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As far as I can tell this was just made up without discussion (it has an entry in "discoveries"). I'm 99% certain it was inspired by {{cue-sports-stub}}, as I'm one of the principal editors with WP:CUE, and have dealt the with creator of this template, Hpt lucky (talk · contribs), numerous times with help and sometimes some constructive criticism. He was a formerly rather active editor who was largely copying the structure of WP:CUE and its categories and articles for carrom, but there was not nearly enough notable carrom-related material for such an endeavor and he eventually gave up and left. Anyway, that probably explains the nonsensical name of this template; it was an edited copy-paste, basically. The remaining Category:Carrom articles (most of them were micro-stubs, which have since been merged) have remained stable (if not moribund). New articles on this topic have been and will probably remain few and far between, mostly bios of notable players and perhaps articles on national and regional governing bodies. This template does not have an associated category, and upmerges to Category:Indian sport stubs, which of course should be left alone. Zero articles use this template. There may actually be one or two that could use it, but probably no more than that.

It was previously kept, provisionally, and upmerged, at Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Discoveries/Log/2007/August, but no use at all has been made of it in the intervening nearly-three years. If it is kept, it should just be renamed {{carrom-stub}} and upmerged to Category:Board game stubs. A few variants of the game are played with small cue sticks, so WP:CUE has asserted scope, just so the topic has a WikiProjectual home that's more active than WP:GAMES, but other than that it's not really a cue sports/billiards topic (i.e., I wouldn't upmerge it to Category:Cue sports stubs). While the game originated in India, apparently (China is also a claimant) and is most popular there, the game is played worldwide, so upmerging to Category:Indian sport stubs isn't really appropriate (like upmerging rugby stubs to Category:English sport stubs).

All that said, I'm advocating delete. — SMcCandlish Talk⇒ ʕ(Õلō Contribs. 00:09, 13 May 2010 (UTC)