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Thelmadatter's Advanced English Classes

Group Members[edit]

Group Preferences[edit]

  • Jose Luis Mendoza

--> I am 19 years old and my major is computational technologies engineering. I do not like people / animals. I would like to write about video games and principally the ones that are too old. I think animated series are very interesting but i have realized there are many articles about them. Also what i have found interesting to write about are the municipalities of the state i live in. Those articles about municipalities of the state are only available on spanish so i find this a big opportunity to upload an article.

  • Jose Luis González Escobar

--> I am getting my major on Mecatronics. I’m currently enrolled on my third year so far and I like this school. I’m 19 years old I was born in Acapulco, Guerrero which is a touristic city very far from here. I speak Spanish and English. My favorite sport is basketball and I play it with the school team on national tournaments. I work in a Bar called "ARDE". I enjoy working on this place because it allows me to meet very kinds of people. I enjoy making exercise and every kind of sports. I am interest on writing an article about Francis Strong, I like very much Mexican history, that is the reason for witch I want to tell the world a little bit of the Mexican history and the Mexican heroes that fight to defend our independence. I am also interested on the Hidalgo article because I want that everybody can see an article about Mexican culture write by a mexican student.


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Group Mentors[edit]


Partial 2 (Sept 3 - Sept 28)[edit]

1 Enter Wikipedia’s main page at And have each member create an account. YesY Done

Flea 1100962

Username Date of account creation
04:52, 7 September 2007 [1]
PePe 4 21:14, 6 September 2007 [2]

2 Go to and read my user page. Also go to to see communications I have had with other Wikipedians, namely Richardsusr to see how networking really helps! Go to and . These are example of a stub and an article (respectively) that I have created. You may use these as templates for your own work. There are other sample pages on the navigation bar to the right on this page.

3 Create a group page. (There is a series of tabs that will guide you to doing this.) Be sure to put the names of group members here (first name and last initial only), something personal about yourselves (within reason) and what kinds of topics (within guidelines of course) you would like to write about in Wikipedia. (See page (or the WikiProject page corresponding to your country) for ideas.) Go to and give me the direction for your user page and give me some feedback on what you read on my user page and my discussion page (~100 words total).

4 On the WikiProject Mexico page,, go to the articles section and look at the suggestions listed for contributions. Then on your user page, write the topics that interest you. In the third partial, you will need to revise and article, create a stub and translate an English page into Spanish for the Spanish-language version of Wikipedia.

5 On the WikiProject Mexico Community page, go to the Discussion section (11), and contribute something (intelligent!) to one of the ongoing discussions.

6 Clicking on the names of the people on the Mentors Page for this Project invite as many as possible to view your userpage, esp. the topics you are interested in writing about. You need to have at least ONE Wikipedian to answer you back but as there are many on the mentor list, invite several. I need to see that you have started a conversation with at least one mentor! YesY Done [3][4]

Partial 3 (Oct 1 - Nov 2)[edit]

1 Modify an existing article about Mexico (or your country). To do this, you will find an article that needs changes in its information, either because something is inaccurate or it is incomplete. The changes can be small… 2 or 3 sentences, but they must be cited from a Spanish-language source. Make the changes and add the citation(s). a. Find an article that needs editing improvement - not in its English so much as for its content. Use articles that have been identified as needed “cleanup” or other issues in the Wikipedia:Cleanup page or Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico pages or you can find an appropriate article with the help of your mentor(s). The idea is to find an article that needs significant improvement. Addition of citation(s) is a crucial element! Print and write the proposed changes. This proposal must be approved by me before you can go any further!

2 Write a “stub.” Find a subject in which nothing is written in English and print the results page showing that it does not exist. This will NOT be the topic that you will translate a page for into Spanish. Write a short stub (finding out what a stub is) for the topic. At least one citation necessary, but having two or more will give you extra credit. Print the stub after you upload it.

3 Translate a page from the English language version of Wikipedia into Spanish for the Spanish-language version. To do this, find a topic (any topic at all) that has an article written for it in English but not in Spanish. Translate the article, which needs to have a min of 150 words in English, into Spanish and upload into Spanish Wikipedia. To prove your work, print the negative results page in Spanish Wikipedia, the original English article from English Wikipedia and your translation uploaded into Spanish Wikipedia.

4 Write a self-evaluation/reflective essay (5-paragraphs, including introduction and conclusion) discussing the following questions: 1) What challenges did you face in doing the 3 contributions to Wikipedia? 2) How did interaction with other Wikipedians (mentors and anyone else in Wikipedia) help you to overcome the challenges you faced? And 3) Did doing a translation from English to Spanish help you to learn anything about English? Why or why not? (one body paragraph per question) Mentors - you are welcome to help them with this aspect of this assignment if you wish, just be aware that the writing style is a bit different than that of Wikipedia. Its the 5-paragraphy essay style you probably learned in school.)