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This is a list of selected October 13 anniversaries that appear in the "On this day" section of the Main Page. To suggest a new item, in most cases, you can be bold and edit this page. Please read the selected anniversaries guidelines before making your edit. However, if your addition might be controversial or on a day that is or will soon be on the Main Page, please post your suggestion on the talk page instead.

Please note that the events listed on the Main Page are chosen based more on relative article quality and to maintain a mix of topics, not based solely on how important or significant their subjects are. Only five to six events are posted at a time and thus not everything that is "most important and significant" can be listed. In addition, an event is generally not posted this year if it is also the subject of the scheduled featured article or picture of the day.

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AD 54Claudius, the first Roman emperor to be born outside Italy, died mysteriously, most likely by poison administered by his wife Agrippina. refimprove section
1773 – French astronomer Charles Messier discovered the Whirlpool Galaxy, an interacting, grand-design spiral galaxy located at a distance of approximately 23 million light-years in the constellation Canes Venatici. refimprove section
1792 – The cornerstone for the Executive Mansion in Washington, D.C., later to be known as the White House, was laid. already featured on November 1
1843B'nai B'rith, the oldest continually operating Jewish service organization in the world, was founded in New York City. primary sources
1881 – Determined to bring about the revival of Hebrew as a spoken language as a way of unifying Jews, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda had what is believed to be the first modern conversation in Hebrew while living in Paris. unreferenced section
1943World War II: With a new government led by General Pietro Badoglio, parts of Italy switched sides to the Allies and declared war on the Axis powers. refimprove
1958 – The first book featuring the English children's literature character Paddington Bear, created by Michael Bond and primarily illustrated by Peggy Fortnum, was published. refimprove
1972Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed into a remote area in the Andes mountains near the border of Chile and Argentina; the last of 16 survivors were not rescued until December 23. refimprove
2010 – A live television audience of over one billion viewers watched as 33 miners were rescued following a cave-in at the San José Mine in the Atacama Desert of Chile. refimprove section



October 13: Friday the 13th (2017)

Georgia Institute of Technology in 1899
Georgia Institute of Technology in 1899

Iyasu I (d. 1706) · Lillie Langtry (b. 1853) · Walter Houser Brattain (d. 1987)

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