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For a tutorial, see Wikipedia:TemplateData/Tutorial.

What is TemplateData?[edit]

TemplateData is the standardized description of a template, used by VisualEditor to improve the template-editing experience for the user. VisualEditor includes a wizard to edit templates, but for the wizard to be most useful, it needs to present specific information to the user about each template, such as a short description of the template's purpose and its parameters. This information is codified formally (by any wiki editor) using TemplateData.

Editing without TemplateData[edit]

Without TemplateData, each parameter needs to be added manually when inserting a new template.

VisualEditor - Template without TemplateData.png

No information is provided about what the value of the parameter should be.

VisualEditor - Template without TemplateData2.png

Editing with TemplateData[edit]

With TemplateData, a list of supported parameters (and their description) is provided for the template.

VisualEditor - Template with TemplateData1.png

TemplateData provides context for each parameter, and makes it much easier for users to modify templates.

VisualEditor - Template with TemplateData2.png

Adding TemplateData[edit]

Anyone can help by adding TemplateData to templates (particularly high-profile ones, such as infoboxes) so that they are easier to edit in VisualEditor. The following is a minimal example, placed on a template's documentation page:

  "description": "insert description here",
  "params": {
    "first parameter": {
      "label": "x",
      "description": "x",
      "type": "string",
      "default": "default value",
      "required": false

You can also add or edit TemplateData using a GUI, by pressing the following button which appears at the top of the edit page: Manage TemplateData

The TemplateData tutorial explains in detail how to add TemplateData information to a template.

Commonly used templates[edit]

List maintenance[edit]

Here is a list of the most commonly-used templates. When you've added TemplateData to one, add a {{Done}} mark behind it; we'll update the list with new additions as we go. It's advisable to do a null edit on the main template page to force the system to update the database.

  • For completed items, consult the bot-generated logging page Wikipedia:VisualEditor/TemplateData/List.
  • If you complete an item, add {{Done}} after the entry until the item appears on the logging page.
  • If you partly complete an item, add {{Partly done|<explain what still needs to be done>}} to the entry and do not remove it from this list until it is completed. Partly done items will appear on the logging page as if they were completed.
  • Templates not suitable for TemplateData or with technical problems: add {{Not done|<briefly explain why TemplateData couldn't be added>}} after the entry.

Data sources[edit]

Previously unfinished template entries[edit]

This list includes all high-usage templates that haven't been "Done" on the previous list, as of May 2015.

Over 100,000 uses in mainspace[edit]

Over 50,000 uses in mainspace[edit]

Over 10,000 uses in mainspace[edit]

Over 5,000 uses in mainspace[edit]

Low-use templates[edit]

Main-space templates[edit]

Following are templates which taking parameters but are used <250 times. There are thousands of templates which contain only content for transclusion and which take no parameters. These are not considered here.


Following have no instances of use:

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