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Theophany (Julian calendar) refimprove section
1746 – During the Second Jacobite Rising, Bonnie Prince Charlie occupied the town of Stirling, Scotland, but failed to capture its castle. refimprove sections
1764 – English radical and politician John Wilkes was expelled from the British Parliament and declared an outlaw for seditious libel. refimprove section
1806 – The United Kingdom occupied the Cape of Good Hope for a second time after relinquishing control of the territory three years earlier. refimprove
1817 – An army of over 5,400 soldiers led by General José de San Martín crossed the Andes from Argentina to liberate Chile and then Peru from Spanish rule. needs more footnotes
1839 – The Royal Marines landed at Aden to occupy the territory and stop attacks by pirates against the British East India Company's shipping to India. The city in present-day Yemen remained under British control until 1967. refimprove
1853Giuseppe Verdi's opera Il trovatore was first performed at the Teatro Apollo in Rome. original research
1862American Civil War: In their first significant victory, Union forces defeated the Confederates at the Battle of Mill Springs near modern Nancy, Kentucky. refimprove section
1917 – Approximately 50 tons of TNT exploded at a munitions factory in Silvertown in West Ham, present-day Greater London, killing more than 70 people and injuring more than 400 others. unreferenced section
1930Racial violence occurs in Watsonville, California against Filipino American farm workers refimprove section
1935 – In Chicago, Coopers Inc. sold the world's first briefs, a new style of men's undergarment. briefs and undergarment both {{refimprove}}
1945World War II: Soviet forces liberated the Łódź Ghetto; only 877 Jews of the initial population of 164,000 remained there at that time. indiscriminate list
1977Iva Toguri, convicted of treason for broadcasting Japanese propaganda, was granted a full pardon by U.S. President Gerald Ford. too much trivia
1983Apple Inc. introduced the Apple Lisa, their first commercial personal computer with a graphical user interface and a computer mouse. It had 1 MB of RAM, and was priced at US$9,995. original research


January 19

San Agustin Church, Manila
San Agustin Church, Manila

Paul Cézanne (b. 1839) · Natacha Rambova (b. 1897) · Sarah Burke (d. 2012)

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