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This is the main page for listing full length free content musical works available on Wikipedia or (more often) Wikimedia Commons, with special emphasis on works that are (or should be) linked in Wikipedia articles.

There are separate sub-pages for composer names that begin with the following letters of the alphabet:

If you have trouble playing ogg files, see Wikipedia:Media help (Ogg). If you would like to help expand and improve this list, and integrate it with other Wikipedia articles, please visit the free music taskforce.

Smartphones like the iPhone can store and play music listed here, using various free apps such as Capriccio. See /playlist for a sampling of URLs to use with other music players.

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A very active uploader of free music to Wikimedia Commons is User:Pdproject at Wikimedia Commons, which is an organization rather than a single individual. Pdproject has also helped to start a Wikimedia Digitization User Group.

At first, Pdproject uploaded old OGG files in single mono quality 16-bit/96 kHz at the beginning of their project. Since August 2014 they have cleaned all 78 rpm records with a RCM (Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine) and digitized in dual mono 24-Bit/192 kHz. Their plan is to remove all the old OGG files that they uploaded, and replace them with the much better FLAC files. They also plan to adjust the code in Wikipedia articles, so that the code links to the new FLAC files instead of the old OGG files.

Pdproject does not make volume boosts with noise reductions, because they are an archive which produces original files in their original state. This is important for them and all other archives. But Pdproject welcomes Commons users to modify the files and reduce the noise while boosting volume (as long as the original files are preserved). They also do not have the capacity of volunteers like Wikimedia has for such a purpose, even if that purpose were compatible with their archival mission.

Noise filtering[edit]

Many music files at Wikimedia Commons are from old vinyl records and therefore contain noise. Theoretically, such a file can be used to create another file from which the noise has been filtered, using a process called record restoration. Here is an example using GoldWave software:

Date of performance
Noisy version Cleaned version
Carmen 1903


As of October 2015, we have a bot! Thanks to MusikAnimal, we can now check Wikimedia Commons to find ogg, midi, and flac files that are not yet listed in these sound lists, in connection with composers who are listed at list of composers by name. The bot's output for October 2015 is in its userspace, and all of the new files have been added to the sound lists, as of October 2015.