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How to respond to suspicion of sock puppetry:

If you are here, that probably means somebody has placed a {{Sockpuppet}} on your user talk page because that user thinks you are a sock puppet. You can do the following:

I. The evidence page is linked from the suspected sock puppet template and is situated on Wikipedia:Suspected sock puppets/YourUsername page (or, if this is not your first case, on Wikipedia:Suspected sock puppets/YourUsername (2nd) or similar page). If the accuser has not formed a proper evidence page, you should remove the notice.
II. If the accuser has listed evidence against you, you should respond to the allegations, unless they are obviously frivolous. You are allowed to respond to each and every accusation on the evidence page but are not allowed to remove accusations.
III. If the accuser hasn't requested CheckUser for ten days, the report will be closed by an administrator.