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This table of three-letter acronyms contains links to all letter-letter-digit combinations from AA0 to DZ9, listed in forms [[{{letter}}{{letter}}{{digit}}]] and [[{{letter}}{{letter}}-{{digit}}]].

As specified at Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Combining terms on disambiguation pages, terms which differ only in capitalisation are commonly combined into a single disambiguation page. As specified at Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Naming the disambiguation page, where the three letters form a word any disambiguation page should be at that word - Arm (disambiguation) rather than ARM. In other cases, any disambiguation page is located at the uppercase link. Once the disambiguation page has been created, other variants should {{R from other capitalisation}} to that page.

In general, any abbreviation expansion page is located at the shorter link. Once the abbreviation page has been created, the hyphen link should be a {{R from abbreviation}} to the other page.


AA0 AA1 AA2 AA3 AA4 AA5 AA6 AA7 AA8 AA9 | AA-0 AA-1 AA-2 AA-3 AA-4 AA-5 AA-6 AA-7 AA-8 AA-9
AB0 AB1 AB2 AB3 AB4 AB5 AB6 AB7 AB8 AB9 | AB-0 AB-1 AB-2 AB-3 AB-4 AB-5 AB-6 AB-7 AB-8 AB-9
AC0 AC1 AC2 AC3 AC4 AC5 AC6 AC7 AC8 AC9 | AC-0 AC-1 AC-2 AC-3 AC-4 AC-5 AC-6 AC-7 AC-8 AC-9
AD0 AD1 AD2 AD3 AD4 AD5 AD6 AD7 AD8 AD9 | AD-0 AD-1 AD-2 AD-3 AD-4 AD-5 AD-6 AD-7 AD-8 AD-9
AE0 AE1 AE2 AE3 AE4 AE5 AE6 AE7 AE8 AE9 | AE-0 AE-1 AE-2 AE-3 AE-4 AE-5 AE-6 AE-7 AE-8 AE-9
AF0 AF1 AF2 AF3 AF4 AF5 AF6 AF7 AF8 AF9 | AF-0 AF-1 AF-2 AF-3 AF-4 AF-5 AF-6 AF-7 AF-8 AF-9
AG0 AG1 AG2 AG3 AG4 AG5 AG6 AG7 AG8 AG9 | AG-0 AG-1 AG-2 AG-3 AG-4 AG-5 AG-6 AG-7 AG-8 AG-9
AH0 AH1 AH2 AH3 AH4 AH5 AH6 AH7 AH8 AH9 | AH-0 AH-1 AH-2 AH-3 AH-4 AH-5 AH-6 AH-7 AH-8 AH-9
AI0 AI1 AI2 AI3 AI4 AI5 AI6 AI7 AI8 AI9 | AI-0 AI-1 AI-2 AI-3 AI-4 AI-5 AI-6 AI-7 AI-8 AI-9
AJ0 AJ1 AJ2 AJ3 AJ4 AJ5 AJ6 AJ7 AJ8 AJ9 | AJ-0 AJ-1 AJ-2 AJ-3 AJ-4 AJ-5 AJ-6 AJ-7 AJ-8 AJ-9
AK0 AK1 AK2 AK3 AK4 AK5 AK6 AK7 AK8 AK9 | AK-0 AK-1 AK-2 AK-3 AK-4 AK-5 AK-6 AK-7 AK-8 AK-9
AL0 AL1 AL2 AL3 AL4 AL5 AL6 AL7 AL8 AL9 | AL-0 AL-1 AL-2 AL-3 AL-4 AL-5 AL-6 AL-7 AL-8 AL-9
AM0 AM1 AM2 AM3 AM4 AM5 AM6 AM7 AM8 AM9 | AM-0 AM-1 AM-2 AM-3 AM-4 AM-5 AM-6 AM-7 AM-8 AM-9
AN0 AN1 AN2 AN3 AN4 AN5 AN6 AN7 AN8 AN9 | AN-0 AN-1 AN-2 AN-3 AN-4 AN-5 AN-6 AN-7 AN-8 AN-9
AO0 AO1 AO2 AO3 AO4 AO5 AO6 AO7 AO8 AO9 | AO-0 AO-1 AO-2 AO-3 AO-4 AO-5 AO-6 AO-7 AO-8 AO-9
AP0 AP1 AP2 AP3 AP4 AP5 AP6 AP7 AP8 AP9 | AP-0 AP-1 AP-2 AP-3 AP-4 AP-5 AP-6 AP-7 AP-8 AP-9
AQ0 AQ1 AQ2 AQ3 AQ4 AQ5 AQ6 AQ7 AQ8 AQ9 | AQ-0 AQ-1 AQ-2 AQ-3 AQ-4 AQ-5 AQ-6 AQ-7 AQ-8 AQ-9
AR0 AR1 AR2 AR3 AR4 AR5 AR6 AR7 AR8 AR9 | AR-0 AR-1 AR-2 AR-3 AR-4 AR-5 AR-6 AR-7 AR-8 AR-9
AS0 AS1 AS2 AS3 AS4 AS5 AS6 AS7 AS8 AS9 | AS-0 AS-1 AS-2 AS-3 AS-4 AS-5 AS-6 AS-7 AS-8 AS-9
AT0 AT1 AT2 AT3 AT4 AT5 AT6 AT7 AT8 AT9 | AT-0 AT-1 AT-2 AT-3 AT-4 AT-5 AT-6 AT-7 AT-8 AT-9
AU0 AU1 AU2 AU3 AU4 AU5 AU6 AU7 AU8 AU9 | AU-0 AU-1 AU-2 AU-3 AU-4 AU-5 AU-6 AU-7 AU-8 AU-9
AV0 AV1 AV2 AV3 AV4 AV5 AV6 AV7 AV8 AV9 | AV-0 AV-1 AV-2 AV-3 AV-4 AV-5 AV-6 AV-7 AV-8 AV-9
AW0 AW1 AW2 AW3 AW4 AW5 AW6 AW7 AW8 AW9 | AW-0 AW-1 AW-2 AW-3 AW-4 AW-5 AW-6 AW-7 AW-8 AW-9
AX0 AX1 AX2 AX3 AX4 AX5 AX6 AX7 AX8 AX9 | AX-0 AX-1 AX-2 AX-3 AX-4 AX-5 AX-6 AX-7 AX-8 AX-9
AY0 AY1 AY2 AY3 AY4 AY5 AY6 AY7 AY8 AY9 | AY-0 AY-1 AY-2 AY-3 AY-4 AY-5 AY-6 AY-7 AY-8 AY-9
AZ0 AZ1 AZ2 AZ3 AZ4 AZ5 AZ6 AZ7 AZ8 AZ9 | AZ-0 AZ-1 AZ-2 AZ-3 AZ-4 AZ-5 AZ-6 AZ-7 AZ-8 AZ-9


BA0 BA1 BA2 BA3 BA4 BA5 BA6 BA7 BA8 BA9 | BA-0 BA-1 BA-2 BA-3 BA-4 BA-5 BA-6 BA-7 BA-8 BA-9
BB0 BB1 BB2 BB3 BB4 BB5 BB6 BB7 BB8 BB9 | BB-0 BB-1 BB-2 BB-3 BB-4 BB-5 BB-6 BB-7 BB-8 BB-9
BC0 BC1 BC2 BC3 BC4 BC5 BC6 BC7 BC8 BC9 | BC-0 BC-1 BC-2 BC-3 BC-4 BC-5 BC-6 BC-7 BC-8 BC-9
BD0 BD1 BD2 BD3 BD4 BD5 BD6 BD7 BD8 BD9 | BD-0 BD-1 BD-2 BD-3 BD-4 BD-5 BD-6 BD-7 BD-8 BD-9
BE0 BE1 BE2 BE3 BE4 BE5 BE6 BE7 BE8 BE9 | BE-0 BE-1 BE-2 BE-3 BE-4 BE-5 BE-6 BE-7 BE-8 BE-9
BF0 BF1 BF2 BF3 BF4 BF5 BF6 BF7 BF8 BF9 | BF-0 BF-1 BF-2 BF-3 BF-4 BF-5 BF-6 BF-7 BF-8 BF-9
BG0 BG1 BG2 BG3 BG4 BG5 BG6 BG7 BG8 BG9 | BG-0 BG-1 BG-2 BG-3 BG-4 BG-5 BG-6 BG-7 BG-8 BG-9
BH0 BH1 BH2 BH3 BH4 BH5 BH6 BH7 BH8 BH9 | BH-0 BH-1 BH-2 BH-3 BH-4 BH-5 BH-6 BH-7 BH-8 BH-9
BI0 BI1 BI2 BI3 BI4 BI5 BI6 BI7 BI8 BI9 | BI-0 BI-1 BI-2 BI-3 BI-4 BI-5 BI-6 BI-7 BI-8 BI-9
BJ0 BJ1 BJ2 BJ3 BJ4 BJ5 BJ6 BJ7 BJ8 BJ9 | BJ-0 BJ-1 BJ-2 BJ-3 BJ-4 BJ-5 BJ-6 BJ-7 BJ-8 BJ-9
BK0 BK1 BK2 BK3 BK4 BK5 BK6 BK7 BK8 BK9 | BK-0 BK-1 BK-2 BK-3 BK-4 BK-5 BK-6 BK-7 BK-8 BK-9
BL0 BL1 BL2 BL3 BL4 BL5 BL6 BL7 BL8 BL9 | BL-0 BL-1 BL-2 BL-3 BL-4 BL-5 BL-6 BL-7 BL-8 BL-9
BM0 BM1 BM2 BM3 BM4 BM5 BM6 BM7 BM8 BM9 | BM-0 BM-1 BM-2 BM-3 BM-4 BM-5 BM-6 BM-7 BM-8 BM-9
BN0 BN1 BN2 BN3 BN4 BN5 BN6 BN7 BN8 BN9 | BN-0 BN-1 BN-2 BN-3 BN-4 BN-5 BN-6 BN-7 BN-8 BN-9
BO0 BO1 BO2 BO3 BO4 BO5 BO6 BO7 BO8 BO9 | BO-0 BO-1 BO-2 BO-3 BO-4 BO-5 BO-6 BO-7 BO-8 BO-9
BP0 BP1 BP2 BP3 BP4 BP5 BP6 BP7 BP8 BP9 | BP-0 BP-1 BP-2 BP-3 BP-4 BP-5 BP-6 BP-7 BP-8 BP-9
BQ0 BQ1 BQ2 BQ3 BQ4 BQ5 BQ6 BQ7 BQ8 BQ9 | BQ-0 BQ-1 BQ-2 BQ-3 BQ-4 BQ-5 BQ-6 BQ-7 BQ-8 BQ-9
BR0 BR1 BR2 BR3 BR4 BR5 BR6 BR7 BR8 BR9 | BR-0 BR-1 BR-2 BR-3 BR-4 BR-5 BR-6 BR-7 BR-8 BR-9
BS0 BS1 BS2 BS3 BS4 BS5 BS6 BS7 BS8 BS9 | BS-0 BS-1 BS-2 BS-3 BS-4 BS-5 BS-6 BS-7 BS-8 BS-9
BT0 BT1 BT2 BT3 BT4 BT5 BT6 BT7 BT8 BT9 | BT-0 BT-1 BT-2 BT-3 BT-4 BT-5 BT-6 BT-7 BT-8 BT-9
BU0 BU1 BU2 BU3 BU4 BU5 BU6 BU7 BU8 BU9 | BU-0 BU-1 BU-2 BU-3 BU-4 BU-5 BU-6 BU-7 BU-8 BU-9
BV0 BV1 BV2 BV3 BV4 BV5 BV6 BV7 BV8 BV9 | BV-0 BV-1 BV-2 BV-3 BV-4 BV-5 BV-6 BV-7 BV-8 BV-9
BW0 BW1 BW2 BW3 BW4 BW5 BW6 BW7 BW8 BW9 | BW-0 BW-1 BW-2 BW-3 BW-4 BW-5 BW-6 BW-7 BW-8 BW-9
BX0 BX1 BX2 BX3 BX4 BX5 BX6 BX7 BX8 BX9 | BX-0 BX-1 BX-2 BX-3 BX-4 BX-5 BX-6 BX-7 BX-8 BX-9
BY0 BY1 BY2 BY3 BY4 BY5 BY6 BY7 BY8 BY9 | BY-0 BY-1 BY-2 BY-3 BY-4 BY-5 BY-6 BY-7 BY-8 BY-9
BZ0 BZ1 BZ2 BZ3 BZ4 BZ5 BZ6 BZ7 BZ8 BZ9 | BZ-0 BZ-1 BZ-2 BZ-3 BZ-4 BZ-5 BZ-6 BZ-7 BZ-8 BZ-9


CA0 CA1 CA2 CA3 CA4 CA5 CA6 CA7 CA8 CA9 | CA-0 CA-1 CA-2 CA-3 CA-4 CA-5 CA-6 CA-7 CA-8 CA-9
CB0 CB1 CB2 CB3 CB4 CB5 CB6 CB7 CB8 CB9 | CB-0 CB-1 CB-2 CB-3 CB-4 CB-5 CB-6 CB-7 CB-8 CB-9
CC0 CC1 CC2 CC3 CC4 CC5 CC6 CC7 CC8 CC9 | CC-0 CC-1 CC-2 CC-3 CC-4 CC-5 CC-6 CC-7 CC-8 CC-9
CD0 CD1 CD2 CD3 CD4 CD5 CD6 CD7 CD8 CD9 | CD-0 CD-1 CD-2 CD-3 CD-4 CD-5 CD-6 CD-7 CD-8 CD-9
CE0 CE1 CE2 CE3 CE4 CE5 CE6 CE7 CE8 CE9 | CE-0 CE-1 CE-2 CE-3 CE-4 CE-5 CE-6 CE-7 CE-8 CE-9
CF0 CF1 CF2 CF3 CF4 CF5 CF6 CF7 CF8 CF9 | CF-0 CF-1 CF-2 CF-3 CF-4 CF-5 CF-6 CF-7 CF-8 CF-9
CG0 CG1 CG2 CG3 CG4 CG5 CG6 CG7 CG8 CG9 | CG-0 CG-1 CG-2 CG-3 CG-4 CG-5 CG-6 CG-7 CG-8 CG-9
CH0 CH1 CH2 CH3 CH4 CH5 CH6 CH7 CH8 CH9 | CH-0 CH-1 CH-2 CH-3 CH-4 CH-5 CH-6 CH-7 CH-8 CH-9
CI0 CI1 CI2 CI3 CI4 CI5 CI6 CI7 CI8 CI9 | CI-0 CI-1 CI-2 CI-3 CI-4 CI-5 CI-6 CI-7 CI-8 CI-9
CJ0 CJ1 CJ2 CJ3 CJ4 CJ5 CJ6 CJ7 CJ8 CJ9 | CJ-0 CJ-1 CJ-2 CJ-3 CJ-4 CJ-5 CJ-6 CJ-7 CJ-8 CJ-9
CK0 CK1 CK2 CK3 CK4 CK5 CK6 CK7 CK8 CK9 | CK-0 CK-1 CK-2 CK-3 CK-4 CK-5 CK-6 CK-7 CK-8 CK-9
CL0 CL1 CL2 CL3 CL4 CL5 CL6 CL7 CL8 CL9 | CL-0 CL-1 CL-2 CL-3 CL-4 CL-5 CL-6 CL-7 CL-8 CL-9
CM0 CM1 CM2 CM3 CM4 CM5 CM6 CM7 CM8 CM9 | CM-0 CM-1 CM-2 CM-3 CM-4 CM-5 CM-6 CM-7 CM-8 CM-9
CN0 CN1 CN2 CN3 CN4 CN5 CN6 CN7 CN8 CN9 | CN-0 CN-1 CN-2 CN-3 CN-4 CN-5 CN-6 CN-7 CN-8 CN-9
CO0 CO1 CO2 CO3 CO4 CO5 CO6 CO7 CO8 CO9 | CO-0 CO-1 CO-2 CO-3 CO-4 CO-5 CO-6 CO-7 CO-8 CO-9
CP0 CP1 CP2 CP3 CP4 CP5 CP6 CP7 CP8 CP9 | CP-0 CP-1 CP-2 CP-3 CP-4 CP-5 CP-6 CP-7 CP-8 CP-9
CQ0 CQ1 CQ2 CQ3 CQ4 CQ5 CQ6 CQ7 CQ8 CQ9 | CQ-0 CQ-1 CQ-2 CQ-3 CQ-4 CQ-5 CQ-6 CQ-7 CQ-8 CQ-9
CR0 CR1 CR2 CR3 CR4 CR5 CR6 CR7 CR8 CR9 | CR-0 CR-1 CR-2 CR-3 CR-4 CR-5 CR-6 CR-7 CR-8 CR-9
CS0 CS1 CS2 CS3 CS4 CS5 CS6 CS7 CS8 CS9 | CS-0 CS-1 CS-2 CS-3 CS-4 CS-5 CS-6 CS-7 CS-8 CS-9
CT0 CT1 CT2 CT3 CT4 CT5 CT6 CT7 CT8 CT9 | CT-0 CT-1 CT-2 CT-3 CT-4 CT-5 CT-6 CT-7 CT-8 CT-9
CU0 CU1 CU2 CU3 CU4 CU5 CU6 CU7 CU8 CU9 | CU-0 CU-1 CU-2 CU-3 CU-4 CU-5 CU-6 CU-7 CU-8 CU-9
CV0 CV1 CV2 CV3 CV4 CV5 CV6 CV7 CV8 CV9 | CV-0 CV-1 CV-2 CV-3 CV-4 CV-5 CV-6 CV-7 CV-8 CV-9
CW0 CW1 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5 CW6 CW7 CW8 CW9 | CW-0 CW-1 CW-2 CW-3 CW-4 CW-5 CW-6 CW-7 CW-8 CW-9
CX0 CX1 CX2 CX3 CX4 CX5 CX6 CX7 CX8 CX9 | CX-0 CX-1 CX-2 CX-3 CX-4 CX-5 CX-6 CX-7 CX-8 CX-9
CY0 CY1 CY2 CY3 CY4 CY5 CY6 CY7 CY8 CY9 | CY-0 CY-1 CY-2 CY-3 CY-4 CY-5 CY-6 CY-7 CY-8 CY-9
CZ0 CZ1 CZ2 CZ3 CZ4 CZ5 CZ6 CZ7 CZ8 CZ9 | CZ-0 CZ-1 CZ-2 CZ-3 CZ-4 CZ-5 CZ-6 CZ-7 CZ-8 CZ-9


DA0 DA1 DA2 DA3 DA4 DA5 DA6 DA7 DA8 DA9 | DA-0 DA-1 DA-2 DA-3 DA-4 DA-5 DA-6 DA-7 DA-8 DA-9
DB0 DB1 DB2 DB3 DB4 DB5 DB6 DB7 DB8 DB9 | DB-0 DB-1 DB-2 DB-3 DB-4 DB-5 DB-6 DB-7 DB-8 DB-9
DC0 DC1 DC2 DC3 DC4 DC5 DC6 DC7 DC8 DC9 | DC-0 DC-1 DC-2 DC-3 DC-4 DC-5 DC-6 DC-7 DC-8 DC-9
DD0 DD1 DD2 DD3 DD4 DD5 DD6 DD7 DD8 DD9 | DD-0 DD-1 DD-2 DD-3 DD-4 DD-5 DD-6 DD-7 DD-8 DD-9
DE0 DE1 DE2 DE3 DE4 DE5 DE6 DE7 DE8 DE9 | DE-0 DE-1 DE-2 DE-3 DE-4 DE-5 DE-6 DE-7 DE-8 DE-9
DF0 DF1 DF2 DF3 DF4 DF5 DF6 DF7 DF8 DF9 | DF-0 DF-1 DF-2 DF-3 DF-4 DF-5 DF-6 DF-7 DF-8 DF-9
DG0 DG1 DG2 DG3 DG4 DG5 DG6 DG7 DG8 DG9 | DG-0 DG-1 DG-2 DG-3 DG-4 DG-5 DG-6 DG-7 DG-8 DG-9
DH0 DH1 DH2 DH3 DH4 DH5 DH6 DH7 DH8 DH9 | DH-0 DH-1 DH-2 DH-3 DH-4 DH-5 DH-6 DH-7 DH-8 DH-9
DI0 DI1 DI2 DI3 DI4 DI5 DI6 DI7 DI8 DI9 | DI-0 DI-1 DI-2 DI-3 DI-4 DI-5 DI-6 DI-7 DI-8 DI-9
DJ0 DJ1 DJ2 DJ3 DJ4 DJ5 DJ6 DJ7 DJ8 DJ9 | DJ-0 DJ-1 DJ-2 DJ-3 DJ-4 DJ-5 DJ-6 DJ-7 DJ-8 DJ-9
DK0 DK1 DK2 DK3 DK4 DK5 DK6 DK7 DK8 DK9 | DK-0 DK-1 DK-2 DK-3 DK-4 DK-5 DK-6 DK-7 DK-8 DK-9
DL0 DL1 DL2 DL3 DL4 DL5 DL6 DL7 DL8 DL9 | DL-0 DL-1 DL-2 DL-3 DL-4 DL-5 DL-6 DL-7 DL-8 DL-9
DM0 DM1 DM2 DM3 DM4 DM5 DM6 DM7 DM8 DM9 | DM-0 DM-1 DM-2 DM-3 DM-4 DM-5 DM-6 DM-7 DM-8 DM-9
DN0 DN1 DN2 DN3 DN4 DN5 DN6 DN7 DN8 DN9 | DN-0 DN-1 DN-2 DN-3 DN-4 DN-5 DN-6 DN-7 DN-8 DN-9
DO0 DO1 DO2 DO3 DO4 DO5 DO6 DO7 DO8 DO9 | DO-0 DO-1 DO-2 DO-3 DO-4 DO-5 DO-6 DO-7 DO-8 DO-9
DP0 DP1 DP2 DP3 DP4 DP5 DP6 DP7 DP8 DP9 | DP-0 DP-1 DP-2 DP-3 DP-4 DP-5 DP-6 DP-7 DP-8 DP-9
DQ0 DQ1 DQ2 DQ3 DQ4 DQ5 DQ6 DQ7 DQ8 DQ9 | DQ-0 DQ-1 DQ-2 DQ-3 DQ-4 DQ-5 DQ-6 DQ-7 DQ-8 DQ-9
DR0 DR1 DR2 DR3 DR4 DR5 DR6 DR7 DR8 DR9 | DR-0 DR-1 DR-2 DR-3 DR-4 DR-5 DR-6 DR-7 DR-8 DR-9
DS0 DS1 DS2 DS3 DS4 DS5 DS6 DS7 DS8 DS9 | DS-0 DS-1 DS-2 DS-3 DS-4 DS-5 DS-6 DS-7 DS-8 DS-9
DT0 DT1 DT2 DT3 DT4 DT5 DT6 DT7 DT8 DT9 | DT-0 DT-1 DT-2 DT-3 DT-4 DT-5 DT-6 DT-7 DT-8 DT-9
DU0 DU1 DU2 DU3 DU4 DU5 DU6 DU7 DU8 DU9 | DU-0 DU-1 DU-2 DU-3 DU-4 DU-5 DU-6 DU-7 DU-8 DU-9
DV0 DV1 DV2 DV3 DV4 DV5 DV6 DV7 DV8 DV9 | DV-0 DV-1 DV-2 DV-3 DV-4 DV-5 DV-6 DV-7 DV-8 DV-9
DW0 DW1 DW2 DW3 DW4 DW5 DW6 DW7 DW8 DW9 | DW-0 DW-1 DW-2 DW-3 DW-4 DW-5 DW-6 DW-7 DW-8 DW-9
DX0 DX1 DX2 DX3 DX4 DX5 DX6 DX7 DX8 DX9 | DX-0 DX-1 DX-2 DX-3 DX-4 DX-5 DX-6 DX-7 DX-8 DX-9
DY0 DY1 DY2 DY3 DY4 DY5 DY6 DY7 DY8 DY9 | DY-0 DY-1 DY-2 DY-3 DY-4 DY-5 DY-6 DY-7 DY-8 DY-9
DZ0 DZ1 DZ2 DZ3 DZ4 DZ5 DZ6 DZ7 DZ8 DZ9 | DZ-0 DZ-1 DZ-2 DZ-3 DZ-4 DZ-5 DZ-6 DZ-7 DZ-8 DZ-9

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