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Please refer to Wikipedia:Stub and WP:WSS for information regarding stub creation and, especially, sorting.

The Stub Makers are Wikipedians whose primary existence in Wikipedia is to create stubs. This may encourage new articles when others are unhappy with the stub and decide to expand it. Unfortunately, this also creates more work for other Wikipedians that contribute substantially and fills up the recent changes list. It is advised that if you are a stub maker and wish to help users browsing the site, you should at a minimum put an accurate and precise description of the article with at the very least one reference cited (but ideally more than one). This helps people browsing the site by assuring them that they have the right article, although it is only a stub, and helps fellow Wikipedians expand on the stub by informing them what the article is meant to be about.

Userboxes for Stub Creators[edit]

Stub Makers are welcome to add one or more of these userboxes to their userpage by adding the code behind the userbox.

This user is really awesome at creating stubs, but not much else.

This user is a Microwikipædian.

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