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The table of all double-letter-single-digit combinations from UA0 to XZ9 contains elements of the form [[{{letter}}{{letter}}{{digit}}]] and [[{{letter}}{{letter}}-{{digit}}]], a sub-class of three-letter abbreviations.

As specified at Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Combining terms on disambiguation pages, terms which differ only in capitalisation are commonly combined into a single disambiguation page. As specified at Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Naming the disambiguation page, where the three letters form a word any disambiguation page should be at that word - Arm (disambiguation) rather than ARM. In other cases, any disambiguation page is located at the uppercase link. Once the disambiguation page has been created, other variants should {{R from other capitalisation}} to that page. In general, any abbreviation expansion page is located at the shorter link. Once the abbreviation page has been created, the hyphen link should be a {{R from abbreviation}} to the other page.


UA0 UA1 UA2 UA3 UA4 UA5 UA6 UA7 UA8 UA9 | UA-0 UA-1 UA-2 UA-3 UA-4 UA-5 UA-6 UA-7 UA-8 UA-9
UB0 UB1 UB2 UB3 UB4 UB5 UB6 UB7 UB8 UB9 | UB-0 UB-1 UB-2 UB-3 UB-4 UB-5 UB-6 UB-7 UB-8 UB-9
UC0 UC1 UC2 UC3 UC4 UC5 UC6 UC7 UC8 UC9 | UC-0 UC-1 UC-2 UC-3 UC-4 UC-5 UC-6 UC-7 UC-8 UC-9
UD0 UD1 UD2 UD3 UD4 UD5 UD6 UD7 UD8 UD9 | UD-0 UD-1 UD-2 UD-3 UD-4 UD-5 UD-6 UD-7 UD-8 UD-9
UE0 UE1 UE2 UE3 UE4 UE5 UE6 UE7 UE8 UE9 | UE-0 UE-1 UE-2 UE-3 UE-4 UE-5 UE-6 UE-7 UE-8 UE-9
UF0 UF1 UF2 UF3 UF4 UF5 UF6 UF7 UF8 UF9 | UF-0 UF-1 UF-2 UF-3 UF-4 UF-5 UF-6 UF-7 UF-8 UF-9
UG0 UG1 UG2 UG3 UG4 UG5 UG6 UG7 UG8 UG9 | UG-0 UG-1 UG-2 UG-3 UG-4 UG-5 UG-6 UG-7 UG-8 UG-9
UH0 UH1 UH2 UH3 UH4 UH5 UH6 UH7 UH8 UH9 | UH-0 UH-1 UH-2 UH-3 UH-4 UH-5 UH-6 UH-7 UH-8 UH-9
UI0 UI1 UI2 UI3 UI4 UI5 UI6 UI7 UI8 UI9 | UI-0 UI-1 UI-2 UI-3 UI-4 UI-5 UI-6 UI-7 UI-8 UI-9
UJ0 UJ1 UJ2 UJ3 UJ4 UJ5 UJ6 UJ7 UJ8 UJ9 | UJ-0 UJ-1 UJ-2 UJ-3 UJ-4 UJ-5 UJ-6 UJ-7 UJ-8 UJ-9
UK0 UK1 UK2 UK3 UK4 UK5 UK6 UK7 UK8 UK9 | UK-0 UK-1 UK-2 UK-3 UK-4 UK-5 UK-6 UK-7 UK-8 UK-9
UL0 UL1 UL2 UL3 UL4 UL5 UL6 UL7 UL8 UL9 | UL-0 UL-1 UL-2 UL-3 UL-4 UL-5 UL-6 UL-7 UL-8 UL-9
UM0 UM1 UM2 UM3 UM4 UM5 UM6 UM7 UM8 UM9 | UM-0 UM-1 UM-2 UM-3 UM-4 UM-5 UM-6 UM-7 UM-8 UM-9
UN0 UN1 UN2 UN3 UN4 UN5 UN6 UN7 UN8 UN9 | UN-0 UN-1 UN-2 UN-3 UN-4 UN-5 UN-6 UN-7 UN-8 UN-9
UO0 UO1 UO2 UO3 UO4 UO5 UO6 UO7 UO8 UO9 | UO-0 UO-1 UO-2 UO-3 UO-4 UO-5 UO-6 UO-7 UO-8 UO-9
UP0 UP1 UP2 UP3 UP4 UP5 UP6 UP7 UP8 UP9 | UP-0 UP-1 UP-2 UP-3 UP-4 UP-5 UP-6 UP-7 UP-8 UP-9
UQ0 UQ1 UQ2 UQ3 UQ4 UQ5 UQ6 UQ7 UQ8 UQ9 | UQ-0 UQ-1 UQ-2 UQ-3 UQ-4 UQ-5 UQ-6 UQ-7 UQ-8 UQ-9
UR0 UR1 UR2 UR3 UR4 UR5 UR6 UR7 UR8 UR9 | UR-0 UR-1 UR-2 UR-3 UR-4 UR-5 UR-6 UR-7 UR-8 UR-9
US0 US1 US2 US3 US4 US5 US6 US7 US8 US9 | US-0 US-1 US-2 US-3 US-4 US-5 US-6 US-7 US-8 US-9
UT0 UT1 UT2 UT3 UT4 UT5 UT6 UT7 UT8 UT9 | UT-0 UT-1 UT-2 UT-3 UT-4 UT-5 UT-6 UT-7 UT-8 UT-9
UU0 UU1 UU2 UU3 UU4 UU5 UU6 UU7 UU8 UU9 | UU-0 UU-1 UU-2 UU-3 UU-4 UU-5 UU-6 UU-7 UU-8 UU-9
UV0 UV1 UV2 UV3 UV4 UV5 UV6 UV7 UV8 UV9 | UV-0 UV-1 UV-2 UV-3 UV-4 UV-5 UV-6 UV-7 UV-8 UV-9
UW0 UW1 UW2 UW3 UW4 UW5 UW6 UW7 UW8 UW9 | UW-0 UW-1 UW-2 UW-3 UW-4 UW-5 UW-6 UW-7 UW-8 UW-9
UX0 UX1 UX2 UX3 UX4 UX5 UX6 UX7 UX8 UX9 | UX-0 UX-1 UX-2 UX-3 UX-4 UX-5 UX-6 UX-7 UX-8 UX-9
UY0 UY1 UY2 UY3 UY4 UY5 UY6 UY7 UY8 UY9 | UY-0 UY-1 UY-2 UY-3 UY-4 UY-5 UY-6 UY-7 UY-8 UY-9
UZ0 UZ1 UZ2 UZ3 UZ4 UZ5 UZ6 UZ7 UZ8 UZ9 | UZ-0 UZ-1 UZ-2 UZ-3 UZ-4 UZ-5 UZ-6 UZ-7 UZ-8 UZ-9


VA0 VA1 VA2 VA3 VA4 VA5 VA6 VA7 VA8 VA9 | VA-0 VA-1 VA-2 VA-3 VA-4 VA-5 VA-6 VA-7 VA-8 VA-9
VB0 VB1 VB2 VB3 VB4 VB5 VB6 VB7 VB8 VB9 | VB-0 VB-1 VB-2 VB-3 VB-4 VB-5 VB-6 VB-7 VB-8 VB-9
VC0 VC1 VC2 VC3 VC4 VC5 VC6 VC7 VC8 VC9 | VC-0 VC-1 VC-2 VC-3 VC-4 VC-5 VC-6 VC-7 VC-8 VC-9
VD0 VD1 VD2 VD3 VD4 VD5 VD6 VD7 VD8 VD9 | VD-0 VD-1 VD-2 VD-3 VD-4 VD-5 VD-6 VD-7 VD-8 VD-9
VE0 VE1 VE2 VE3 VE4 VE5 VE6 VE7 VE8 VE9 | VE-0 VE-1 VE-2 VE-3 VE-4 VE-5 VE-6 VE-7 VE-8 VE-9
VF0 VF1 VF2 VF3 VF4 VF5 VF6 VF7 VF8 VF9 | VF-0 VF-1 VF-2 VF-3 VF-4 VF-5 VF-6 VF-7 VF-8 VF-9
VG0 VG1 VG2 VG3 VG4 VG5 VG6 VG7 VG8 VG9 | VG-0 VG-1 VG-2 VG-3 VG-4 VG-5 VG-6 VG-7 VG-8 VG-9
VH0 VH1 VH2 VH3 VH4 VH5 VH6 VH7 VH8 VH9 | VH-0 VH-1 VH-2 VH-3 VH-4 VH-5 VH-6 VH-7 VH-8 VH-9
VI0 VI1 VI2 VI3 VI4 VI5 VI6 VI7 VI8 VI9 | VI-0 VI-1 VI-2 VI-3 VI-4 VI-5 VI-6 VI-7 VI-8 VI-9
VJ0 VJ1 VJ2 VJ3 VJ4 VJ5 VJ6 VJ7 VJ8 VJ9 | VJ-0 VJ-1 VJ-2 VJ-3 VJ-4 VJ-5 VJ-6 VJ-7 VJ-8 VJ-9
VK0 VK1 VK2 VK3 VK4 VK5 VK6 VK7 VK8 VK9 | VK-0 VK-1 VK-2 VK-3 VK-4 VK-5 VK-6 VK-7 VK-8 VK-9
VL0 VL1 VL2 VL3 VL4 VL5 VL6 VL7 VL8 VL9 | VL-0 VL-1 VL-2 VL-3 VL-4 VL-5 VL-6 VL-7 VL-8 VL-9
VM0 VM1 VM2 VM3 VM4 VM5 VM6 VM7 VM8 VM9 | VM-0 VM-1 VM-2 VM-3 VM-4 VM-5 VM-6 VM-7 VM-8 VM-9
VN0 VN1 VN2 VN3 VN4 VN5 VN6 VN7 VN8 VN9 | VN-0 VN-1 VN-2 VN-3 VN-4 VN-5 VN-6 VN-7 VN-8 VN-9
VO0 VO1 VO2 VO3 VO4 VO5 VO6 VO7 VO8 VO9 | VO-0 VO-1 VO-2 VO-3 VO-4 VO-5 VO-6 VO-7 VO-8 VO-9
VP0 VP1 VP2 VP3 VP4 VP5 VP6 VP7 VP8 VP9 | VP-0 VP-1 VP-2 VP-3 VP-4 VP-5 VP-6 VP-7 VP-8 VP-9
VQ0 VQ1 VQ2 VQ3 VQ4 VQ5 VQ6 VQ7 VQ8 VQ9 | VQ-0 VQ-1 VQ-2 VQ-3 VQ-4 VQ-5 VQ-6 VQ-7 VQ-8 VQ-9
VR0 VR1 VR2 VR3 VR4 VR5 VR6 VR7 VR8 VR9 | VR-0 VR-1 VR-2 VR-3 VR-4 VR-5 VR-6 VR-7 VR-8 VR-9
VS0 VS1 VS2 VS3 VS4 VS5 VS6 VS7 VS8 VS9 | VS-0 VS-1 VS-2 VS-3 VS-4 VS-5 VS-6 VS-7 VS-8 VS-9
VT0 VT1 VT2 VT3 VT4 VT5 VT6 VT7 VT8 VT9 | VT-0 VT-1 VT-2 VT-3 VT-4 VT-5 VT-6 VT-7 VT-8 VT-9
VU0 VU1 VU2 VU3 VU4 VU5 VU6 VU7 VU8 VU9 | VU-0 VU-1 VU-2 VU-3 VU-4 VU-5 VU-6 VU-7 VU-8 VU-9
VV0 VV1 VV2 VV3 VV4 VV5 VV6 VV7 VV8 VV9 | VV-0 VV-1 VV-2 VV-3 VV-4 VV-5 VV-6 VV-7 VV-8 VV-9
VW0 VW1 VW2 VW3 VW4 VW5 VW6 VW7 VW8 VW9 | VW-0 VW-1 VW-2 VW-3 VW-4 VW-5 VW-6 VW-7 VW-8 VW-9
VX0 VX1 VX2 VX3 VX4 VX5 VX6 VX7 VX8 VX9 | VX-0 VX-1 VX-2 VX-3 VX-4 VX-5 VX-6 VX-7 VX-8 VX-9
VY0 VY1 VY2 VY3 VY4 VY5 VY6 VY7 VY8 VY9 | VY-0 VY-1 VY-2 VY-3 VY-4 VY-5 VY-6 VY-7 VY-8 VY-9
VZ0 VZ1 VZ2 VZ3 VZ4 VZ5 VZ6 VZ7 VZ8 VZ9 | VZ-0 VZ-1 VZ-2 VZ-3 VZ-4 VZ-5 VZ-6 VZ-7 VZ-8 VZ-9


WA0 WA1 WA2 WA3 WA4 WA5 WA6 WA7 WA8 WA9 | WA-0 WA-1 WA-2 WA-3 WA-4 WA-5 WA-6 WA-7 WA-8 WA-9
WB0 WB1 WB2 WB3 WB4 WB5 WB6 WB7 WB8 WB9 | WB-0 WB-1 WB-2 WB-3 WB-4 WB-5 WB-6 WB-7 WB-8 WB-9
WC0 WC1 WC2 WC3 WC4 WC5 WC6 WC7 WC8 WC9 | WC-0 WC-1 WC-2 WC-3 WC-4 WC-5 WC-6 WC-7 WC-8 WC-9
WD0 WD1 WD2 WD3 WD4 WD5 WD6 WD7 WD8 WD9 | WD-0 WD-1 WD-2 WD-3 WD-4 WD-5 WD-6 WD-7 WD-8 WD-9
WE0 WE1 WE2 WE3 WE4 WE5 WE6 WE7 WE8 WE9 | WE-0 WE-1 WE-2 WE-3 WE-4 WE-5 WE-6 WE-7 WE-8 WE-9
WF0 WF1 WF2 WF3 WF4 WF5 WF6 WF7 WF8 WF9 | WF-0 WF-1 WF-2 WF-3 WF-4 WF-5 WF-6 WF-7 WF-8 WF-9
WG0 WG1 WG2 WG3 WG4 WG5 WG6 WG7 WG8 WG9 | WG-0 WG-1 WG-2 WG-3 WG-4 WG-5 WG-6 WG-7 WG-8 WG-9
WH0 WH1 WH2 WH3 WH4 WH5 WH6 WH7 WH8 WH9 | WH-0 WH-1 WH-2 WH-3 WH-4 WH-5 WH-6 WH-7 WH-8 WH-9
WI0 WI1 WI2 WI3 WI4 WI5 WI6 WI7 WI8 WI9 | WI-0 WI-1 WI-2 WI-3 WI-4 WI-5 WI-6 WI-7 WI-8 WI-9
WJ0 WJ1 WJ2 WJ3 WJ4 WJ5 WJ6 WJ7 WJ8 WJ9 | WJ-0 WJ-1 WJ-2 WJ-3 WJ-4 WJ-5 WJ-6 WJ-7 WJ-8 WJ-9
WK0 WK1 WK2 WK3 WK4 WK5 WK6 WK7 WK8 WK9 | WK-0 WK-1 WK-2 WK-3 WK-4 WK-5 WK-6 WK-7 WK-8 WK-9
WL0 WL1 WL2 WL3 WL4 WL5 WL6 WL7 WL8 WL9 | WL-0 WL-1 WL-2 WL-3 WL-4 WL-5 WL-6 WL-7 WL-8 WL-9
WM0 WM1 WM2 WM3 WM4 WM5 WM6 WM7 WM8 WM9 | WM-0 WM-1 WM-2 WM-3 WM-4 WM-5 WM-6 WM-7 WM-8 WM-9
WN0 WN1 WN2 WN3 WN4 WN5 WN6 WN7 WN8 WN9 | WN-0 WN-1 WN-2 WN-3 WN-4 WN-5 WN-6 WN-7 WN-8 WN-9
WO0 WO1 WO2 WO3 WO4 WO5 WO6 WO7 WO8 WO9 | WO-0 WO-1 WO-2 WO-3 WO-4 WO-5 WO-6 WO-7 WO-8 WO-9
WP0 WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 | WP-0 WP-1 WP-2 WP-3 WP-4 WP-5 WP-6 WP-7 WP-8 WP-9
WQ0 WQ1 WQ2 WQ3 WQ4 WQ5 WQ6 WQ7 WQ8 WQ9 | WQ-0 WQ-1 WQ-2 WQ-3 WQ-4 WQ-5 WQ-6 WQ-7 WQ-8 WQ-9
WR0 WR1 WR2 WR3 WR4 WR5 WR6 WR7 WR8 WR9 | WR-0 WR-1 WR-2 WR-3 WR-4 WR-5 WR-6 WR-7 WR-8 WR-9
WS0 WS1 WS2 WS3 WS4 WS5 WS6 WS7 WS8 WS9 | WS-0 WS-1 WS-2 WS-3 WS-4 WS-5 WS-6 WS-7 WS-8 WS-9
WT0 WT1 WT2 WT3 WT4 WT5 WT6 WT7 WT8 WT9 | WT-0 WT-1 WT-2 WT-3 WT-4 WT-5 WT-6 WT-7 WT-8 WT-9
WU0 WU1 WU2 WU3 WU4 WU5 WU6 WU7 WU8 WU9 | WU-0 WU-1 WU-2 WU-3 WU-4 WU-5 WU-6 WU-7 WU-8 WU-9
WV0 WV1 WV2 WV3 WV4 WV5 WV6 WV7 WV8 WV9 | WV-0 WV-1 WV-2 WV-3 WV-4 WV-5 WV-6 WV-7 WV-8 WV-9
WW0 WW1 WW2 WW3 WW4 WW5 WW6 WW7 WW8 WW9 | WW-0 WW-1 WW-2 WW-3 WW-4 WW-5 WW-6 WW-7 WW-8 WW-9
WX0 WX1 WX2 WX3 WX4 WX5 WX6 WX7 WX8 WX9 | WX-0 WX-1 WX-2 WX-3 WX-4 WX-5 WX-6 WX-7 WX-8 WX-9
WY0 WY1 WY2 WY3 WY4 WY5 WY6 WY7 WY8 WY9 | WY-0 WY-1 WY-2 WY-3 WY-4 WY-5 WY-6 WY-7 WY-8 WY-9
WZ0 WZ1 WZ2 WZ3 WZ4 WZ5 WZ6 WZ7 WZ8 WZ9 | WZ-0 WZ-1 WZ-2 WZ-3 WZ-4 WZ-5 WZ-6 WZ-7 WZ-8 WZ-9


XA0 XA1 XA2 XA3 XA4 XA5 XA6 XA7 XA8 XA9 | XA-0 XA-1 XA-2 XA-3 XA-4 XA-5 XA-6 XA-7 XA-8 XA-9
XB0 XB1 XB2 XB3 XB4 XB5 XB6 XB7 XB8 XB9 | XB-0 XB-1 XB-2 XB-3 XB-4 XB-5 XB-6 XB-7 XB-8 XB-9
XC0 XC1 XC2 XC3 XC4 XC5 XC6 XC7 XC8 XC9 | XC-0 XC-1 XC-2 XC-3 XC-4 XC-5 XC-6 XC-7 XC-8 XC-9
XD0 XD1 XD2 XD3 XD4 XD5 XD6 XD7 XD8 XD9 | XD-0 XD-1 XD-2 XD-3 XD-4 XD-5 XD-6 XD-7 XD-8 XD-9
XE0 XE1 XE2 XE3 XE4 XE5 XE6 XE7 XE8 XE9 | XE-0 XE-1 XE-2 XE-3 XE-4 XE-5 XE-6 XE-7 XE-8 XE-9
XF0 XF1 XF2 XF3 XF4 XF5 XF6 XF7 XF8 XF9 | XF-0 XF-1 XF-2 XF-3 XF-4 XF-5 XF-6 XF-7 XF-8 XF-9
XG0 XG1 XG2 XG3 XG4 XG5 XG6 XG7 XG8 XG9 | XG-0 XG-1 XG-2 XG-3 XG-4 XG-5 XG-6 XG-7 XG-8 XG-9
XH0 XH1 XH2 XH3 XH4 XH5 XH6 XH7 XH8 XH9 | XH-0 XH-1 XH-2 XH-3 XH-4 XH-5 XH-6 XH-7 XH-8 XH-9
XI0 XI1 XI2 XI3 XI4 XI5 XI6 XI7 XI8 XI9 | XI-0 XI-1 XI-2 XI-3 XI-4 XI-5 XI-6 XI-7 XI-8 XI-9
XJ0 XJ1 XJ2 XJ3 XJ4 XJ5 XJ6 XJ7 XJ8 XJ9 | XJ-0 XJ-1 XJ-2 XJ-3 XJ-4 XJ-5 XJ-6 XJ-7 XJ-8 XJ-9
XK0 XK1 XK2 XK3 XK4 XK5 XK6 XK7 XK8 XK9 | XK-0 XK-1 XK-2 XK-3 XK-4 XK-5 XK-6 XK-7 XK-8 XK-9
XL0 XL1 XL2 XL3 XL4 XL5 XL6 XL7 XL8 XL9 | XL-0 XL-1 XL-2 XL-3 XL-4 XL-5 XL-6 XL-7 XL-8 XL-9
XM0 XM1 XM2 XM3 XM4 XM5 XM6 XM7 XM8 XM9 | XM-0 XM-1 XM-2 XM-3 XM-4 XM-5 XM-6 XM-7 XM-8 XM-9
XN0 XN1 XN2 XN3 XN4 XN5 XN6 XN7 XN8 XN9 | XN-0 XN-1 XN-2 XN-3 XN-4 XN-5 XN-6 XN-7 XN-8 XN-9
XO0 XO1 XO2 XO3 XO4 XO5 XO6 XO7 XO8 XO9 | XO-0 XO-1 XO-2 XO-3 XO-4 XO-5 XO-6 XO-7 XO-8 XO-9
XP0 XP1 XP2 XP3 XP4 XP5 XP6 XP7 XP8 XP9 | XP-0 XP-1 XP-2 XP-3 XP-4 XP-5 XP-6 XP-7 XP-8 XP-9
XQ0 XQ1 XQ2 XQ3 XQ4 XQ5 XQ6 XQ7 XQ8 XQ9 | XQ-0 XQ-1 XQ-2 XQ-3 XQ-4 XQ-5 XQ-6 XQ-7 XQ-8 XQ-9
XR0 XR1 XR2 XR3 XR4 XR5 XR6 XR7 XR8 XR9 | XR-0 XR-1 XR-2 XR-3 XR-4 XR-5 XR-6 XR-7 XR-8 XR-9
XS0 XS1 XS2 XS3 XS4 XS5 XS6 XS7 XS8 XS9 | XS-0 XS-1 XS-2 XS-3 XS-4 XS-5 XS-6 XS-7 XS-8 XS-9
XT0 XT1 XT2 XT3 XT4 XT5 XT6 XT7 XT8 XT9 | XT-0 XT-1 XT-2 XT-3 XT-4 XT-5 XT-6 XT-7 XT-8 XT-9
XU0 XU1 XU2 XU3 XU4 XU5 XU6 XU7 XU8 XU9 | XU-0 XU-1 XU-2 XU-3 XU-4 XU-5 XU-6 XU-7 XU-8 XU-9
XV0 XV1 XV2 XV3 XV4 XV5 XV6 XV7 XV8 XV9 | XV-0 XV-1 XV-2 XV-3 XV-4 XV-5 XV-6 XV-7 XV-8 XV-9
XW0 XW1 XW2 XW3 XW4 XW5 XW6 XW7 XW8 XW9 | XW-0 XW-1 XW-2 XW-3 XW-4 XW-5 XW-6 XW-7 XW-8 XW-9
XX0 XX1 XX2 XX3 XX4 XX5 XX6 XX7 XX8 XX9 | XX-0 XX-1 XX-2 XX-3 XX-4 XX-5 XX-6 XX-7 XX-8 XX-9
XY0 XY1 XY2 XY3 XY4 XY5 XY6 XY7 XY8 XY9 | XY-0 XY-1 XY-2 XY-3 XY-4 XY-5 XY-6 XY-7 XY-8 XY-9
XZ0 XZ1 XZ2 XZ3 XZ4 XZ5 XZ6 XZ7 XZ8 XZ9 | XZ-0 XZ-1 XZ-2 XZ-3 XZ-4 XZ-5 XZ-6 XZ-7 XZ-8 XZ-9

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