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The "Table:" namespace has been disabled again until the community makes up its mind if it really wants it or not. This page thus doesn't currently apply to anything.
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This is a namespace to put tables in. That is, if you don't feel like using the already established template namespace or just adding the table to the page.

All pages in this namespace (and its talk space)

This is another plan for a table namespace; however, it will probably require an extension or similar.


The purpose of the table namespace is to:

  1. Hold verifiable data
  2. Be transcludable in articles as supplementary (not absolutely essential) information
  3. Simplify the wikitext of articles with complex tables by keeping it on a separate page

The table namespace should not be used when:

  1. The article itself is meant to be a list
  2. The data presented in the table is possibly subjective; for example, a plot summary.


See Table:Example for a suggestion