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International Holocaust Remembrance Day; Holocaust Memorial Day in the United Kingdom and both: refimprove
1785 – The University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, one of the oldest public universities in the United States, was founded. primary sources
1868Boshin War: The Battle of Toba–Fushimi, where pro-Imperial forces defeated those of the Tokugawa shogunate and which was a catalyst for the Meiji Restoration, began in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto. refimprove
1869 – Japan's second largest island, Hokkaidō, was proclaimed by Enomoto Takeaki as the independent Republic of Ezo. appears on May 18
1888 – The National Geographic Society, publisher of National Geographic magazine, was incorporated in Washington, D.C., as "a society for the increase and diffusion of geographical knowledge". refimprove section
1909 – The Young Liberals of Norway, the youth league of the Norwegian political party Venstre was founded, today advocating a more liberal version of the mother party's social liberalist ideology. primary sources
1939 – The Lockheed P-38 Lightning made its first flight, becoming the only American fighter aircraft in active production throughout the duration of American involvement in World War II. refimprove section
1944World War II: The Soviet Leningrad–Novgorod Offensive successfully lifted the Siege of Leningrad, 872 days after it began. empty sections; Siege appears on September 28
1951Nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site began with a one-kiloton (4-terajoule) bomb dropped on Frenchman Flat. refimprove section
1973 – The Paris Peace Accords were signed, temporarily ending the Vietnam War with a ceasefire, although fighting resumed nearly two years later. unreferenced section
1993 – American-born sumo wrestler Akebono Tarō became the first foreigner to reach the rank of yokozuna (grand champion). refimprove section
2002An explosion at a military storage facility in Lagos, Nigeria, killed at least 1,100 people and displaced more than 20,000 others. refimprove section


January 27

Entrance to Auschwitz
Entrance to Auschwitz

George Byng, 1st Viscount Torrington (b. 1663) · Eunice Hale Waite Cobb (b. 1803) · Paul Zorner (d. 2014)

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