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This is the Tambayan Philippines copyright violations department, where Filipino contributors and contributors to Philippine-related articles report the improper and/or unauthorized use of Wikipedia content, whether on the Internet or elsewhere. When a report is received, all legal channels will be used in order to request the violator to comply with Wikipedia's policies related to copyright violations, and by extension, ensure the attribution of Wikipedia as the source and the concerned user(s) as the creator(s) of the work.

Welcome to the copyright violations department of Tambayan Philippines! This department focuses on the accurate monitoring and resolution of copyright violations done within the Philippines by various persons and/or entities.

Wikipedia contents are frequently used by Filipinos and Philippine-based entities for various purposes, such as identification, illustration and other productive uses. While we believe these contents are being used in good faith and for good reason, users of Wikipedia content outside Wikipedia frequently do not cite Wikipedia as the source of the work or the creator of that work as the rightful creator thereof. This omission of attribution poses problems not only for the creator of the work, the community and Wikipedia as a whole, but also for the end-user of the content, as such use without attribution is a violation of the various free-use licenses Wikipedia content is licensed under.

The goal of the copyright violations department is to inform erring users of both their wrongful use of the content in question and to request erring users to cite Wikipedia content that they use as much as possible.

Frequently asked questions[edit]

Q: What is this?
A: This is a notice board for copyright violations done within the Philippines.

Q: What exactly is a copyright violation? Aren't Wikimedia images/material free?
A: Yes they are free; anyone may use them for any purpose, commercial and non-commercial. However, they would need to cite/mention that the image/material is from Wikipedia and/or was created by some author.

Q: How could I help?
A: Report any copyright violation you see that is any use of Wikimedia images/material without any citation, including violations from websites, television stations, radio, newspapers et cetera. Better yet search the web yourself to find copyright violations.

Q: Huh? Radio. And exactly how could I view images from the radio.
A: Well, copyright violations cannot be only done unto images but all Wikimedia content. If you see/hear Wikimedia articles/content being used in some newspaper or radio program without citation, then report it here since that is also a copyvio.

Q: How could this help? So what if I report it here. Like that's going to make any difference.
A: Yes it would make a difference. It better do. This notice board would help stop further more copyvios. Through this notice board, a copyvio task force could be created that would urge sites violating Wikimedians' copyright to cite us. And if ever that the violation is done by a large company, ABS-CBN for example, we plan to also urge those companies, through the future Wikimedia Foundation Philippines, to stop violating our copyright and cite our content.

Current copyright violations[edit]

How to report a copyright violation[edit]


Date reported: 19-December-2008

Violator: Municipality of Santa Catalina, Ilocos Sur


Summary: Using Wikipedia image (File:Ph_locator_ilocos_sur_santa_catalina.png) without citation.

Reporter: Felipe Aira

Date reported: 22-December-2008

Violator: ABS-CBN

Link/Time: Umagang Kay Ganda/7:33AM/22 December 2008

Summary: The people at ABS once again used our maps without any credit from us; sure, it is free, but they just copypasted the Santo Domingo, Nueva Ecija locator map without any citation from us.

Reporter: Blake Gripling (talk)

Date reported: 18-January-2009

Violator: GEM TV

Link/Time: GEM TV News/6:19 am/January 15, 2009

Summary: GEM TV News was caught using the Baguio City locator map without credit when talking about Baguio's unusually cool temperatures. There was also another locator map used but I don't remember what it is. Evidence to be uploaded later.

Reporter: Sky Harbor (talk)