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About the Signpost

The Signpost is a community-written and edited newspaper that covers stories, events, and reports related to the English Wikipedia, its sister projects, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the Wikimedia movement at large. A new issue is published each week, and you can subscribe via talk page delivery (also available on sister projects), RSS Feed Feed-icon.svg, and template transclusion. We also have social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. For more on subscribing see our subscriptions page.

We are an independent publication that is not affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization responsible for running the various Wikimedia projects. The opinions expressed in Signpost articles are those of their authors alone and may not always reflect the opinion of the Foundation: for more details on our mission, read our statement of purpose.

Unlike most Wikipedia pages, Signpost articles carry a byline to indicate the person responsible for what often amounts to original reporting. However, post-publication edits such as grammatical and spelling corrections to articles are welcome. Our newsroom is for the development of stories among contributing editors. Anyone can contribute articles; suggestions and news tips from the wider community are welcomed at the newsroom's suggestions page. If you are interested in becoming a Signpost contributor see our content guidance page for more details on how we operate.

The first issue of the Signpost was published on 10 January 2005. Michael Snow served as editor-in-chief from the paper's beginnings until August 2005, when he was followed by Ral315 (through December 2008), Ragesoss (February 2009 to June 2010), and HaeB (through July 2011). After a series of interim editors, The ed17 was the editor-in-chief from May 2012 to January 2015. The current editors-in-chief are Gamaliel and Go Phightins!. The original name of the newspaper was The Wikipedia Signpost; it was shortened to the Signpost in August 2010 as a symbol of an expansion in scope beyond the English Wikipedia.

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