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Note: This page lists articles for review. For details on the review process, and the appropriate steps for addressing problem articles, please see Wikipedia:Television article review process

All articles on Wikipedia should meet notability guidelines, which states that:

A topic is presumed to be notable if it has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject;

and must also conform to Wikipedia content policies, including but not limited to Wikipedia:Verifiability and Wikipedia:No original research.

In addition, all articles relating to 'Television' should follow specific guidelines laid out at Wikipedia:Television episodes and Wikipedia:Manual of Style (writing about fiction).

Articles should not be created if it is unlikely they will eventually meet these guidelines, and independent assessment of new articles is often needed to determine notability or to highlight areas of potential concern. Similarly, older articles need regular review to ensure they continue to work towards meeting the above requirements.


Episodes awaiting review are listed at Category:Episode articles not asserting notability.

  • Please use this format for adding and discussing articles:

==Episode article review==

Intro the review process, link to WP:EPISODE and WP:TV-REVIEW
Some comments about episodes, such as anything noticed when they were being initially evaluated, article history, etc
  • [[Link to episode]] - individual comments, if any
  • [[Link to episode]] - individual comments, if any



  • After about a week, find a consensus. Discussions might take longer than a week. If the discussion seems controversial, find someone uninvolved to close.
  • Notify talk pages and editors with {{subst:TVreview2|for [[TV show name]]|link=link to discussion}} -- ~~~~

Upcoming reviews[edit]

The following episode batches have been reviewed, tagged for notability and are pending full review.

Current discussions[edit]