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July 15[edit]

Template:Aviation accidents and incidents in 1900–1909[edit]

Template:Game rationale[edit]


Template:Ongoing conflicts image updates[edit]



Template:Pd image[edit]


Template:Polyhedra 2001[edit]

Template:Red bib athl[edit]

Template:If interwiki link[edit]




Template:Rtl-lang test[edit]




Template:Mirror thread[edit]

Er these were used Rich Farmbrough, 09:28, 20 March 2013 (UTC).

Template:Other Hazardous Materials Labels[edit]

Template:Chamber of Deputies of Brazil[edit]

Template:NK Primorje squad[edit]

Template:NK Drava Ptuj squad[edit]

Template:İZBAN color[edit]

Template:Žerar Grize[edit]

Template:Barnstar of National Merit[edit]

Template:Big Brother (U.S.)-Manual of Style[edit]

Template:Big Brother UK sidebar[edit]


Fcite - wider consensus[edit]

Note to closing admin: The above discussion had been closed, incorrectly, as "no consensus to delete" but "not deployed in article space". I certainly did not consent to that position, so there was no consensus for "Keep-don't-use", at all, ever. Instead, I have worked out a compromise consensus to fix the noted problems before using the templates in article space, as also suggested by other users above.

Specifically, in trying to reach a compromise consensus, for various issues noted above, I have been expanding the Fcite templates to handle more parameters (such as author names 1 to 8, and journal codes) while retaining high-speed formatting of citations. Several other editors have emphasized the need for fast citations: many major articles, such as "Brazil", "Wikipedia", "Egypt" or "Israel" have often taken 20-45 seconds to edit-preview, rather than 7-12 seconds. While it is true that most readers rarely edit major articles, if editing remains so slow and tedious, then fewer editors would want to update major articles with such slow edit-preview delays. After a few prolonged snailpace edits, impatient editors will not keep updating. The misguided appearance as "forks" (wp:CITEVAR) was due to glitches in the displayed format of Fcite parameters, which has been fixed this week in most cases. By supporting almost all major parameters from {Cite_web} or {Cite_journal}, then users of Fcite will no longer need to fear "reduced functionality" or other issues of disruptive usage. The remaining difference is that the Fcite templates do not support extremely rare parameters, such as "surname1=", "given1=" or "authormask=" which would slow operation for most usage. There are plans for the Fcite templates to warn the user when rare parameters are attempted. Again, as noted above, the reformat speed of major articles is a severe problem for editors, but also for readers who view articles with Special:Preferences, such as thumbnail size higher/lower than 220px (using 120px or 250px will bypass cache and reformat articles 10-50x slower). Hence, the Fcite templates, as fast-cite versions, will greatly improve the editing or special-viewing of major articles (likely 3x faster, as 3-10 second reformats). Meanwhile, smaller articles are not affected by such intolerable format delays, due to differences of only 1-4 seconds. I thank everyone in expressing concerns, above, which led to this new, compromise consensus. -Wikid77 (talk) 10:29, 31 July 2012 (UTC)

This TfD is closed, and your consent is not required. The "new, compromise consensus" you assert does not exist. Do not deploy this in articles. Do offer the techniques used for the improvement of the standard cite templates. Br'er Rabbit (talk) 00:10, 1 August 2012 (UTC)


Template:Str case title word[edit]

Template:Turner Theory of Color[edit]

Template:Pakistan Intelligence[edit]

Template:Caloocan City Science High School[edit]

Template:Caloocan City[edit]


Template:KI Philip[edit]


Template:Uploaded with en.wp UW marker[edit]

Template:'''Recios Music'''[edit]

Template:MATA lines[edit]