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This is a list of selected November 6 anniversaries that appear in the "On this day" section of the Main Page. To suggest a new item, in most cases, you can be bold and edit this page. Please read the selected anniversaries guidelines before making your edit. However, if your addition might be controversial or on a day that is or will soon be on the Main Page, please post your suggestion on the talk page instead.

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and Tajikistan (1994) simply a description of the constitution
1632 – King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden was killed in the Battle of Lützen during the Thirty Years' War. Gustavus: refimprove section, Battle: refimprove
1789Pope Pius VI appointed Father John Carroll as the first Catholic bishop in the United States. date not cited
1860Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican Party candidate to win the U.S. presidential election. unreferenced section
1865 – Months after the end of the American Civil War, the CSS Shenandoah became the last Confederate combat unit to surrender after circumnavigating the globe on a cruise on which it sank or captured 38 vessels. lots of CN tags
1917First World War: Canadian forces captured Passendale, Belgium, after three months of fighting against the Germans at the Third Battle of Ypres. featured on July 31
1928Arthur Rothstein, head of the Jewish mob in New York, died two days after being shot for his failure to pay a large gambling debt. inappropriate tone
1935 – Before the Institute of Radio Engineers in New York, American electrical engineer and inventor Edwin Howard Armstrong presented his study on using frequency modulation for radio broadcasting. refimprove section
1962 – The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 1761, condemning South Africa's apartheid policies. Stubby
1975 – Demonstrators in Morocco began the Green March to Spanish Sahara, calling for the "return of the Moroccan Sahara." outdated
1985 – In Bogotá, Colombia, the Palace of Justice siege left 115 people dead, including all the April 19 Movement rebels that took over the Palace of Justice, and 11 Supreme Court justices that had been held hostages. outdated, neutrality issues
1986 – Attempting to land at Sumburgh Airport in Shetland, Scotland, carrying workers returning from the Brent oilfield, a Boeing 234LR Chinook crashed into the sea, killing 45 people. no footnotes
1995 – Madagascar's Rova of Antananarivo, which served as the royal palace from the 17th to 19th centuries, was destroyed by fire. outdated
1999 – Although opinion polls had clearly suggested that the majority of the electorate favoured republicanism, the Australian republic referendum was defeated, keeping the Australian monarch as the country's official head of state. refimprove
2004 – A man committing suicide parked his car on the railway tracks in Ufton Nervet, Berkshire, England, causing a derailment that killed seven people. refimprove section



November 6: Gustavus Adolphus Day in Estonia, Finland and Sweden (1632); Finnish Swedish Heritage Day in Finland

George Eliot
George Eliot

James Naismith (b. 1861) · Ida Barney (b. 1886) · Hilda Braid (d. 2007)

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