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November 2[edit]

Various Cat:Ohio Registered Historic Places building and structure stubs templates[edit]


November 3[edit]


November 6[edit]

{{3K-stub}} / Cat:Three Kingdoms stubs[edit]


November 11[edit]

{{WikiProject Squirrels/Stub}}[edit]

November 14[edit]

{{Navarre-stub}} (redlinked cat)[edit]

{{comp-eng-stub}} / Cat:Computer engineering stubs[edit]

{{Colorado-edu-stub}} / Cat:Colorado education stubs[edit]

November 15[edit]

{{Banjo-Kazooie-stub}} / Cat:Banjo-Kazooie stubs[edit]

November 21[edit]

Cat:Sitcom television series stubs & Cat:Sitcom episode stubs (no templates)[edit]

November 22[edit]

{{StarCraft-stub}} / Category:StarCraft Stubs[edit]