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  1. Last String Quartets -> needs disambig for Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
  2. Toward the Unknown Region -> work by Ralph Vaughan Williams
  3. Birdman Kicked My Ass -> Song by Wesley Willis - redirect to artist
  4. As Kosher As they Want to Be -> debut album of 2 Live Jews (homage to 2 Live Crew) - redircts to artist
  5. Brazilian impression -> Composition by Ottorino Respighi
  6. American Festival Overture -> 1939 overture by William Schuman
  7. alborada del Gracioso -> 4th movement of Miroirs
  8. Nine Coronas -> parody of My Sharona by John Cougar Mammoser
  9. Beethoven String Quartets -> "The second movement of the first one was thought to have been inspired by the tomb scene from Romeo and Juliet. A section of the Cavatina movement of the 13th one is marked Beklemnt, and the finale of the seventh is based on a Russian folk theme. The finale of the last one is marked with an epigraph that reads "The difficult resolution," while the Molto Adagio of the 15th one is a song of thanksgiving in the Lydian mode. The original finale of the 13th is now known as the Grosse Fugue. FTP, name this group of sixteen works, with subtitles such as "Serioso," "the Harp" and "Razumovsky." "
  10. Symphony No. 3 In E Major < Max Bruch work (E flat is Beethoven)
  11. Can I Touch You There -> Michael Bolton song
  12. Short Symphony -> 1933 Aaron Copland Symphony also called "Symphony Number 2"
  13. Brand New Life - theme song for Who's the Boss? - redirects to show
  14. Sweet Seasons -> Carole King song - redirects to album
  15. Cut the Mullet -> Wesley Wilis song - redirects to artist
  16. Fade to Bluegrass: Tribute to Metallica -> album by Iron Horse that plays classical Metallica songs in bluegrass style - redirects to band
  17. Incidental Music to Athalie - Mendelssohn opus #74, see List of compositions by Felix Mendelssohn
  18. On the Trail - This is perhaps the best known movement of the Grand Canyon Suite. Its theme recurs in the final movement, Cloudburst. [1] - double check?
  19. The School of Velocity < Carl Czerny work for piano
  20. The Hymn of Jesus < Gustav Holst choral symphony
  21. Anthem chorus -> "The first chorus of Messiah, And the Glory of the Lord, also has lyrics taken from Isaiah 40. It is an example of this kind of chorus in which each specific line of text is represented by a particular line of music."