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The table of all double-letter-single-digit combinations from YA0 to ZZ9 contains elements of the form [[{{letter}}{{letter}}{{digit}}]] and [[{{letter}}{{letter}}-{{digit}}]], a sub-class of three-letter abbreviations.

As specified at Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Combining terms on disambiguation pages, terms which differ only in capitalisation are commonly combined into a single disambiguation page. As specified at Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Naming the disambiguation page, where the three letters form a word any disambiguation page should be at that word - Arm (disambiguation) rather than ARM. In other cases, any disambiguation page is located at the uppercase link. Once the disambiguation page has been created, other variants should {{R from other capitalisation}} to that page. In general, any abbreviation expansion page is located at the shorter link. Once the abbreviation page has been created, the hyphen link should be a {{R from abbreviation}} to the other page.


YA0 YA1 YA2 YA3 YA4 YA5 YA6 YA7 YA8 YA9 | YA-0 YA-1 YA-2 YA-3 YA-4 YA-5 YA-6 YA-7 YA-8 YA-9
YB0 YB1 YB2 YB3 YB4 YB5 YB6 YB7 YB8 YB9 | YB-0 YB-1 YB-2 YB-3 YB-4 YB-5 YB-6 YB-7 YB-8 YB-9
YC0 YC1 YC2 YC3 YC4 YC5 YC6 YC7 YC8 YC9 | YC-0 YC-1 YC-2 YC-3 YC-4 YC-5 YC-6 YC-7 YC-8 YC-9
YD0 YD1 YD2 YD3 YD4 YD5 YD6 YD7 YD8 YD9 | YD-0 YD-1 YD-2 YD-3 YD-4 YD-5 YD-6 YD-7 YD-8 YD-9
YE0 YE1 YE2 YE3 YE4 YE5 YE6 YE7 YE8 YE9 | YE-0 YE-1 YE-2 YE-3 YE-4 YE-5 YE-6 YE-7 YE-8 YE-9
YF0 YF1 YF2 YF3 YF4 YF5 YF6 YF7 YF8 YF9 | YF-0 YF-1 YF-2 YF-3 YF-4 YF-5 YF-6 YF-7 YF-8 YF-9
YG0 YG1 YG2 YG3 YG4 YG5 YG6 YG7 YG8 YG9 | YG-0 YG-1 YG-2 YG-3 YG-4 YG-5 YG-6 YG-7 YG-8 YG-9
YH0 YH1 YH2 YH3 YH4 YH5 YH6 YH7 YH8 YH9 | YH-0 YH-1 YH-2 YH-3 YH-4 YH-5 YH-6 YH-7 YH-8 YH-9
YI0 YI1 YI2 YI3 YI4 YI5 YI6 YI7 YI8 YI9 | YI-0 YI-1 YI-2 YI-3 YI-4 YI-5 YI-6 YI-7 YI-8 YI-9
YJ0 YJ1 YJ2 YJ3 YJ4 YJ5 YJ6 YJ7 YJ8 YJ9 | YJ-0 YJ-1 YJ-2 YJ-3 YJ-4 YJ-5 YJ-6 YJ-7 YJ-8 YJ-9
YK0 YK1 YK2 YK3 YK4 YK5 YK6 YK7 YK8 YK9 | YK-0 YK-1 YK-2 YK-3 YK-4 YK-5 YK-6 YK-7 YK-8 YK-9
YL0 YL1 YL2 YL3 YL4 YL5 YL6 YL7 YL8 YL9 | YL-0 YL-1 YL-2 YL-3 YL-4 YL-5 YL-6 YL-7 YL-8 YL-9
YM0 YM1 YM2 YM3 YM4 YM5 YM6 YM7 YM8 YM9 | YM-0 YM-1 YM-2 YM-3 YM-4 YM-5 YM-6 YM-7 YM-8 YM-9
YN0 YN1 YN2 YN3 YN4 YN5 YN6 YN7 YN8 YN9 | YN-0 YN-1 YN-2 YN-3 YN-4 YN-5 YN-6 YN-7 YN-8 YN-9
YO0 YO1 YO2 YO3 YO4 YO5 YO6 YO7 YO8 YO9 | YO-0 YO-1 YO-2 YO-3 YO-4 YO-5 YO-6 YO-7 YO-8 YO-9
YP0 YP1 YP2 YP3 YP4 YP5 YP6 YP7 YP8 YP9 | YP-0 YP-1 YP-2 YP-3 YP-4 YP-5 YP-6 YP-7 YP-8 YP-9
YQ0 YQ1 YQ2 YQ3 YQ4 YQ5 YQ6 YQ7 YQ8 YQ9 | YQ-0 YQ-1 YQ-2 YQ-3 YQ-4 YQ-5 YQ-6 YQ-7 YQ-8 YQ-9
YR0 YR1 YR2 YR3 YR4 YR5 YR6 YR7 YR8 YR9 | YR-0 YR-1 YR-2 YR-3 YR-4 YR-5 YR-6 YR-7 YR-8 YR-9
YS0 YS1 YS2 YS3 YS4 YS5 YS6 YS7 YS8 YS9 | YS-0 YS-1 YS-2 YS-3 YS-4 YS-5 YS-6 YS-7 YS-8 YS-9
YT0 YT1 YT2 YT3 YT4 YT5 YT6 YT7 YT8 YT9 | YT-0 YT-1 YT-2 YT-3 YT-4 YT-5 YT-6 YT-7 YT-8 YT-9
YU0 YU1 YU2 YU3 YU4 YU5 YU6 YU7 YU8 YU9 | YU-0 YU-1 YU-2 YU-3 YU-4 YU-5 YU-6 YU-7 YU-8 YU-9
YV0 YV1 YV2 YV3 YV4 YV5 YV6 YV7 YV8 YV9 | YV-0 YV-1 YV-2 YV-3 YV-4 YV-5 YV-6 YV-7 YV-8 YV-9
YW0 YW1 YW2 YW3 YW4 YW5 YW6 YW7 YW8 YW9 | YW-0 YW-1 YW-2 YW-3 YW-4 YW-5 YW-6 YW-7 YW-8 YW-9
YX0 YX1 YX2 YX3 YX4 YX5 YX6 YX7 YX8 YX9 | YX-0 YX-1 YX-2 YX-3 YX-4 YX-5 YX-6 YX-7 YX-8 YX-9
YY0 YY1 YY2 YY3 YY4 YY5 YY6 YY7 YY8 YY9 | YY-0 YY-1 YY-2 YY-3 YY-4 YY-5 YY-6 YY-7 YY-8 YY-9
YZ0 YZ1 YZ2 YZ3 YZ4 YZ5 YZ6 YZ7 YZ8 YZ9 | YZ-0 YZ-1 YZ-2 YZ-3 YZ-4 YZ-5 YZ-6 YZ-7 YZ-8 YZ-9


ZA0 ZA1 ZA2 ZA3 ZA4 ZA5 ZA6 ZA7 ZA8 ZA9 | ZA-0 ZA-1 ZA-2 ZA-3 ZA-4 ZA-5 ZA-6 ZA-7 ZA-8 ZA-9
ZB0 ZB1 ZB2 ZB3 ZB4 ZB5 ZB6 ZB7 ZB8 ZB9 | ZB-0 ZB-1 ZB-2 ZB-3 ZB-4 ZB-5 ZB-6 ZB-7 ZB-8 ZB-9
ZC0 ZC1 ZC2 ZC3 ZC4 ZC5 ZC6 ZC7 ZC8 ZC9 | ZC-0 ZC-1 ZC-2 ZC-3 ZC-4 ZC-5 ZC-6 ZC-7 ZC-8 ZC-9
ZD0 ZD1 ZD2 ZD3 ZD4 ZD5 ZD6 ZD7 ZD8 ZD9 | ZD-0 ZD-1 ZD-2 ZD-3 ZD-4 ZD-5 ZD-6 ZD-7 ZD-8 ZD-9
ZE0 ZE1 ZE2 ZE3 ZE4 ZE5 ZE6 ZE7 ZE8 ZE9 | ZE-0 ZE-1 ZE-2 ZE-3 ZE-4 ZE-5 ZE-6 ZE-7 ZE-8 ZE-9
ZF0 ZF1 ZF2 ZF3 ZF4 ZF5 ZF6 ZF7 ZF8 ZF9 | ZF-0 ZF-1 ZF-2 ZF-3 ZF-4 ZF-5 ZF-6 ZF-7 ZF-8 ZF-9
ZG0 ZG1 ZG2 ZG3 ZG4 ZG5 ZG6 ZG7 ZG8 ZG9 | ZG-0 ZG-1 ZG-2 ZG-3 ZG-4 ZG-5 ZG-6 ZG-7 ZG-8 ZG-9
ZH0 ZH1 ZH2 ZH3 ZH4 ZH5 ZH6 ZH7 ZH8 ZH9 | ZH-0 ZH-1 ZH-2 ZH-3 ZH-4 ZH-5 ZH-6 ZH-7 ZH-8 ZH-9
ZI0 ZI1 ZI2 ZI3 ZI4 ZI5 ZI6 ZI7 ZI8 ZI9 | ZI-0 ZI-1 ZI-2 ZI-3 ZI-4 ZI-5 ZI-6 ZI-7 ZI-8 ZI-9
ZJ0 ZJ1 ZJ2 ZJ3 ZJ4 ZJ5 ZJ6 ZJ7 ZJ8 ZJ9 | ZJ-0 ZJ-1 ZJ-2 ZJ-3 ZJ-4 ZJ-5 ZJ-6 ZJ-7 ZJ-8 ZJ-9
ZK0 ZK1 ZK2 ZK3 ZK4 ZK5 ZK6 ZK7 ZK8 ZK9 | ZK-0 ZK-1 ZK-2 ZK-3 ZK-4 ZK-5 ZK-6 ZK-7 ZK-8 ZK-9
ZL0 ZL1 ZL2 ZL3 ZL4 ZL5 ZL6 ZL7 ZL8 ZL9 | ZL-0 ZL-1 ZL-2 ZL-3 ZL-4 ZL-5 ZL-6 ZL-7 ZL-8 ZL-9
ZM0 ZM1 ZM2 ZM3 ZM4 ZM5 ZM6 ZM7 ZM8 ZM9 | ZM-0 ZM-1 ZM-2 ZM-3 ZM-4 ZM-5 ZM-6 ZM-7 ZM-8 ZM-9
ZN0 ZN1 ZN2 ZN3 ZN4 ZN5 ZN6 ZN7 ZN8 ZN9 | ZN-0 ZN-1 ZN-2 ZN-3 ZN-4 ZN-5 ZN-6 ZN-7 ZN-8 ZN-9
ZO0 ZO1 ZO2 ZO3 ZO4 ZO5 ZO6 ZO7 ZO8 ZO9 | ZO-0 ZO-1 ZO-2 ZO-3 ZO-4 ZO-5 ZO-6 ZO-7 ZO-8 ZO-9
ZP0 ZP1 ZP2 ZP3 ZP4 ZP5 ZP6 ZP7 ZP8 ZP9 | ZP-0 ZP-1 ZP-2 ZP-3 ZP-4 ZP-5 ZP-6 ZP-7 ZP-8 ZP-9
ZQ0 ZQ1 ZQ2 ZQ3 ZQ4 ZQ5 ZQ6 ZQ7 ZQ8 ZQ9 | ZQ-0 ZQ-1 ZQ-2 ZQ-3 ZQ-4 ZQ-5 ZQ-6 ZQ-7 ZQ-8 ZQ-9
ZR0 ZR1 ZR2 ZR3 ZR4 ZR5 ZR6 ZR7 ZR8 ZR9 | ZR-0 ZR-1 ZR-2 ZR-3 ZR-4 ZR-5 ZR-6 ZR-7 ZR-8 ZR-9
ZS0 ZS1 ZS2 ZS3 ZS4 ZS5 ZS6 ZS7 ZS8 ZS9 | ZS-0 ZS-1 ZS-2 ZS-3 ZS-4 ZS-5 ZS-6 ZS-7 ZS-8 ZS-9
ZT0 ZT1 ZT2 ZT3 ZT4 ZT5 ZT6 ZT7 ZT8 ZT9 | ZT-0 ZT-1 ZT-2 ZT-3 ZT-4 ZT-5 ZT-6 ZT-7 ZT-8 ZT-9
ZU0 ZU1 ZU2 ZU3 ZU4 ZU5 ZU6 ZU7 ZU8 ZU9 | ZU-0 ZU-1 ZU-2 ZU-3 ZU-4 ZU-5 ZU-6 ZU-7 ZU-8 ZU-9
ZV0 ZV1 ZV2 ZV3 ZV4 ZV5 ZV6 ZV7 ZV8 ZV9 | ZV-0 ZV-1 ZV-2 ZV-3 ZV-4 ZV-5 ZV-6 ZV-7 ZV-8 ZV-9
ZW0 ZW1 ZW2 ZW3 ZW4 ZW5 ZW6 ZW7 ZW8 ZW9 | ZW-0 ZW-1 ZW-2 ZW-3 ZW-4 ZW-5 ZW-6 ZW-7 ZW-8 ZW-9
ZX0 ZX1 ZX2 ZX3 ZX4 ZX5 ZX6 ZX7 ZX8 ZX9 | ZX-0 ZX-1 ZX-2 ZX-3 ZX-4 ZX-5 ZX-6 ZX-7 ZX-8 ZX-9
ZY0 ZY1 ZY2 ZY3 ZY4 ZY5 ZY6 ZY7 ZY8 ZY9 | ZY-0 ZY-1 ZY-2 ZY-3 ZY-4 ZY-5 ZY-6 ZY-7 ZY-8 ZY-9
ZZ0 ZZ1 ZZ2 ZZ3 ZZ4 ZZ5 ZZ6 ZZ7 ZZ8 ZZ9 | ZZ-0 ZZ-1 ZZ-2 ZZ-3 ZZ-4 ZZ-5 ZZ-6 ZZ-7 ZZ-8 ZZ-9

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