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Use these templates on articles with translation-related cleanup issues.

For articles with merely bad English or non-idiomatic phrases, where the issue isn't necessarily related to translation specifically, please consider a more general cleanup template as an alternative, such as {{copy edit}}:


Tag Text that will be shown (and usage notes)
category links talk edit
  • For articles that have translation issues, but have enough acceptable English-language content that they are not subject to deletion for that reason.
links talk edit

Please do not add machine translations of foreign language articles to Wikipedia. Due to their poor quality, they are generally not useful and can be very difficult to fix. In the future, please follow the instructions laid out at Wikipedia:Translation.

  • For user talk pages: similar to a uw-1 level advisory.
{{expand Spanish}}
category links talk edit
  • For articles in English that can potentially be extended with translated text from the corresponding article in other Wikipedia editions.
  • This is an example for Spanish. There is a tag for each language.
  • {{hidden translation}}
    category links talk edit

    [[Category:Wikipedia articles needing cleanup after translation from <Language1>]]

    • For translated articles that may have factual errors, but where subsequent edits have polished the English without addressing translation accuracy.
    {{not English}}
    category links talk edit
    • For articles that are completely or almost completely in a foreign language.
    • Note that if the issue isn't dealt with in two weeks, the article goes to Articles for deletion.
    {{Proofreader needed}}
    {{Proofreader needed|Deutsche Sprache|de}}
    links talk edit
    • For articles that are fully translated but that might need proofreading.
    {{rough translation}}
    category links talk edit
    [[Category:Wikipedia articles needing cleanup after translation from <Language1>]]
    • For articles that have been translated into English, but poorly so.
    {{translated page}}
    links talk edit
    • Place this on the talk page when text from another language Wikipedia is translated and included on a page in the English Wikipedia. It serves as attribution under the licence requirements.
    • Example: {{translated page|source language code|source page title|version=123456789|insertversion=987654321|section=name}}
    category links talk edit
    • For articles that are mostly in English, but have a considerable sized passage in a foreign language. Consider using {{not English-inline}} instead if the passage is small.
    {{translation WIP}}
    category links talk edit
    • For articles currently undergoing translation work.

    Inline with article text[edit]

    Tag Text that will be shown (and usage notes)
    {{not English-inline}}
    category links talk edit
    [needs Eng. translation]
    • An inline version of {{not English}}, to use after a single phrase or passage.
    {{whose translation}}
    category links talk edit
    [whose translation?]
    • For quoted passages that have been translated into English in external sources, but lack a reference indicating who the translator was.