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Today's featured article

This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.

At the top of the Main Page, a summarized lead section from one of Wikipedia's featured articles is displayed as "Today's featured article" (TFA). The current month's queue can be found here. TFAs are scheduled by the TFA coordinators, Crisco 1492 (Chris) and Dank (Dan). Community discussion of suggestions takes place at the TFA requests page.

If you notice an error in a future TFA summary, you're welcome to fix it yourself, but if the mistake is in today's or tomorrow's summary, you can leave a message at WP:ERRORS to ask an administrator to fix it. The summaries are formatted as a single paragraph of around 1,150 characters (including spaces), with no reference tags or alternative names. Only the link to the specified featured article is bolded, and this must be the first link. The summary should be preceded by an appropriate image when available; fair use images are not allowed.

The editnotice template for Today's Featured Article is {{TFA-editnotice}}. It is automatically applied by {{Editnotices/Namespace/Main}} when the article's title matches the contents of {{TFA title}}. To contact the TFA coordinators, please leave a message on the TFA talk page, or type "{{@TFA}}" in a signed comment on any talk page.

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Bud Dunn (1918–2001) was an American horse trainer who specialized in training and showing Tennessee Walking Horses. Born in 1918 on a farm in Scott County, Kentucky, he later moved to Florence, Alabama, where he owned and operated Bud Stables, a show horse training stable that produced winners of twenty World Championships. He additionally trained and rode two horses who won the World Grand Championship at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, a national-level horse show held annually in or near Shelbyville, Tennessee. Dunn's first World Grand Championship came in 1992 with the bay stallion Dark Spirit's Rebel, and the second in 1999 with a son of that stallion, RPM. At the time of RPM's win, Dunn was 81 years old, making him the oldest winning rider on record. For his contributions, he was twice named Trainer of the Year, and was inducted into the Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Fame and the Lauderdale County Sports Hall of Fame. Dunn's son Steve also became a successful horse trainer, winning two World Grand Championships. (Full article...)

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Norse-American medal

The Norse-American medal was struck at the Philadelphia Mint in 1925, pursuant to an act of the United States Congress. It was issued for the 100th anniversary of the voyage that brought early Norwegian immigrants to the United States on the ship Restauration. Minnesota Congressman Ole Juulson Kvale, a Norse-American, wanted a commemorative for the centennial celebrations. Rebuffed by the Treasury Department when he sought the issuance of a special coin, he instead settled for a medal. Sculpted by Buffalo nickel designer James Earle Fraser, the medals recognize those immigrants' Viking heritage, depicting a warrior on the obverse and a vessel on the reverse. They also recall the early Viking explorations of North America. Once they were authorized by Congress, they were produced in various metals and sizes, for the most part prior to the celebrations near Minneapolis in June 1925. Only 53 were issued in gold, and these are rare and valuable today; those struck in silver or bronze trade for much less. The medals are sometimes collected as part of the commemorative coin series. (Full article...)