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WikiProjects are places in Wikipedia where editors who have common interests come together to edit about those subjects. This page lists some of the most active, general WikiProjects. You'll also come across names of Wikipedians who are highly active and happy to serve as a contact for that project. So stop by a WikiProject and join in today!


Art and culture[edit]

Project Subjects covered Point people Project image
Amusement parks All things Amusement parks McDoobAU93 Noun project 617.svg
Animation Animation - cartoons, animated films Animation disc.svg
Anime and manga Anime & manga movies, cartoons, art and books! Wikipe-tan silhouette.png
Animals in media Animals in books, movies, cartoons, TV, theatre, and video games. Brambleberry of RiverClan Rabbit&cat3.png
Architecture Architecture - Buildings, homes, architects, design Noun project 921.svg
Biography Biographies - From musicians to sports figures, politicians to Wikipedians! Toilets unisex.svg
Books Books, literature, fiction, non-fiction, children's books Japanese Map symbol (Library).svg
Comedy Comedians, sketch comedy, comedy movies, jokes Smile Lirion.svg
Comics Comics, comic books, comic artists and writers Speech bubble.png
Dance Dance, ballet, choreographers Noun project 989.svg
Disney The Walt Disney Company, Pixar, ABC, Marvel Comics, and ESPN McDoobAU93 Mickey Mouse head and ears.png
Film Film, movies, film history and equipment Noun project 637.svg
Food and drink Food, wine, beer, cooking, celebrity chefs Noun project 732.svg
Games Anything games; rpgs, video, board games Shaun9876 Noun project 454.svg
Horror Horror fiction, horror film, scary monsters! Noun project 1110.svg
Journalism Journalism, news, and journalists, magazines Noun project 397.svg
Linguistics Linguistics and language - from French to Farsi Noun project 730.svg
Maps Maps, cartography Noun project 462.svg
Museums Museums, curators, museum studies Noun project 607.svg
Music Anything and anyone to do with music! Simple Music.svg
National Register of Historic Places Listings on the National Register of Historic Places in the US 0nrhp sign.jpg
Poetry Poetry and poets Quill and ink.svg
Philosophy Philosophy and philosophers Noun project 323.svg
Professional wrestling Professional wrestling and wrestlers, characters, moves... Mascara El Santo.jpg
Radio Radio, radio stations, amateur radio, radio personalities, programming Noun project 877.svg
Religion Anything to do with religions of any sort! Religious syms.svg
Science Fiction Science fiction - movies, books, writing, characters, authors Alien01.svg
Television Television, television series, people in television TV-T&PC.svg
Theatre Drama, theatre, playwrights actors, stagecraft, theaters Drama-icon.svg
Urban studies and planning Urban studies, urban planning Noun project 410.svg
Video games Video games, designers, companies, characters Shaun9876 Gamecontroller.svg
Visual arts Painting, sculpture, artists, anything visual art! Missvain Noun project 1435.svg

History and society[edit]

Project Subjects covered Point people Project image
Agriculture Agriculture, farming, 4H, etc. Noun project 748.svg
African diaspora African diaspora, African American culture Africa stub icon.svg
Asian Americans Asian American culture and people Noun project 288.svg
Business Business, economics, companies, finance Noun project 401.svg
Classical Greece and Rome Classical Greece & Classical Rome, religion, people, architecture, etc. Noun project 4.svg
Death Death, funeral customs and business, vampires, zombies, ghosts, graveyards, etc. Noun project 784.svg
Education Education, universities, schools, educators, etc. Education - Grad Hat.svg
Fashion Fashion, designers, clothing, beauty, hairstyling, etc. Noun project 1061.svg
Feminism Feminism, women's rights, equality, politics Missvain Igualtat de sexes.svg
Fisheries and fishing Fishing, fisheries and aquaculture NPS map symbol fishing.svg
History History of the world! Noun project 1162.svg
Human rights Human rights around the world Noun project 759.svg
Law Law, legal practice, lawyers, legal code Balanced scales.svg
LGBT studies Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer studies Noun project 756.svg
Military history Military history, war, and anything involving such Panzer aus Zusatzzeichen 1049-12.svg
Politics Politics, politicians around the world Noun project 737.svg
Psychology Psychology, psychologists, practice, theory Noun project 566.svg
Sociology Sociology, families, relationships Noun project 620.svg
Scouting Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. WikiProject Scouting fleur-de-lis greyscale.svg
Women's history Women's history, biographies, etc. Toilet women.svg


Project Subjects covered Point people Project image
Animals Animals, insects, animal conservation Noun project 175.svg
Archaeology Archaeology, archaeologists Noun project 706.svg
Astronomy Astronomy and space, lunar missions, NASA Noun project 1026.svg
Biology Biology, cancer, cells, DNA, etc. Noun project 1130.svg
Chemistry Chemistry - more about chemistry than chemists Noun project 337.svg
Ecology Ecology & green living Simbolo reciclar.svg
Forestry Forestry, conservation, trees, parks Bosque.svg
Geology Geology, earthquakes, volcanoes, soil Noun project 528.svg
Health and fitness General Health and fitness Pictograms-nps-land-exercise-fitness.svg
Horticulture and Gardening Horticulture & gardening, gardeners, horticulturalists, fountains Noun project 180.svg
Mathematics Mathematics Noun project 538.svg
Medicine Medicine, EMS, most medical practices Noun project 579.svg
Meteorology Weather, climate, clouds, hurricanes, etc. Noun project 428.svg
Nursing Nursing Noun project 859.svg
Plants Plants, botany, botanists, etc Noun 108125 cc.svg
Pharmacology Pharmacology, drugs, and medications PharmacistsMortar.svg
Physics Physics Noun project 194.svg


Project Subjects covered Point people Project image
Automobiles Cars, trucks, and the companies who make them Aiga groundtransportation.svg
Aviation Aviation, planes, history of flying 20 airtransportation.svg
Computing Computers, tech history Noun project 216.svg
Electronics Electronics, techy stuff Shaun9876 Noun project 135.svg
Engineering Engineering Noun project 1063.svg
Firearms Guns! Noun project 138.svg
Technology General technology Noun project 1248.svg
Telecommunications Telecommunications, telephones, cellular phones, satellites Black telephone icon from DejaVu Sans.svg
Trains Trains, subways, train stations BSicon lDAMPF.svg


Project Subjects covered Point people Project image
Athletics Sport of athletics, track and field, athletes, stadiums, coaches, championships including the Summer Olympic Games, and much more! Habst Running icon - Noun Project 17825.svg
American football American football, rules, teams, stadiums, coaches, college and NFL Go Phightins! Noun project 372.svg
Baseball Baseball, college, MLB, Japanese, etc. Go Phightins! Noun project 236.svg
Basketball Basketball, college, NBA, Olympic, women's, men's Noun project 393.svg
Cycling Cycling, Tour de France, bicycles in general BSicon BICYCLE.svg
Football Football aka soccer Football pictogram.svg
Golf Golfing, women's and mens, pro, hobby, golf courses, etc. Noun project 227.svg
Gymnastics Gymnastics, Olympic, gymnasts Gymnastics-bw.svg
Ice Hockey Ice Hockey, women, men's, teams, stadium, moves WikiProject Ice Hockey logo.svg
Martial arts Martial arts Karate icon.svg
Motorsport Car and truck racing, drivers, teams, tracks F1 chequered flag.svg
Olympics Anything Olympics Olympic Rings black.svg
Skateboarding Skateboarding, skateboarders Noun project 240.svg
Sports General sports Noun project 736.svg
Tennis Tennis - pro, hobby, players, Wimbledon, etc. Noun project 503.svg
Women's sport Women's sport - all things involving women's sports! Bicycle-icon.svg


Project Subjects covered Point people Project image
Africa People, places, things and events related to all things Africa Africa stub icon.svg
Arab world People, places, things and events related to the Arab world Arab world.svg
Asia People, places, things and events related to all things Asia AsiaContour.svg
Australia People, places, things and events related to Australia
Central America People, places, things and events related to Central America Blankmap-CentralAmerica-Caribbean.png
Central Asia People, places, things and events related to Central Asia
Cities Cities around the world Ciudad.svg
East Asia People, places, things and events related to East Asia
Europe People, places, things and events related to Europe Europe continents black.svg
Indigenous peoples of North America Native Americans, Inuit, and First Nations peoples Noun project 465.svg
Ireland People, places, things and events related to all things Ireland
North America People, places, things and events related to North America USA-Canada-silhouette-transbg.png
U.S. Roads United State based roads and highways US 66 Arizona 1926.svg


Some Wikipedians specialize in maintenance tasks to improve or defend the encyclopedia. Here are a few such projects.

Project Purpose Point people Project image
Guild of Copy Editors Help make articles clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent; make it say what it means, and mean what it says. A How To Copyedit guide provides instruction. Writing Magnifying.PNG
Wikipedia Typo Team Dedicated to making Wikipedia look more professional by correcting typos and misspellings. Everyone who can spell can help. Rosalina2427
Counter-Vandalism Unit (VCU) The CVU protects Wikipedia from disruption by vandals. The Counter-Vandalism Academy provides needed instruction. Rosalina2427 CVU.svg
Good Articles Help improve articles ranked lower, review improved articles to be sure they meet standards and keep relevant lists up to date. Symbol support vote.svg

Sister projects[edit]

Wikipedia isn't the only project that Wikimedia has! Below is the entire current list of projects that you can get involved in.

Sister project Description Point people Project logo
Commons Free media repository where you can upload your images, videos and recordings for use in Wikipedia and by the public. Shaun9876 Commons-logo.svg
MediaWiki Wikipedia and related websites run on MediaWiki. Into programming, developing and such? Lend a hand at MediaWiki and build cool stuff! User:Cmcmahon MediaWiki logo without tagline.svg
Wikibooks Build and create textbooks which anyone can edit or use, often using Wikipedia content. QuiteUnusual Wikibooks-logo-en-noslogan.svg
Wikiquote Contribute quotes from notable people. Ningauble, Nemo Wikiquote-logo-en.png
Wikinews Be a wikijournalist! Original research is allowed at Wikinews. Wikinews-logo.svg
Wikisource A free library of content you can transcribe like an archive. AdamBMorgan Wikisource-logo.png
Wikispecies Help document all species in the world here! Wikispecies-logo.svg
Wikiversity Free educational resources Wikiversity-logo-en.svg
Wiktionary A free dictionary you can help create Wiktionary-logo-en.svg
Wikivoyage A free travel guide you can help write Wikivoyage-Logo-v3-icon.svg