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Hello, my name is Andrew [snip]. I am an active volunteer editor for Wikipedia, the free online, open-source encyclopedia. I was formatting the cited references for the article on Emergency Contraception (, and noticed someone had quoted and linked to your paper (foot note 9). Clicking on the link, I noticed the disclaimer at the top of your paper. So here I am now kindly requesting permission to use your quotation for the purposes of this article. Below is a copy of the text that includes your quote:

"A study in the UK found that "the shift towards greater promotion of emergency birth control appears to have (...) worsened the impact of STI rates since 2000."

Thank you for your time and consideration, Andrew [snip]

Dear Andrew,

Sorry for the late reply. It is fine to cite the work. In fact, there is a later version of the paper about to come ou in the August 2006 issue of the journal Sex Education. Some of the numbers have changed, but the basic point referred to in Wikepedia is still valid. In case you need it, the reference to the final version of the paper is:

'Random Behaviour or Rational Choice? Family Planning, Teenage Pregnancy and STIs ', Sex Education sexuality, society and learning, 6 (3, Aug): forthcoming, 2006

Best wishes,


[snip personal info]