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Is this the real site?
Is this a parody?
Where did I just write?
I'm confusing all the wikis

On every page
They look all the same to me

or Wikipedia?

Because they look the same, seem the same
And I have the same name

Anyway the adress
Cannot really be seen by me
By me

Bingo, just vandalized
I selected the whole page
And then I hit my backspace

Bingo, I have been despised
And I don't wanna do this anymore

Bingo, ooh
Didn't mean to vandalize
Anyway, I'm sure the page just got revised
Just revise, just revise
As if nothing ever happened

Too late, I've just been warned
And I vandalized again
Please forgive me if you can

Goodbye everybody
I will be banned
But I'll try in every single way I can

Bingo, ooh
I don't wanna leave
I sometimes wish I wasn't Uncyclopedian

I see a vandal deep inside of me

Whatever, whatever
We don't have all day, you know

Blocking and a-banning
Is this what they're planning me?

MyWikiBiz, MyWikiBiz
MyWikiBiz, MyWikiBiz
MyWikiBiz, Anittas

Zorro redux, MichaelJCummings
Irate, Irate, Irate

So you think you can ban me that permanantly?
So you think I can't become Monkey3?
Oh, Jimbo
Can't do this to me, eeh-oh
And I'll be back
And I'll be right back on here

Nothing was vandalized
Anyone can see
Nothing was vandalized
Nothing was vandalized by me
-Monkey 13!!! 21:28, 7 January 2007 (UTC)