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I would like to find out how to add information about a US Naval ship Destroyer that would add to the history of the ship. Below is a summary of the information I have:

I served on the USS Chauncey DD667 during the Korean War. I have information on the USS Chauncey that is not covered in Wikipedia. Mainly it is the round-the-world cruise by the Chauncey starting in Jan. 1953 in Norfolk, VA. and completing in July, 1953. We left Norfolk, VA, continued through the Panama Canal then westward toward Hawaii and the battle location of Korea. We saw battle service off the coast of Korea during that time, afterwards continuing westward into the Mediterranean Sea and then headed back to our home port on Norfolk, VA. in July, 1953. We were written up in the Norfolk Virginian Pilot newspaper as the first warships to land in port in the US since the treaty was announced in July, 1953. I have a list of ports we visited and the dates and the article on the front page from the Norfolk Virginian Pilot newspaper with a picture of the four ships of DESRON 28 docked with the crowd of visitors welcoming us back home. I would like to submit this information to be added to the USS Chauncey portion of Wikipedia to make it a part of the Chauncey's Naval history. I would appreciate any help or assistance in accomplishing this matter. Thank You,

Walter A Brockway Storekeeper 2nd Class (SK2) USS Chauncey DD667

College Park, MD (talk) 14:38, 31 July 2015 (UTC)

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