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Attention everyone, for we now have a new category of vandals to deal with: teachers.[1] This comes in addition to the students,[2] curious people, critics, men with big penises and friends of gays; all long-timers in the vandalism trade.

The Loys case[edit]

Let's take a trip to France. In 2010, Loys Bonod, a French teacher, sets out to vandalize the french Wikipedia as part of a broader campaign on a poem by Charles de Vion d'Alibray throughout the Internet, including a mock commentary of this poem on two commercial sites. His intention is to trick pupils into reproducing the material in their homework, so he can illustrate his point that 1) pupils are slaves of the Internet even when their homework does not request any research (in this case, the commentary of a poem) 2) forums, commercial sites, and Wikipedia are unreliable (and thus shouldn't be used for homework research).

Having conducted his "fun little experiment [sic]" in 2010, he relates it in his blog in 2012,[3] and gets media coverage.[4]

Timeline of the article[edit]

August 2010: signs up as "Doleros"

  • 18 August
    • Change "poet" to "tragedian" by Doleros (edit sum: temporary pedagogic error)
    • Reverted and user warned (no voluntary additions of erroneous material)

September 2010: new account under the name "Justin Delapierre"

I created an account to become a Wikipedia contributor and, to show my credentials, contributed usefully to a few literary articles. I then edited the very succinct Wikipedia biography of Charles de Vion d'Alibray by inserting this little addition: « His renowned and tragic love for Mademoiselle de Beaunais gave from 1636 onward a more lyrical and somber twist to his poetry. »

—Loys, Comment j'ai pourri le web (How i rotted the web)[3]
  • 4 September
    • Addition of erroneous material by Justin Delapierre
  • 18 September
  • 19 September

March 2012

  • 21 March
  • 23 March
    • Addition of a new unsourced paragraph by anonymous editor
  • 24 March
    • Reverted (Our dear vandal teacher has got followers… apparently one teaches best through showing an example…)
    • Re-instated by anonymous editor
    • Reverted
    • Page protected (Voluntary 'pedagogic' vandalism by a teacher on this article…)
  • 26 March

April 2012

The Aysedune Case[edit]

The former article Themes and analysis of No Country for Old Men (film) had a {{subst:copyvio | url=insert URL here}} template, and the page was listed at Wikipedia:Copyright problems for review. The template very clearly stated that it should not be removed. Aysedune deleted the template. An administrator restored the template and warned Aydedune against deleting it again. Aysedune was very angry at being templated. He said "That was a good compilation and I always advise my students to read that page. When I realised it wasn't there any more and after learning I could take it back, I did it."

The Aloha High School case[edit]

In October 2015, a person claiming to be a teacher at Aloha High School vandalized the page on the school to demonstrate to students that Wikipedia is unreliable. The teacher then got blocked for it. This led to a long discussion at the administrator's noticeboard.

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