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Hi there I have an important question concerning people Wikipedia articles. In the article about Sri Chinmoy that I am working on a few edits at the moment, there is an entire chunk of Chinmoy's biography (Section: Move to the United States) using references from Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin's comments and experiences from the 1970s. This very large paragraph seems to outweigh the rest of the biography section because that particular paragraph seems to actually end up being as much, if not more about Santana and McLaughlin, as about Chinmoy and most certainly is not about Chinmoy's life in the United States as the section should be about. My question then is if famous people, as in this case, make personal comments about someone that are published, do their comments have more 'weight' or so called credibility to Wikipedia just because they are famous? Or is it just the fact that their comments (whether true or false) are published and can then be used as a reference? I would be so grateful if someone who is experienced with this kind of editing/thought process could look at the article and give some feedback on the Move to the United States section? That would be wonderful. Thank you in advance.GrassRoots (talk) 09:16, 28 July 2016 (UTC)

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