Ancient Philosophers of Greece rising from Egypt (French/Roman) give him his knowledge from Crete. The Fleur-de-lis path follows the Greccan King as it branches out in all directions to control a birth of royal tyranny. With each nation conquered enroute, the once bald Philosophers of Greece coated their heads with the Golden Fleece.

Acting as King Aegeus, Philip the true king of Greece was now on the run. Establishing Viking rule, he proceeded to drain Carthage of its inhabitants. Alexander on the other hand, spread Philip II’s genes throughout the Epirus Region, as he truly was his half breed son. After Roman sieges began in Greece, the children of Sysyphus retreated along what would become the Silk Road in an exodus, that which would lead to China. There, Alexander’s children would spread the Greek Emperor’s military mind as Mongols. The first Emperor of China followed shortly thereafter. With none guarding Greece, Rome began to occupy its territories. Mongols would then become the remnants of Persians (body) and Monks (mind) who mixed from the second tier of royalty. Romans then started the Punic Wars in Carthage. The 2nd naval citadel of Atlantis, Sicily, falls during this time. The 3rd naval citadel, Cuba, was erected during the Nordic Era from those fleeing the Mediterranean along with Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus and his 300 pound men in 133 BC. Nordic double-bladed rule reigns over two Great Oceans. Mar, son of Aegeus, ruled from Equador. Persephone & Pandora guard an emerging 4th ring of Atlantis which never materializes. The Templar Order splits in two, the schism gives Rome a second citadel.

Nordic Era began circa 1200 BC – America was colonized by Viking voyages as per the Greenland Sagas. The discovery had taken place by circling the globe at the equator. Following the coastal highway north, the Nordic Realm is discovered with a short trip back to Europe. The African nation of Carthage, one of the two pillars of Heracules, moves to the Baltic Sea. The Nordic World is born. The Voyage of the Thundergods, as it was called in 250 BC, is followed by the Roman Governor of Carthage, Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus due to the Racial/Sexist tones of the time. Thracian field workers moved to Carthage become the Olmecs, Indians then take their place upon the American continent. The line of Tiberius, or Henry VIII, would evolve into the Byzantine Empire from the maritime operation. The three rings of Atlantis - Greek, Roman, Nordic. All with citadels for the Aenglish, the Scottish, and the combination Swedish royalty. C4, it’s explosive.

Mount Vesuvius 79 AD – A volcanic eruption buries the Cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Destroying two of the three cities which were dedicated to the Nordic Realm. Racial/Sexist tones smell the blood of destruction and start the flood which will eventually destroy the Nordic Era. The Grecco-Roman War envelops the Old World. With the remnants of Greece growing in the Orient, the Vikings invaded from the Pacific, the stories of Monsters. Having mixed with Rome, the now Scottish Vikings mix with the Oriental trade, giving rise to those who would continue the Templar tradition. Choros Island, off the coast of Peru, was the portal for all traffic returning from Asia. Peru, Mesoamerica (Mexico), Cahokia (Chicago) and back to Europe is the trek taken by those tribes populating Sweden (English Indians) and Scotland (Greek Indians). In 791 AD, Atlantis falls in one final battle between Royal lines in the Battle for Uppsala Sound. Those people of the Religion of Thor who did not return to Europe became the American Indians, and widow Sabine Women (witches).

The ruins were incorporated into the Byzantine Empire. The island of Thera being the Pharaonic citadel during Greccan Times, a Gold Coast being created from Roman Times, and Brazil being the port for Egyptian travel from what was the Old World. In 985 AD, after three evolutions of the white race with American Indians, each English/Irish Viking ship heading down the East Coast of America to Roanoke (NY) was attacked. One by one, they were overwhelmed by Skraelingar (famished citizens) and Staves (Indian escorts). These entities were consolidated into the Federated States of America in 1040 AD, which armed and militarized the tribes favorable to them. Vikings are faced with their half breed Templar. William the Conqueror takes control of America from the Danes in 1066 AD. By 1068 AD, the Vikings were all but wiped out. In 1101 AD, the first Magna Carta was signed, giving ownership to the colonies which were created by those who supplanted the Nordic Realm. Had Liefr Ericsson not survived the assault in 985 AD, and entered America through the northern Templar exit portal, the events that were transpiring would not have reached the Sinclair family, those who represented America in the Byzantine Empire. A mix of Scottish Templar and Norwegian Vikings (Luther).

The white ape had been extinct for 2,000 years, whereas the white race had evolved three times in Greccan times alone. The half breed children of Greece continue the war into the Medieval Era, as Roman half breed children take a foothold in America. The Irish army that King Arthur brings back with him from America returns the Romans to the Italian Peninsula. A French Connection is formed by the blending of forces. Rome moves to Southern France, home of the Templar. In 1307 AD, with the Vikings already gone and the English/Irish Templar in desperation, the Hail Mary which King Philip II of Greece began over 1,600 years earlier came to an end… history erased. With the loss of England due to the black plague, North America is now completely controlled by Scottish forces. What remained of those people brought to Choros Island in South America? Templar Portal, Jaguar Skye Gods... it's all Alien theory held within the wardrobe.

Having survived the fracas, Liefr Ericsson convenes the western tribes favorable to his plight. The stage was now set for the birth of the future United States of America with the Orion Armistice of 1255 AD in Iceland. The United States begins in 1776. With Nordic forces growing again within the country, Union forces that had been created by the union of Nordic people and the Egyptian people rebelled from the agreement. In 1863 AD, they crush the Confederate States of America in an act of Insurrection in a time before edicts became law. The racially equal blending of Greek mind and Egyptian body had overthrown its Father, he who had tried to preserve the Egyptian body and were to continue the Greek mind in their purest form. A patriarchal/matriarchal War. Robert E. Lee was a Union officer assigned to lead the Nordic population to fight, so they could be exterminated as Scottish forces (Romulus-Soccer) feared (Remis-Football) populations. They belonged to a Confederacy that wrote, and was created by the Constitution of the United States. To preserve the Greek heritage of philosophers (both Patriarchal and Matriarchal tribes) which took 40,000 years to produce. Those men who founded and circled the globe, creating the Atlantis and Olympic myths. Japan, Madagascar, the Templar portages in Europe, the plague (Walls of Derry). The Olympic feat reduced to ashes and dust. Another white race exterminated.

by Zeus of Arcadia, Son to Helen of Macedon