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  1. 4 Template:Belfast and County Down Railway -> Belfast Central Railway Belfast Queens Bridge railway station Craigavad railway station Kinnegar railway station
  2. 34 Template:1986 Nabisco Grand Prix -> 1986 ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament 1986 Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad 1986 Austrian Open (tennis) 1986 Bologna Outdoor 1986 Campionati Internazionali di Sicilia 1986 Canadian Open (tennis) 1986 Chicago Grand Prix (tennis) 1986 Cologne Grand Prix 1986 Davidoff Swiss Indoors 1986 Dutch Open (tennis) 1986 Florence Open 1986 Grand Prix de Tennis de Toulouse 1986 Hall of Fame Tennis Championships 1986 Hong Kong Open 1986 Hypo Group Tennis International 1986 Itaparica Open 1986 Japan Open Tennis Championships 1986 Lorraine Open 1986 Madrid Tennis Grand Prix 1986 Mercedes Cup 1986 Nice Open 1986 SAP Open 1986 Saint-Vincent Open 1986 Shearson Lehmann Brothers Tournament of Champions 1986 South African Open (tennis) 1986 Sovran Bank Classic 1986 Swedish Open (tennis) 1986 Torneo Godó 1986 U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships 1986 U.S. Pro Tennis Championships 1986 Volvo U.S. National Indoor 1986 WCT Atlanta 1986 WCT Houston Shoot-Out 1986 World Team Cup
  3. 34 Template:2011 in go -> 10th Tianyuan (Taiwan) 11th Donggang Cup 12th Maxim Cup 13th Ahan Tongshan Cup 15th LG Cup 16th Samsung Cup 18th Xinren Wang 18th Zhonghuan Cup (Taiwan) 1st Daejoo Cup 1st Igo Masters Cup 2011 in go 20th Ryusei 23rd CCTV Cup 29th KBS Cup 2nd Siyuan Cup 30th NEC Cup 36th Shinjin-O 39th Myungin 3rd Haifong Cup 49th Judan 4th Japan-Taiwan Jingying 4th Qisheng 4th Qiwang (Taiwan) 4th Quzhou-Lanke Cup 55th Kansai Ki-in 1st Place 58th NHK Cup 5th Aixin Cup 5th RICOH Xinxiu Cup 6th Siptan 7th Daiwa Cup 7th Guoshou 7th Prices Information Cup 7th Qiwang 7th Wangzuo
  4. 34 Template:Administration in India by state or territory -> Administration in Andaman and Nicobar Islands Administration in Andhra Pradesh Administration in Arunachal Pradesh Administration in Assam Administration in Chandigarh Administration in Chhattisgarh Administration in Dadra and Nagar Haveli Administration in Daman and Diu Administration in Delhi Administration in Goa Administration in Gujarat Administration in Haryana Administration in Himachal Pradesh Administration in Jammu and Kashmir Administration in Jharkhand Administration in Karnataka Administration in Kerala Administration in Lakshadweep Administration in Madhya Pradesh Administration in Maharashtra Administration in Manipur Administration in Meghalaya Administration in Mizoram Administration in Nagaland Administration in Orissa Administration in Puducherry Administration in Punjab (India) Administration in Rajasthan Administration in Sikkim Administration in Tamil Nadu Administration in Tripura Administration in Uttar Pradesh Administration in Uttarakhand Administration in West Bengal
  5. 34 Template:African coups d'état -> 1960 Congolese coup d'état 1963 Togoloese coup d'état 1965 Algerian coup d'état 1965 Congolese coup d'état 1966 Ghanaian coup d'état 1966 Upper Volta coup d'état 1967 Togolese coup d'état 1969 Libyan coup d'état 1969 Sudanese coup d'état 1972 Ghanaian coup d'état 1975 Comororian coup d'état 1975 Nigerian coup d'état 1976 Nigerian coup d'état attempt 1977 Seychellois coup d'état 1980 Guinea-Bissau coup d'état 1980 Liberian coup d'état 1981 Gambian coup d'état attempt 1981 Ghanaian coup d'état 1981 Seychellois coup d'état attempt 1983 Nigerian coup d'état 1984 Guinean coup d'état 1984 Mauritanian coup d'état 1985 Nigerian coup d'état 1985 Ugandan coup d'état 1987 Burkinabe coup d'état 1987 Tunisian coup d'état 1989 Ethiopian coup d'état attempt 1990 Nigerian coup d'état attempt 1991 Malian coup d'état 1992 Algerian coup d'état 1994 Gambian coup d'état 2003 Central African Republic coup d'état January 1966 Nigerian coup d'état July 1966 Nigerian coup d'état
  6. 34 Template:Amarapura Township -> Bon-o Boyaywa Chinywa Daunggyigwe Kalaywa Kantha, Amarapura Kawadaw Kawazu, Amarapura Letthamagu Lezu Magyigaing Maingleze Myaukkaing Nayagan, Amarapura Nwanozu Nyaungbintha, Amarapura Nyaungwun Odeindaung Sandabuli Sauktawwa Shangalegyun Shwebaukpin Tagundaing Tamokso Tatkyi Taungmingyi Taungthaman Tawdwin Thinbangon Uyingale (21°50'0"N 96°1'0"E) Uyingale (21°54'0"N 96°10'0"E) Yebok Yelaung, Amarapura Yelungyaw
  7. 34 Template:BOINC projects -> APS@Home AlmereGrid Boinc Grid BRaTS@Home CAS@home Cels@Home Collatz Conjecture (BOINC) Constellation (platform) DepSpid DistributedDataMining DrugDiscovery@Home DynaPing EDGeS@Home Enigma@Home Genetic Life Hydrogen@Home Magnetism@home Malaria Control Project NQueens@home Primaboinca QuantumFIRE RND@home RSA Lattice Siever Ramsey@Home Rectilinear Crossing Number SHA-1 Collision Search Graz SciLINC Sudoku project Superlink@Technion VTU@Home Virtual Prairie Virus Respiratorio Sincitial WEP-M+2 Project WUProp@Home
  8. 34 Template:CECCESchools -> Centre scolaire catholique Jeanne-Lavoie École secondaire catholique - Éducation permanente École élémentaire catholique Arc-en-ciel École élémentaire catholique George-Étienne-Cartier École élémentaire catholique J.-L.-Couroux École élémentaire catholique Jean-Paul-II École élémentaire catholique Jean-Robert-Gauthier École élémentaire catholique L'Envol École élémentaire catholique L'Étoile-de-L'Est École élémentaire catholique La Source École élémentaire catholique La Vérendrye École élémentaire catholique Lamoureux École élémentaire catholique Laurier-Carrière École élémentaire catholique Le Petit Prince École élémentaire catholique Marius-Barbeau École élémentaire catholique Mgr-Rémi-Gaulin École élémentaire catholique Montfort École élémentaire catholique Reine-des-Bois École élémentaire catholique Riverside-Sud École élémentaire catholique Roger-Saint-Denis École élémentaire catholique Saint-François-d'Assise École élémentaire catholique Saint-Guillaume École élémentaire catholique Saint-Joseph d'Orléans École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Anne École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Bernadette École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Geneviève École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Marie École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Thérèse-d'Avila École élémentaire catholique Terre-des-Jeunes École élémentaire catholique Vision Jeunesse École élémentaire catholique de la Découverte École élémentaire catholique des Pins École élémentaire catholique des Voyageurs
  9. 34 Template:Cabinet of Thailand -> Alongkorn Pollabutr Boonjong Wongtrairat Chaiwuti Bannawat Chaiyot Jiramaetagron Chalermchai Sri-on Chinnaworn Boonyakiat Chumphol Silpa-archa Issara Somchai Jurin Laksanawisit Juti Krairerk Kasit Piromya Kuakul Danchaiwijit Matubhum Party Minister for Energy (Thailand) Minister for Social Development and Human Security (Thailand) Minister of Labour (Thailand) Ministry for Science and Technology (Thailand) Ministry of Transport (Thailand) Mun Pattanothai. Narisara Chawaltanpithak Niphit Intharasombat Ongart Klampaiboon Pansiri Kulanartsiri Pirapan Salirathavibhaga Pornthiva Nakasai Pradit Pataraprasit Prawit Wongsuwan Satit Wongnongtaey Sophon Saram Suchart Chockchaiwattanakorn Suphachai Phosu Suwit Khunkitti Theera Wongsamut Wannarat Channukul
  10. 34 Template:Campaignbox Peninsular War -> Battle of Alcantara (1809) Battle of Alcolea (1808) Battle of Amarante Battle of Baza Battle of Baños Battle of Braga Battle of Buenza Battle of Cardadeu Battle of Castalla (1812) Battle of Condeixa Battle of El Boden (1812) Battle of Foz d'Arunce Battle of Gerona (1808) Battle of Lizasso Battle of Mansilla Battle of Mollet Battle of Navas de Membrillo (1812) Battle of Ordal Battle of Puente de San Payo Battle of Valls (1810) Battle of Vich Battle of Vigo (1809) Battle of Villafranca (1810) Battle of the Orbigo Second Siege of Badajoz (1811) Siege of Figueras (1811) Siege of Gerona (1808) Siege of Hostalrich Siege of Lerida (1810) Siege of Lugo Siege of Rosas (1809) Siege of Tarifa (1812) Siege of Tortosa (1810) Trant's raid
  11. 34 Template:Cantons of Aude -> Canton of Alaigne Canton of Alzonne Canton of Axat Canton of Belcaire Canton of Belpech Canton of Capendu Canton of Castelnaudary-Nord Canton of Castelnaudary-Sud Canton of Chalabre Canton of Conques-sur-Orbiel Canton of Couiza Canton of Durban-Corbières Canton of Fanjeaux Canton of Ginestas Canton of Lagrasse Canton of Limoux Canton of Lézignan-Corbières Canton of Mas-Cabardès Canton of Montréal (Aude) Canton of Mouthoumet Canton of Narbonne-Est Canton of Narbonne-Ouest Canton of Narbonne-Sud Canton of Peyriac-Minervois Canton of Quillan Canton of Saint-Hilaire Canton of Saissac Canton of Salles-sur-l'Hers Canton of Sigean Canton of Tuchan Carcassonne 1st Canton Carcassonne 2nd Canton-Nord Carcassonne 2nd Canton-Sud Carcassonne 3rd Canton
  12. 34 Template:Cantons of Doubs -> Canton of Amancey Canton of Audeux Canton of Audincourt Canton of Baume-les-Dames Canton of Besançon-Est Canton of Besançon-Nord-Est Canton of Besançon-Nord-Ouest Canton of Besançon-Ouest Canton of Besançon-Sud Canton of Boussières Canton of Clerval Canton of Hérimoncourt Canton of L'Isle-sur-le-Doubs Canton of Le Russey Canton of Levier Canton of Marchaux Canton of Maîche Canton of Montbenoît Canton of Montbéliard-Est Canton of Montbéliard-Ouest Canton of Morteau Canton of Mouthe Canton of Ornans Canton of Pierrefontaine-les-Varans Canton of Pont-de-Roide Canton of Pontarlier Canton of Quingey Canton of Rougemont Canton of Roulans Canton of Saint-Hippolyte Canton of Sochaux-Grand-Charmont Canton of Valentigney Canton of Vercel-Villedieu-le-Camp Canton of Étupes
  13. 34 Template:Cantons of Eure -> Canton of Amfreville-la-Campagne Canton of Beaumesnil Canton of Beaumont-le-Roger Canton of Bernay-Est Canton of Bernay-Ouest Canton of Bourgtheroulde-Infreville Canton of Breteuil Canton of Brionne Canton of Broglie Canton of Conches-en-Ouche Canton of Cormeilles Canton of Damville Canton of Fleury-sur-Andelle Canton of Gaillon-Campagne Canton of Gaillon Canton of Gisors Canton of Le Neubourg Canton of Louviers-Nord Canton of Louviers-Sud Canton of Lyons-la-Forêt Canton of Montfort-sur-Risle Canton of Nonancourt Canton of Pacy-sur-Eure Canton of Routot Canton of Rugles Canton of Saint-André-de-l'Eure Canton of Saint-Georges-du-Vièvre Canton of Thiberville Canton of Val-de-Reuil Canton of Verneuil-sur-Avre Canton of Vernon-Nord Canton of Vernon-Sud Canton of Écos Canton of Étrépagny
  14. 34 Template:Cantons of Haute-Savoie -> Canton of Abondance Canton of Alby-sur-Chéran Canton of Annecy-Centre Canton of Annecy-Nord-Est Canton of Annecy-Nord-Ouest Canton of Annecy-le-Vieux Canton of Annemasse-Nord Canton of Annemasse-Sud Canton of Bonneville Canton of Boëge Canton of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Canton of Cluses Canton of Cruseilles Canton of Douvaine Canton of Faverges Canton of Frangy Canton of La Roche-sur-Foron Canton of Le Biot Canton of Reignier-Esery Canton of Rumilly Canton of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains Canton of Saint-Jeoire Canton of Saint-Julien-en-Genevois Canton of Sallanches Canton of Samoëns Canton of Scionzier Canton of Seynod Canton of Seyssel (Haute-Savoie) Canton of Taninges Canton of Thonon-les-Bains-Est Canton of Thonon-les-Bains-Ouest Canton of Thorens-Glières Canton of Thônes Canton of Évian-les-Bains
  15. 34 Template:Cantons of Hautes-Pyrénées -> Canton of Argelès-Gazost Canton of Arreau Canton of Aucun Canton of Aureilhan Canton of Bagnères-de-Bigorre Canton of Bordères-Louron Canton of Bordères-sur-l'Échez Canton of Campan Canton of Castelnau-Magnoac Canton of Castelnau-Rivière-Basse Canton of Galan Canton of La Barthe-de-Neste Canton of Laloubère Canton of Lannemezan Canton of Lourdes-Est Canton of Lourdes-Ouest Canton of Luz-Saint-Sauveur Canton of Maubourguet Canton of Mauléon-Barousse Canton of Ossun Canton of Pouyastruc Canton of Rabastens-de-Bigorre Canton of Saint-Laurent-de-Neste Canton of Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre Canton of Séméac Canton of Tournay Canton of Trie-sur-Baïse Canton of Vic-en-Bigorre Canton of Vielle-Aure Tarbes 1st Canton Tarbes 2nd Canton Tarbes 3rd Canton Tarbes 4th Canton Tarbes 5th Canton
  16. 34 Template:Cantons of Vienne -> Canton of Availles-Limouzine Canton of Charroux Canton of Chauvigny Canton of Civray Canton of Couhé Canton of Dangé-Saint-Romain Canton of Gençay Canton of L'Isle-Jourdain (Vienne) Canton of La Trimouille Canton of La Villedieu-du-Clain Canton of Lencloître Canton of Les Trois-Moutiers Canton of Loudun Canton of Lusignan Canton of Lussac-les-Châteaux Canton of Mirebeau Canton of Moncontour (Vienne) Canton of Montmorillon Canton of Monts-sur-Guesnes Canton of Neuville-de-Poitou Canton of Saint-Georges-lès-Baillargeaux Canton of Saint-Gervais-les-Trois-Clochers Canton of Saint-Julien-l'Ars Canton of Saint-Savin (Vienne) Canton of Vivonne Canton of Vouillé Canton of Vouneuil-sur-Vienne Poitiers 1st Canton Poitiers 2nd Canton Poitiers 3rd Canton Poitiers 4th Canton Poitiers 5th Canton Poitiers 6th Canton Poitiers 7th Canton
  17. 34 Template:Central Province, Sri Lanka topics -> Agriculture in Central Province, Sri Lanka Architecture of Central Province, Sri Lanka Buildings and structures in Central Province, Sri Lanka Cinema of Central Province, Sri Lanka Coat of arms of Central Province Colonial Kandy Cuisine of Central Province, Sri Lanka Culture of Central Province, Sri Lanka Dance of Central Province, Sri Lanka Demographic history of Central Province, Sri Lanka Economy of Central Province, Sri Lanka Education in Central Province, Sri Lanka Festivals in Central Province Government of Central Province, Sri Lanka History of Matale History of Nuwara Eliya Language demographics of Central Province, Sri Lanka List of Central Province, Sri Lanka general elections List of highways in Central Province, Sri Lanka List of parks of Central Province, Sri Lanka Literature of Central Province, Sri Lanka Motto of Central Province, Sri Lanka Music of Central Province, Sri Lanka Natural history of Central Province, Sri Lanka Pre-kingdom Kandy Railways in Central Province, Sri Lanka Religion in Central Province, Sri Lanka Rivers of Central Province, Sri Lanka Sport in Central Province, Sri Lanka Symbols of Central Province, Sri Lanka Timeline of Central Province, Sri Lanka history Tourism of Central Province Transportation in Central Province Visual arts of Central Province, Sri Lanka
  18. 34 Template:Chaung-U Township -> Amyin Anein Aungchantha Bônmano Chaung-u Chaungma Chaungmana Chaunguywathit Htuni Kanbyu Kinmun Kinmuntaw Kuntha Kyauksitkon Kyaungywa Kyetthagan Kyetthunse Kyigonywama Mangyo Minkaung Neikbanwa Ngalondin Ngashan Nwègwe Nyaungbinhla Paungwa Shwehle Sulekon Taungpila Thanbinkan Thayetkaing Tigyon Yandabin Yelaigyun
  19. 34 Template:County Durham railway stations -> Andrews House railway station Beamish railway station Blackhall Rocks railway station Blackhill railway station Broomielaw railway station Cargo Fleet railway station Causey Arch railway station Clarence Railway Darlington and Tebay Branch Easington railway station East Tanfield railway station Eastgate railway station Ebchester railway station Ferryhill railway station Gainford railway station Greatham railway station High Westwood railway station Horden railway station Hulands railway station Lanchester Valley railway Lanchester railway station Newport (Teeside) railway station Pelton railway station Piercebridge railway station Seaham Colliery railway station Shotley Bridge railway station St Johns Chapel railway station Sunniside railway station Swalwell railway station Wearhead railway station Westgate-in-Weardale railway station Winston railway station Witton Gilbert railway station Witton Park railway station
  20. 34 Template:Dennis -> Dennis Ace Dennis Arrow (front-engined) Dennis Centaur Dennis D series Dennis DF series Dennis DFS series Dennis Delta Dennis Dominant Dennis E Dennis F series Dennis F Dennis Falcon (front-engined) Dennis G-Type Dennis G Dennis H Dennis Hefty Dennis Heron Dennis Horia Dennis Jubilant (lorry) Dennis Lance (front-engined) Dennis Lancet UF Dennis Mace Dennis Max Major Dennis Max Dennis Maxim Dennis Paravan Dennis Pax Dennis Pelican Dennis Pike Dennis R series Dennis Rapier Dennis Stork Dennis TF series Dennis TSD series
  21. 34 Template:Discovery Communications -> Animal Planet (Brazil) Animal Planet (Japan) Animal Planet Africa Animal Planet Benelux Animal Planet Latin America Animal Planet Romania Animal Planet Taiwan Discovery Channel (Brazil) Discovery Channel (Japan) Discovery Channel (New Zealand) Discovery Channel Africa Discovery Channel Argentina Discovery Channel Iberia (Spain/Portugal) Discovery Channel Korea Discovery Channel Latin America Discovery Channel Taiwan Discovery Channel Turkey Discovery Channel Venezuela Discovery Civilization Brazil Discovery Civilization Latin America Discovery HD Europe Discovery HD Germany Discovery Home & Health Brazil Discovery Home & Health Latin America Discovery Kids Brazil Discovery Kids Mexico Discovery Science Brazil Discovery Science Italy Discovery Science Latin America Discovery Travel & Living Brazil Discovery Turbo Brazil Discovery Turbo Latin America HD Theater Brazil People+Arts Iberia (Spain/Portugal)
  22. 34 Template:District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula localities -> Big Swamp, South Australia Boston, South Australia Brimpton Lake, South Australia Charlton Gully, South Australia Coomunga, South Australia Coulta, South Australia Edillilie, South Australia Flinders, South Australia Green Patch, South Australia Kapinnie, South Australia Kiana, South Australia Lake Wangary, South Australia Lincoln, South Australia Little Swamp, South Australia Louth, South Australia Mitchell, South Australia Mortlock, South Australia Mount Drummond, South Australia Mount Dutton Bay, South Australia Mount Hope, South Australia North Shields, South Australia Poonindie, South Australia Proper Bay, South Australia Shannon, South Australia Sleaford Bay, South Australia Sleaford, South Australia Stamford, South Australia Tod River, South Australia Tulka, South Australia Uley, South Australia Ulipa, South Australia Wanilla, South Australia Warrow, South Australia White Flat, South Australia
  23. 34 Template:Donegal clubs -> Aodh Ruadh, Ballyshannon GAA Aodh Ruadh, Killygordon GAA Ardara GAA Buncrana GAA Bundoran GAA Burt GAA Carndonagh GAA Cloughaneely GAA Downings GAA Fanad Gaels GAA Glenfin GAA Glenswilly GAA Letterkenny Gaels GAA Malin GAA Milford GAA (Donegal) Moville GAA Muff Naomh Pádraig GAA Na Rossa GAA Naomh Bríd, Laghey GAA Naomh Colmcille, Newtowncunningham GAA Naomh Columba GAA Naomh Mhuire GAA (Donegal) Naomh Mura, Fahan GAA Naomh Pádraig, Lifford GAA Naomh Ultan GAA Pettigo GAA Robert Emmetts GAA (Donegal) Setanta HC (Donegal) Seán MacCumhaill's GAA St.Mary's,Convoy GAA St.Michael's, Dunfanaghy GAA St.Naul's, Mountcharles GAA Termon GAA Urris GAA
  24. 34 Template:Drifting stations NP -> North Pole-10 North Pole-11 North Pole-12 North Pole-13 North Pole-14 North Pole-15 North Pole-16 North Pole-17 North Pole-18 North Pole-19 North Pole-20 North Pole-21 North Pole-22 North Pole-23 North Pole-24 North Pole-25 North Pole-26 North Pole-27 North Pole-28 North Pole-29 North Pole-2 North Pole-30 North Pole-31 North Pole-32 North Pole-33 North Pole-34 North Pole-35 North Pole-3 North Pole-4 North Pole-5 North Pole-6 North Pole-7 North Pole-8 North Pole-9
  25. 34 Template:EFL -> Balwyn Football Club Bayswater Football Club Blackburn Football Club Boronia Football Club Chirnside Park Football Club Coldstream Football Club Croydon Football Club Croydon South Football Club Doncaster East Football Club Doncaster Football Club Donvale Football Club East Burwood Football Club East Ringwood Football Club Eastern Lions Football Club Ferntree Gully Football Club Forest Hill Football Club Heathmont Football Club Kilsyth Football Club Knox Football Club Mitcham Football Club Montrose Football Club (EFL) Mooroolbark Football Club Mulgrave Football Club North Ringwood Football Club Norwood Football Club (Victoria) Ringwood Football Club Scoresby Football Club South Blegrave Football Club Surrey Park Football Club The Basin Football Club Upper Ferntree Gully Football Club Warrandyte Football Club Waverley Blues Football Club Whitehorse Pioneers Football Club
  26. 34 Template:Education in Forsyth County, Georgia -> Academies of Creative Education Big Creek Elementary School Brookwood Elementary School Chattahoochee Elementary School Chestatee Elementary School Coal Mountain Elementary School Cumming Elementary School Daves Creek Elementary School Forsyth Academy and Academy @ Night (school) Forsyth Central High School (home of the STEM Academy) Friednship Christian School Gateway Academy (program) Haw Creek Elementary School Horizon Chritian Academy IAchieve Virtual Academy (school) Johns Creek Elementary School Lakeside Middle School (Georgia) Lanier Technical Institue Mashburn Elementary School Matt Elementary School McGinnis Woods Country Day Midway Elementary School (Georgia) North Forsyth Middle School Otwell Middle School Piney Grove Middle School Riverwatch Middle School Sawnee Elementary School Settles Bridge Elementary School Sharon Elementary School Shiloh Point Elementary School Silver City Elementary School Vickery Creek Elementary School Vickery Creek Middle School Whitlow Elementary School
  27. 2 Template:Footer European Champions 4x100m Medley Men -> Aleksey Markovski Vitaliy Kirichuk
  28. 34 Template:Galatasaray S.K. matches -> 1963 Turkish Cup Final 1964 Turkish Cup Final 1965 Turkish Cup Final 1966 Turkish Cup Final 1966 Turkish Super Cup 1969 Turkish Cup Final 1969 Turkish Super 1971 Turkish Super Cup 1972 Turkish Super Cup 1973 Turkish Cup Final 1973 Turkish Super Cup 1976 Turkish Cup Final 1976 Turkish Super Cup 1980 Turkish Cup Final 1982 Turkish Cup Final 1982 Turkish Super Cup 1985 Turkish Cup Final 1985 Turkish Super Cup 1987 Turkish Super Cup 1988 Turkish Super Cup 1991 Turkish Cup Final 1991 Turkish Super Cup 1993 Turkish Cup Final 1993 Turkish Super Cup 1994 Turkish Cup Final 1994 Turkish Super Cup 1995 Turkish Cup Final 1996 Turkish Cup Final 1996 Turkish Super Cup 1997 Turkish Super Cup 1998 Turkish Cup Final 1998 Turkish Super Cup 1999 Turkish Cup Final 2000 Turkish Cup Final
  29. 34 Template:Gwa Township -> Ale-ywa Chingwin Detchaung Dodanwa Gyainggauk Hkattu Hlekadaung Hponzochaung Inbon Kaingdaw Kalabyin Khayinchaung Kinbon Kyaukchat Kyaukchun Kyaukkhaung Kyeintali Kyingyi Letyagyin Nyaunggyaung Odein Pazunbye Peinnegon Pyinmakhon Pyādaik Shauk-kôn Shwe-ugwin Thabyuchaung Thapangwin Tingyin Yahaingbya Yahaingkado Zayitmyaung Zedikwin
  30. 34 Template:History of Sri Lanka bar -> History of Ampara History of Anuradhapura History of Avissawella History of Badulla History of Colombo History of Dambadeniya History of Dambulla History of Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia History of Galle History of Gampaha History of Gampola History of Hambantota History of Jaffna History of Kalutara History of Kegalle History of Kilinochchi History of Kurunegala History of Mannar History of Matale History of Matara History of Moneragala History of Moratuwa History of Mullaitivu History of Negombo History of Nuwara Eliya History of Polonnaruwa History of Puttalam History of Raigama History of Ratnapura History of Sigiriya History of Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte History of Trincomalee History of Vavuniya Kingdom of Gampola
  31. 34 Template:Infobox Asian Games Malaysia -> Malaya at the 1954 Asian Games Malaya at the 1958 Asian Games Malaya at the 1962 Asian Games Malaysia at the 1966 Asian Games Malaysia at the 1970 Asian Games Malaysia at the 1974 Asian Games Malaysia at the 1977 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1978 Asian Games Malaysia at the 1979 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1981 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1983 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1985 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1986 Asian Games Malaysia at the 1987 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1989 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1990 Asian Games Malaysia at the 1991 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1993 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1994 Asian Games Malaysia at the 1995 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1997 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 1999 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 2001 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 2002 Asian Games Malaysia at the 2003 Southeast Asian Games Malaysia at the 2005 Asian Indoor Games Malaysia at the 2007 Asian Indoor Games Malaysia at the 2009 Asian Martial Arts Games Malaysia at the 2009 Asian Youth Games Malaysia at the 2010 Asian Beach Games North Borneo at the 1954 Asian Games North Borneo at the 1958 Asian Games North Borneo at the 1962 Asian Games Sarawak at the 1962 Asian Games
  32. 34 Template:Infobox Chilean region/testcases -> Coat of arms of Antofagasta Region Coat of arms of Araucanía Region Coat of arms of Arica and Parinacota Region Coat of arms of Atacama Region Coat of arms of Biobío Region Coat of arms of Coquimbo Region Coat of arms of Infobox Chilean region/testcases Coat of arms of Los Lagos Region Coat of arms of Los Ríos Region Coat of arms of Maule Region Coat of arms of O'Higgins Region Coat of arms of Santiago Metropolitan Region Coat of arms of Tarapacá Region Coat of arms of Valparaíso Region Flag of Antofagasta Region Flag of Araucanía Region Flag of Arica and Parinacota Region Flag of Atacama Region Flag of Biobío Region Flag of Coquimbo Region Flag of Infobox Chilean region/testcases Flag of Los Lagos Region Flag of Los Ríos Region Flag of Maule Region Flag of O'Higgins Region Flag of Santiago Metropolitan Region Flag of Tarapacá Region Flag of Valparaíso Region Héctor Huenchullán Marcela Ximena Hernando Pérez Mario Maturana Jaman María Angélica Fuentes Fuentealba Selenio Carrasco Viviana Ireland Cortes
  33. 34 Template:Italian Newspapers -> Calabria Ora Corriere Adriatico Corriere delle Alpi Dolomiten (newspaper) E Polis Roma Finanza & Mercati Gazzetta di Mantova Gazzetta di Reggio Giornale di Brescia Il Bari Il Bergamo Il Bologna Il Brescia Il Giornale di Vicenza Il Golfo Il Levante Il Mattino di Padova Il Mestre Il Padova Il Sardegna Il Treviso Il Venezia Il Verona Il Vicenza L'Eco di Bergamo La Città di Salerno La Nuova Ferrara La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre La Provincia Pavese La Sentinella del Canavese La Tribuna di Treviso Libertà Milano Cronaca Torino Cronaca
  34. 34 Template:Joyce Carol Oates -> A Bloodsmoor Romance A Fair Maiden Angel of Light Blood Mask Broke Heart Blues Childwold Cybele (novel) Do with Me What You Will Double Delight Expensive People I Lock My Door Upon Myself Lives of the Twins Marya: A Life Missing Mom Mysteries of Winterthurn Nemesis (Oates) Rape: A Love Story Snake Eyes (novel) Solstice (novel) Son of the Morning (novel) Soul/Mate Starr Bright Will Be With you Soon Take Me, Take Me With You The Assassins: A Book of Hours The Barrens (novel) The Corn Maiden: A Love Story The Crosswicks Horror The Rise of Life on Earth The Stolen Heart The Tattooed Girl The Triumph of the Spider Monkey Unholy Loves What I Lived For You Can't Catch Me (novel)
  35. 34 Template:Kansas House of Representatives -> Amanda Grosserode Barbara Bollier Benny L. Bowman Bob Montgomery (politcian) Brian Weber Caryn Tyson Charlotte O'Hara Dan L. Collins Dennis Hedke Gene Sullentrop Greg A. Smith J. Stephen Alford James P. Fawcett Jana Taylor Goodman Jim Denning Jim Howell (politician) Jim Kelly (Kansas politician) John Rubin Joseph Scapa Kathy Wolfe Moore Kelly Meigs Kyle Hoffman Leslie Osterman Ponka-We Victors Ramon Gonzalez, Jr. Reynaldo R. Mesa Rick Billinger Rob Bruchman Steven C. Johnson Susan Mosier Terri Lois Gregory Terry Calloway Tom Arpke Ward Cassidy
  36. 34 Template:Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps Baseball Team roster -> Bae Woo-Yul Baek Sang-Won Chae Sun-Gwan Cho Yong-Hoon Choi Joo-Hwan Huh Seung-Min Im Jun-Hyuk Jang Hyo-Hoon Jin Hae-Soo Kim Hyun-Woo Kim Jung-Taek Kim Kang-Suk Kim Kwang Kim Kyeong-Keun Kim Young-Soo Lee Chang-Ho (baseball) Lee Chang-Sub Lee Ho-Sin Lee Jae-Won Lee Ji-Young Lee Jong-Hwan Lee Won-Jae (baseball) Mo Chang-Min Moon Sun-Jae Oh Hyun-Taek Park Dong-Won Park Hyun-Do Park Jin-Young (baseball) Park Min-Suk Park Sang-Kyu Won Yong-Mook Yoo Hee-Gwan Yoon Chan-Soo Yoon Suk-Joo
  37. 34 Template:Linköpings HC seasons -> 1976–77 Linköpings HC season 1977–78 Linköpings HC season 1978–79 Linköpings HC season 1979–80 Linköpings HC season 1980–81 Linköpings HC season 1981–82 Linköpings HC season 1982–83 Linköpings HC season 1983–84 Linköpings HC season 1984–85 Linköpings HC season 1985–86 Linköpings HC season 1986–87 Linköpings HC season 1987–88 Linköpings HC season 1988–89 Linköpings HC season 1989–90 Linköpings HC season 1990–91 Linköpings HC season 1991–92 Linköpings HC season 1992–93 Linköpings HC season 1993–94 Linköpings HC season 1994–95 Linköpings HC season 1995–96 Linköpings HC season 1996–97 Linköpings HC season 1997–98 Linköpings HC season 1998–99 Linköpings HC season 1999–00 Linköpings HC season 2000–01 Linköpings HC season 2001–02 Linköpings HC season 2002–03 Linköpings HC season 2003–04 Linköpings HC season 2004–05 Linköpings HC season 2005–06 Linköpings HC season 2006–07 Linköpings HC season 2007–08 Linköpings HC season 2008–09 Linköpings HC season Linköpings HC seasons
  38. 34 Template:Localities in Varberg Municipality -> Björkäng och Smedsgård Blixtorp Bystaden Dagsås Galtabäck Gamla Köpstad Gödestad Holmen, Varberg Municipality Hunnestad Järlöv och Fageråkra Karl Gustav, Varberg Municipality Kråkeberg Källstorp, Varberg Municipality Kärradal Lindberg, Varberg Municipality Lindhov Lundby, Varbergs Municipality Moarna Paradis och Vrån Rolfstorps f.d. stationssamhälle Skällåkra Stockekulla Stråvallastrand Stämmet Svenstorp, Varberg Municipality Torpa, Varberg Municipality Torstorp Trönningenäs Valinge Åkraberg och Lilla Sunnvära Årnäs Årnäshalvön Ås, Varberg Municipality Åskloster
  39. 34 Template:Mayor of Podgorica -> Aleksandar Leko Radević Borislav Drakić Branko Lazović Branko Nilević Dimitrije Begović Iko Mirković Ilija Plamenac Jovan Kavarić Jovan Mrčarica Ljubo Krunić Ljubomir Glomazić Luka Nenezić Luka Pištelić Marko Pejanović Mihailo Burić Miloš Vučinić (politician) Miro Popović Nešo Šćepović Periša Vujošević Petar S. Raičković Radivoje Rašović Ratko Ivanović Savo Cerović Savo Šestić Slobodan Filipović Slobodan Simović Spasoje Piletić Srđa Božović Stanko Marković Stevan Lukačević Stevan Radusinović Stevan Raičković Vaso Stajkić Vuko Radovanović
  40. 34 Template:Members of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament -> Alan Winde Aletta Rossouw Anroux Marais Anton Bredell Buyelwa Mbalo Carol Beerwinkel Donald Grant (South African politician) Ellen Prins Ernst Eloff Eugene von Brandis Gerrit van Rensburg Helmar Geyer Ivan Meyer Jennifer Hartnick Joanna van Zyl Johannes Visser Joselene Witbooi Mark Wiley (politician) Max Ozinsky Mbulelo Ncedana Mcebisi Skwatsha Michael Walters (politician) Millicent Tingwe Ntombizodwa Magwaza Patrick McKenzie Paulina Cupido Phillip Jacobs Pierre Uys Richard Majola Rodney Lentit Theuns Botha Tozama Bevu Vuyiwe Hani Zandisile Stali
  41. 34 Template:Merle Haggard -> 40 No. 1 Hits 5:01 Blues (album) Albert E. Brumley, Jr. Amber Waves of Grain Blue Jungle Cabin in the Hills Chill Factor (album) Down Every Road Getting to Know Merle Haggard's Strangers Hag: The Best of Merle Haggard Haggard Like Never Before Heart to Heart (Merle Haggard & Leona Williams album) Honky Tonkin' (album) Instrumental Sounds of Merle Haggard's Strangers Introducing My Friends The Strangers Just Between the Two of Us (album) Just Between the Two of Us (song) Kern River (album) Live from Austin, TX '78 Live from Austin, TX (Merle Haggard album) Motorcycle Cowboy: Live at Billy Bob's Texas Ol' Country Singer Out Among the Stars Pancho, Lefty and Rudolph Rainbow Stew: Live at Anaheim Stadium Seashores of Old Mexico Strangers (Merle Haggard album) The Best of Merle Haggard The Epic Collection The Peer Sessions Totally Instrumental (With One Exception...) Two Old Friends Unforgettable (Merle Haggard album) Untamed Hawk
  42. 34 Template:Merthyr, Tredegar and Abergavenny Railway -> Beaufort (GWR) railway station Bedwellty Pits railway station Brynmawr and Blaenavon Railway Brynmawr railway station Cefn Coed railway station Clydach Tunnel Clydach railway station Dowlais Central railway station Dowlais High Street railway station Dowlais Top railway station Ebbw Vale High Level railway station Gelli Fellen Halt railway station Gelli Fellen Tunnel Gilwern Halt railway station Govilon railway station Heolgerrig railway station Holly Bush railway station Markham Village Halt railway station Merthyr Tunnel Nantybwch railway station Pantysgallog High Level Halt railway station Pantysgallog Low Level Halt railway station Plymouth Street railway station Pochin Pits railway station Pont Lawrence Halt railway station Pont Sarn railway station Pontllanfraith High Level railway station Rhymney Bridge railway station Sirhowy railway station Tredegar railway station Trevil railway station Wattsville railway station Wyllie Halt railway station Ynysddu railway station
  43. 34 Template:Military Bases of the Philippines -> Andrews Air Base Arturo Asuncion Marine Barracks (Zamboanga City) Bautista Air Base Camp BGen. Gonzalo H. Siongco (Tacurong City, Maguindanao) Camp Elias Angeles (Pili, Camarines Sur) Camp Gen. Macario G. Peralta Jr. (Jamindan, Capiz) Camp Gen. Mariano Riego de Dios (Tanza, Cavite) Camp Guillermo Nakar Camp Lapu-Lapu Camp Major Cesar L. Sang-an (Pagadian, Zamboanga Del Sur) Camp Mateo Capinpin (Tanay) Camp Natividad (Malaybalay, Bukidnon) Camp Panacan (Davao City) Camp Pito Abat (Manaoag, Pangasinan) Camp Servillano Aquino Camp Upi (Gamu, Isabela) Camp Vicente Lukban (Catbalogan, Western Samar) Domingo Deluana Marine Barracks (Marine Base Tawi-Tawi) Gregorio Lim Marine Barracks (Marine Base Ternate) NS Alfonso Palencia (NS Guimaras) NS Apolinario Jalandoon (NS Puerto Princesa) NS Carlito Cunanan (NS Ulugan) NS Dioscoro Papa (NS Tacloban) NS Felix Apolinario (NS Davao) NS Jose Andrada (Fort San Antonio Abad) NS Juan Magluyan (Naval Operating Base Batu-Batu) NS Julhasan A Arasain (NS Legaspi) NS Leovigildo Gantioqui (NS San Miguel) NS Narciso Del Rosario (NS Balacbac) NS Pascual Ledesma (Fort San Felipe) NS Romulo Espaldon (NS Zamboanga) Naval Base Camilo Osias (Naval Operating Base San Vicente) Rajah Buayan Air Base Rudiardo Brown Marine Barracks (Marine Base Manila)
  44. 34 Template:NOCin2002AsianGames -> Afghanistan at the 2002 Asian Games Bahrain at the 2002 Asian Games Bangladesh at the 2002 Asian Games Bhutan at the 2002 Asian Games Brunei at the 2002 Asian Games Cambodia at the 2002 Asian Games Chinese Taipei at the 2002 Asian Games Hong Kong at the 2002 Asian Games Jordan at the 2002 Asian Games Kazakhstan at the 2002 Asian Games Kuwait at the 2002 Asian Games Kyrgyzstan at the 2002 Asian Games Laos at the 2002 Asian Games Lebanon at the 2002 Asian Games Macau at the 2002 Asian Games Malaysia at the 2002 Asian Games Maldives at the 2002 Asian Games Mongolia at the 2002 Asian Games Myanmar at the 2002 Asian Games Nepal at the 2002 Asian Games North Korea at the 2002 Asian Games Oman at the 2002 Asian Games Palestine at the 2002 Asian Games Qatar at the 2002 Asian Games Saudi Arabia at the 2002 Asian Games Singapore at the 2002 Asian Games Sri Lanka at the 2002 Asian Games Tajikistan at the 2002 Asian Games Timor-Leste at the 2002 Asian Games Turkmenistan at the 2002 Asian Games United Arab Emirates at the 2002 Asian Games Uzbekistan at the 2002 Asian Games Vietnam at the 2002 Asian Games Yemen at the 2002 Asian Games
  45. 34 Template:Nevada State Assembly -> April Mastroluca Cresent Hardy Dina Neal Edwin Goedhart Elliot Anderson Ira Hansen Irene Bustamante Adams James Ohrenschall Jason Frierson John Ellison (politician) John Hambrick (politician) John Oceguera Joseph Hogan Kelly Kite Lucy Flores Lynn Stewart (politician) Marcus Conklin Marilyn Dondero Loop Mark Sherwood Melissa Woodbury Olivia Diaz Paul Aizley Peggy Pierce Pete Livermore Randy Kirner Richard Carrillo Richard Daly (Nevada politician) Richard McArthur Scott Hammond (politician) Steven Brooks (politician) Teresa Benitez-Thompson Thomas Grady (politician) Tick Segerblom William Horne (politician)
  46. 34 Template:Northrop aircraft -> Armour Research Foundation T-131 Northrop Dervish Northrop Fang Northrop JB-1 Northrop N-103 Northrop N-132 Northrop N-133 Northrop N-134 Northrop N-135 Northrop N-144 Northrop N-155 Northrop N-15 Northrop N-285 Northrop N-29 Northrop N-31 Northrop N-34 Northrop N-38 Northrop N-4 Northrop N-55 Northrop N-59 Northrop N-5 Northrop N-60 Northrop N-63 Northrop N-65 Northrop N-6 Northrop N-73 Northrop N-74 Northrop N-77 Northrop N-7 Northrop N-94 Northrop N-96 Northrop Northrop T-38 Talon Northrop P610 Northrop-Hendy XT37
  47. 34 Template:Orhan Gencebay -> Akma Gözlerimden Aşkı Ben Yaratmadım (albüm) Batsın Bu Dünya Ben Topraktan Bir Canım Beni Biraz Anlasaydın Benim Dertlerim Berhudar Ol Bir Damla Mutluluk Bir Teselli Ver Cennet Gözlüm Cevap Ver Dil Yarası (albüm) Emrin Olur Gönül Dostu Hasret Rüzgarı Hatasız Kul Olmaz Hayat Devam Ediyor Kaderimin Oyunu Kiralık Dünya Kördüğüm Leyla ile Mecnun Musalla Taşı Orhan Gencebay Film Müzikleri Orhan Gencebay Klasikleri 2 Orhan Gencebay Klasikleri Sarhoşun Biri Sen de Haklısın Utan - Dokunma Ya Evde Yoksan Yalnız Değilsin Yarabbim (albüm) Yargısız İnfaz Yürekten Olsun İdeal Aşk
  48. 34 Template:Paris Saint-Germain F.C. seasons -> 1973–74 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1974–75 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1975–76 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1976–77 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1977–78 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1978–79 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1979–80 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1980–81 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1981–82 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1982–83 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1983–84 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1984–85 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1985–86 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1986–87 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1987–88 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1988–89 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1989–90 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1990–91 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1991–92 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1992–93 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1993–94 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1994–95 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1995–96 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1996–97 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1997–98 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1998–99 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 1999–2000 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 2000–01 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 2001–02 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 2002–03 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 2003–04 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 2004–05 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 2005–06 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season 2006–07 Paris Saint-Germain F.C. season
  49. 34 Template:Polish Pairs Speedway Championship seasons -> 1974 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1975 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1976 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1977 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1978 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1979 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1980 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1981 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1982 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1983 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1984 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1985 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1986 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1987 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1988 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1989 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1990 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1991 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1992 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1993 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1994 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1995 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1996 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1997 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1998 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 1999 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 2000 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 2001 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 2002 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 2003 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 2004 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 2005 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 2007 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship 2008 Polish Pairs Speedway Championship
  50. 34 Template:Republican State Chairs -> Amanda Adkins Bill Armistead Brad White Chad Connelly Charles M. Webster Chris Devaney Christopher Healy David Bitner David Cole (Missouri) Doyle Webb Fred Parady Gail Russell (Kansas) Giovanni Cicione J. Murray Clark Jack Kimball JoeBrad Courtney Jonah Ka`auwai Karl Adam (South Dakota) Matt Pinnell Matt Strawn Mike Hubbard (Alaska) Mike Stuart (West Virginia) Monty Newman Norm Semanko Pat Mullins Rob Roper Ryan Call Sherry Dilley Stan Stein Sue Everhart Thomas Wright (Utah) Tom Del Beccaro Tom Morrissey (Arizona) William Deschamps
  51. 34 Template:Rhode Island State Senators -> Beatrice Lanzi Bethany Moura Christopher S. Ottiano Daniel DaPonte David E. Betts Dawson Hodgson Dennis L. Algiere Dominick Ruggerio Elizabeth A. Crowley Erin Lynch Francis Maher Frank Ciccone Frank DeVall Frank Lombardo Glenford Shibley Hanna Gallo Harold Metts James C. Sheehan James E. Doyle II John Tassoni Joshua Miller (politician) Juan M. Pichardo Louis DiPalma Marc Cote Maryellen Goodwin Michael McCaffrey Michael Pinga Nicholas Kettle Paul Fogarty Paul Jabour Rhoda E. Perry Roger Picard (politician) Walter Felag William Walaska
  52. 34 Template:Rishis of Hindu mythology -> Abhinaman Agni (sage) Arvarivat Chaitra (sage) Dalaya Dattoli Havishmat Hirannyaroma Jyotirdhama Kaukundihi Kavya (sage) Kratu (sage) Kurundi Madhu (sage) Mahamuni Mita (sage) Nischara Pivara (sage) Prana (sage) Pravahita Pulaha (sage) Sahishnnu Sammita Sankha Stambha (sage) Sudhaman Sumedhas Urddhabahu Urja Uttama Vanaka Vedabahu Vedasri Virajas
  53. 34 Template:Rolling stock of Portugal -> CP Class 1150 CP Class 1200 CP Class 1400 CP Class 1500 CP Class 1550 CP Class 1800 CP Class 1900 CP Class 1930 CP Class 1960 CP Class 2500 CP Class 2550 CP Class 2600 CP Class 9020 Portuguese train type 0100 Portuguese train type 0300 Portuguese train type 0350 Portuguese train type 0450 Portuguese train type 2000 Portuguese train type 2100 Portuguese train type 2240 Portuguese train type 2300/2400 Portuguese train type 3100 Portuguese train type 3150/3250 Portuguese train type 3400 Portuguese train type 3500 Portuguese train type 4000 Portuguese train type 600/650 Portuguese train type 9100 Portuguese train type 9300 Portuguese train type 9400 Portuguese train type 9500 Portuguese train type 9600 Portuguese train type 9630 Portuguese train type 9700
  54. 34 Template:Rome Metro navbox -> Alessandrino (Rome Metro) Annbaliano (Rome Metro) Arco di Travertino (Rome Metro) Bolognetta (Rome Metro) Borghesiana (Rome Metro) Cinecittà (Rome Metro) Colli Albani – Parco Appia Antica (Rome Metro) Conca d'Oro (Rome Metro) Due Leoni - Fontana Candida (Rome Metro) Finocchio (Rome Metro) Gardenie (Rome Metro) Giardinetti (Rome Metro) Graniti (Rome Metro) Grotte Celoni (Rome Metro) Janio (Rome Metro) Libia/Gondar (Rome Metro) Lodi (Rome Metro) Lucio Sestio (Rome Metro) Malatesta (Rome Metro) Mirti (Rome Metro) Montecompatri - Pantano(Rome Metro) Numidio Quadrato (Rome Metro) Parco di Centocelle (Rome Metro) Pigneto (Rome Metro) Ponte Lungo (Rome Metro) Porta Furba – Quadraro (Rome Metro) Re di Roma (Rome Metro) Subaugusta (Rome Metro) Teano (Rome Metro) Torre Angela (Rome Metro) Torre Gaia (Rome Metro) Torre Maura (Rome Metro) Torre Spaccata (Rome Metro) Torrenova (Rome Metro)
  55. 34 Template:Russ Barnes Trophy -> Banff Academy Bears Beaumont Chiefs Beverly Warriors CBHA Blackhawks CBHA Rangers CNHA Blazers CNHA Canucks CRAA Blue CRAA Gold Coaldale Copperheads Cochrane Generals Edmonton Mustangs Edmonton Royals Fort Sask Hawks High River Flyers Leduc Schwab Riggers Medicine Hat Cubs Morinville Jets Mountainview Colts NWCAA Bruins NWCAA Stampeders North Edmonton Red Wings Ponoka Stampeders Red Deer Vipers Rimbey Rock Sherwood Park Knights Spruce Grove Regals St. Albert Merchants Stettler Lightning Stony Plain Flyers Strathcona Bruins Strathmore Wheatland Kings Three Hills Thrashers Wetaskiwin Icemen
  56. 34 Template:SSBPST recipients in Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean & Planetary Sciences -> Alok Krishna Gupta Basanta Kumar Sahu Bhamidipati Lakshmidhara Kanakadri Somayajulu Bhupendra Nath Goswami Ganapati Shankar Bhat Gufran-ullah Beig Harsh Kumar Hassan Nasiem Siddiquie Janardan Ganpatrao Negi Jhillu Singh Yadav Jitendra Nath Goswami Khadg Singh Valdiya Krishna Lal Kshitindramohan Naha Kumarendra Mallick Kunchithapadam Gopalan Mihir Kumar Bose Niwas Sri Pramod Sadasheo Moharir Pulak Sengupta Rengaswamy Ramesh Rishi Narain Singh S.K. Sateesh Sampat Kumar Tandon Sankar Kumar Nath Satish Ramnath Shetye Sethunathasarma Krishnaswami Shyam Sundar Rai Subhrangsu Kanta Acharyya Subir Kumar Ghosh Sudipta Sengupta Syed Wajih Ahmad Naqvi Uma Charan Mohanty Vinod Kumar Gaur
  57. 34 Template:SaskatoonBlades -> 1966–67 Saskatoon Blades season 1967–68 Saskatoon Blades season 1968–69 Saskatoon Blades season 1969–70 Saskatoon Blades season 1971-72 Saskatoon Blades season 1972–73 Saskatoon Blades season 1973–74 Saskatoon Blades season 1974–75 Saskatoon Blades season 1975–76 Saskatoon Blades season 1976–77 Saskatoon Blades season 1977–78 Saskatoon Blades season 1978–79 Saskatoon Blades season 1979–80 Saskatoon Blades season 1991–92 Saskatoon Blades season 1992–93 Saskatoon Blades season 1993–94 Saskatoon Blades season 1994–95 Saskatoon Blades season 1995–96 Saskatoon Blades season 1996–97 Saskatoon Blades season 1997–98 Saskatoon Blades season 1998–99 Saskatoon Blades season 1999–00 Saskatoon Blades season 2000–01 Saskatoon Blades season 2001–02 Saskatoon Blades season 2002–03 Saskatoon Blades season 2003–04 Saskatoon Blades season 2004–05 Saskatoon Blades season 2005–06 Saskatoon Blades season 2006–07 Saskatoon Blades season 2007–08 Saskatoon Blades season List of Saskatoon Blades players List of Saskatoon Blades staff Saskatoon Blades records Saskatoon Blades seasons
  58. 34 Template:Schools in Qatar -> Academic Bridge Program Al Khor International School (Indian Stream) Al Khor International School Al Maha English School American Academy School Aspire Academy Bright Future Pakistani School Cambridge International School for Girls College of North Atlantic DPS Modern Indian School Doha Academy Doha English Speaking School Elite International School English Modern School Global Academy International International School of London in Qatar Iranian School Japanese School Jordanian School Little Angel Nursery School Middle East International School Newton British School Newton International School Noor Al Khaleej International School Pakistan Education Center Philippine International School Qatar Aeronautical College Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies Qatar Leadership Academy Qatar Norwegian School Summit Academy The Gulf English School The Learning Center The Lebanese School
  59. 34 Template:Serbian Prime Minister -> Aleksa Janković Aleksa Jovanović Aćim Čumić Blagoje Nešković Branislav Ikonić Cvetko Rajović Danilo Stefanović Desimir Jevtić Dimitrije Cincar-Marković Dimitrije Davidović Dragi Stamenković Dušan Čkrebić Jevrem Obrenović Jovan Veselinov Koca Marković Kosta Protić Lazar Dokić Marko Trifković Mihailo Vujić Milenko Bojanić Miloje Todorović Milomir Minić Milutin Garašanin Paun Janković Pera Velimirović Radivoje Milojković Slobodan Penezić Krcun Stanko Radmilović Stevan Doronjski Stevan Magazinović Vladan Đorđević Đorđe Cenić Đorđe Protić Đurica Jojkić
  60. 34 Template:Sergei Yesenin -> A Letter to Mother Autumn (poem) Confessions of a Hooligan Desolate and Pale Moonlight Esenin's Museum in Klepiki Esenin's Museum in Mardyakyan Esenin's Museum in Moscow Esenin's Museum in Oryel Esenin's Museum in Tashkent Esenin's Museum in Voronezh Esenin's Museum in Vyazma Goodbye, my friend, goodbye Hooligan (poem) Hooligan's Confession I am the last poet of the village I don't pity, don't call, don't cry I left the native home I'll glance in the field Monument to Sergei Yesenin in Esenin bulvar, Moscow Monument to Sergei Yesenin in Tverskoy bulvar, Moscow Monument to Sergei Yesenin in Voronezh One joy I have left Prayer for the First Forty Days of the Dead Pugachev (poem) S.A.Esenin State Museum and Preserv Sergei Yesenin's bulvar Sergei Yesenin's grave Tavern Moscow The Birch Tree The Black Man (poem) The Scarlet of the Dawn The high waters have licked To Kachalov's Dog Yesenin Street
  61. 34 Template:Soricomorpha -> Anourosoricini Banka Shrew Batak Shrew Blarinini Chinese White-toothed Shrew Crocidura annamitensis Crocidura cranbrooki Crocidura guy Cryptotis lacertosus Cryptotis mam Dneper Common Shrew Grizzled Small-eared Shrew Hainan Island Shrew Ke Go Shrew Lesser Ryukyu Shrew Mamfe Shrew Merriam's Small-eared Shrew Mikhail Zaitsev's Shrew Mossy Forest Shrew Negev Shrew Notiosoricini Nyika Mouse Shrew Oaxacan Broad-clawed Shrew Otisorex Panay Shrew Peninsular Shrew Phillips' Smal-eared Shrew Phillips's Shrew Phu Hoc Shrew Sokolov's Shrew Sorex (subgenus) Sylvisorex akaibei Taita Shrew Voracious Shrew
  62. 34 Template:SpeakerLAHouse -> Adolphus Oliver Antoine Boudousquie Charles Derbigny Charles H. Morrison Charles W. Lowell David A. Randall David C. Ker Duncan S. Cage E. D. Estilette E. Warren Moise G. W. Bolton George W. Carter J. Stuart Douglas J. Thomas Jewell John Conway Moncure John E. King Joseph W. Hyams Louis Bush Magloire Guichard Morris A. Lottinger, Sr. Mortimer Carr O. H. Brewster Octave Labranche Pierre Bauchet St. Martin Preston W. Farrar R. F. Walker R. Norman Bauer Samuel P. Henry Simeon Belden Stephen A. Hopkins William C. C. Claiborne II William Clark Hughes William Debuys William W. Pugh
  63. 34 Template:TCDD Routes -> 17th of September Express 6th of September Express Alsancak-Uşak Regional Ankara Polatlı Regional Ankara-Kırıkkale Regional Aydın-Söke Regional Basmane-Tire Regional Boğaziçi Express Capital Express (TCDD) Central Anatolia Express Divriği-Erzincan Regional Ege Express Elazığ-Kurtalan Corridor Erciyes Express Eskişehir Express Euphrates Express Fatih Express Haydarpaşa-Gebze Commuter Line Lake Van Express Manisa-Alaşehir Regional Meram Express Ortaklar-Aydın Shuttle Sakarya Express Sivas-Divriği Regional Sivas-Samsun Corridor Southern Express (Train) TCDD Routes Trans-Asia Express Uzunköprü Alpullu Regional Zonguldak-Karabük Regional Çukurova Mavi Tren İslahiye-Adana Regional İstanbul-Kapıkule Corridor İstanbul-Uzunköprü Regional
  64. 34 Template:Taxonomy/Incertae sedis/Conica -> Aequoreidae Baleum Barcinidae Campalecium Cirrholovenia Clathrozoellidae Clathrozoidae Dipleurosomatidae Diplocyathus Eirenidae Eucheilota Hemitheca Hydranthea Hydrodendron Lafoeidae Laodiceidae Lovenella Malagazziidae Melicertidae Mitrocomidae Mitrocomium Nemalecium Octocannoidae Ophiodissa Orchistomatidae Paralovenia Phialellidae Saaba (genus) Sugiuridae Syntheciidae Teclaiidae Tiarannidae Tiaropsidae Zygophylaxidae
  65. 34 Template:Taxonomy/Pseudoceros -> Acanthozoon Bulaceors Cotylea Nephrozoa Phrikoceros Pseudoceros bifurcus Pseudoceros bimarginatus Pseudoceros bolool Pseudoceros buskii Pseudoceros caeruleopunctatus Pseudoceros caerulrocinctus Pseudoceros canadensis Pseudoceros cardinalis Pseudoceros cardiosorus Pseudoceros cerebralis Pseudoceros chloreus Pseudoceros clavicornis Pseudoceros coccineus Pseudoceros colemani Pseudoceros collingwoodi Pseudoceros concinnus Pseudoceros confusus Pseudoceros contrarius Pseudoceros corallophillus Pseudoceros cruentus Pseudoceros depiliktabub Pseudoceros devisii Pseudoceros dulcis Pseudoceros exoptatus Pseudoceros felis Pseudoceros ferrugineus Pseudoceros flavomaculatus Pseudoceros fulminatus Thysanozoon
  66. 34 Template:Taxonomy/Pseudocerotidae -> Acanthozoon Amyellidae Anonymidae Boniniidae Bulaceors Chromoplanidae Cotylea Diposthidae Euryleptidae Nephrozoa Pericelidae Phrikoceros Prosthiostomidae Pseudobiceros gloriosus Pseudoceros bifurcus Pseudoceros bimarginatus Pseudoceros bolool Pseudoceros buskii Pseudoceros caeruleopunctatus Pseudoceros caerulrocinctus Pseudoceros canadensis Pseudoceros cardinalis Pseudoceros cardiosorus Pseudoceros cerebralis Pseudoceros chloreus Pseudoceros clavicornis Pseudoceros coccineus Pseudoceros colemani Pseudoceros collingwoodi Pseudoceros concinnus Pseudoceros confusus Pseudoceros contrarius Pseudoceros corallophillus Thysanozoon
  67. 34 Template:Tramway de Bordeaux A -> Station Alfred de Vigny (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Bois Fleuri (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Carnot Mairie de Cenon (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Carriet (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Cenon Gare (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Cenon-La Morlette (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Floirac-Dravemont (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Fontaine d'Arlac (Tram de Bordeaux) Station François Mitterrand (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Galin (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Gaviniès (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Gravières (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Hôpital Pellegrin (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Hôtel de Police (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Iris (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Jardin Botanique (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Jean Jaurès (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Jean Zay (Tram de Bordeaux) Station La Gardette - Bassens - Carbon Blanc (Tram de Bordeaux) Station La Marègue (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Lormont-Lauriers (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Lycées de Mérignac (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Mairie de Lormont (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Mériadeck (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Palmer (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Pelletan (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Peychotte (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Pierre Mendès-France (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Quatre Chemins (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Saint-Augustin (Tram de Bordeaux) Station St-Bruno-Hôtel de Région (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Stade Chaban-Delmas (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Stalingrad (Tram de Bordeaux) Station Thiers-Benauge (Tram de Bordeaux)
  68. 34 Template:U46 -> Bartlett Elementary School Centennial Elementart School Century Oaks Elementary School Channing Elementary School Clinton Elementary School Coleman Elementary School (Elgin, Illinois) Eastview Middle School Fox Meadow Elementary School Garfield Elementary School (Elgin, Illinois) Glenbrook Elementary School Hanover Countryside Elementary School Harriet Gifford Elementary School Hawk Hollow Elemtary School Highland Elementary School Hilltop Elementary School Horizon Elementary School Huff Elementary School Larsen Middle School Laurel Hill Elementary School Lincoln Elementary School (Hoffman Estates, Illinois) Lords Park Elementary School McKinley Elementary School (Illinois) Nature Ridge Elementary School Oakhill Elementary School Ontarioville Elementary School Otter Creek Elementary School Prairieview Elementary School Ridge Circle Elementary School Sheridan Elementary School Spring Trail Elementary School Sunnydale Elementary School Sycamore Trails Elementary School Tefft Middle School Timber Trails Elementary School
  69. 34 Template:US tallest buildings lists by state -> List of tallest buildings in Alaska List of tallest buildings in Arizona List of tallest buildings in Arkansas List of tallest buildings in Colorado List of tallest buildings in Delaware List of tallest buildings in Georgia List of tallest buildings in Hawaii List of tallest buildings in Idaho List of tallest buildings in Illinois List of tallest buildings in Indiana List of tallest buildings in Kansas List of tallest buildings in Maine List of tallest buildings in Maryland List of tallest buildings in Massachusetts List of tallest buildings in Mississippi List of tallest buildings in Montana List of tallest buildings in Nebraska List of tallest buildings in Nevada List of tallest buildings in New Hampshire List of tallest buildings in New Jersey List of tallest buildings in New Mexico List of tallest buildings in Ohio List of tallest buildings in Oklahoma List of tallest buildings in Oregon List of tallest buildings in Rhode Island List of tallest buildings in South Carolina List of tallest buildings in South Dakota List of tallest buildings in Tennessee List of tallest buildings in Utah List of tallest buildings in Virginia List of tallest buildings in Washington List of tallest buildings in West Virginia List of tallest buildings in Wisconsin List of tallest buildings in Wyoming
  70. 34 Template:West Dunbartonshire Schools -> Aitkenbar Primary School Bonhill Primary School Breahead Primary School Carleith Primary School Christie Park Primary School Clydemuir Primary School Dalreoch Primary School Edinbarnet Primary School Gartochran Primary School Goldenhill Primary School Haldane Primary School Highdykes Primary School Jamestown Primary School Kilbowie Primary School Knoxland Primary School Ladyton Primary School Levenvale Primary School Linnvale Primary School Our Holy Redeemer Primary School Our Lady of Loretto Primary School Renton Primary School Saint Eunan's Primary School Saint Joseph's Primary School Saint Kessog's Primary School Saint Martin's Primary School Saint Mary's Primary School, Alexandria Saint Mary's Primary School, Duntocher Saint Michael's Primary School Saint Patrick's Primary School Saint Peter's Primary School Saint Ronan's Primary School Saint Stephen's Primary School St Peter the Apostle High School Whitecrooks Primary School
  71. 34 Template:Wollongong Hawks -> 1979 Illawarra Hawks season 1980 Illawarra Hawks season 1981 Illawarra Hawks season 1982 Illawarra Hawks season 1983 Illawarra Hawks season 1984 Wollongong Hawks season 1985 Wollongong Hawks season 1986 Wollongong Hawks season 1987 Illawarra Hawks season 1988 Illawarra Hawks season 1989 Illawarra Hawks season 1990 Illawarra Hawks season 1991 Illawarra Hawks season 1992 Illawarra Hawks season 1993 Illawarra Hawks season 1994 Illawarra Hawks season 1995 Illawarra Hawks season 1996 Illawarra Hawks season 1997 Illawarra Hawks season 1998 Illawarra Hawks season 1998-99 Wollongong Hawks season 1999-00 Wollongong Hawks season 2000-01 Wollongong Hawks season 2001-02 Wollongong Hawks season 2003-04 Wollongong Hawks season 2004-05 Wollongong Hawks season 2005-06 Wollongong Hawks season 2006-07 Wollongong Hawks season 2007-08 Wollongong Hawks season 2008-09 Wollongong Hawks season 2011-12 Wollongong Hawks season Brendon Joyce Chuck Harmison Gordie McLeod
  72. 34 Template:Yekyi Township -> Aukma Boyaw Chingwin Daunggyi Gyogon Hpalan Hpan-gapin Kanchaung Kundawsan Kwinbaung Kwingyi (17°18'0"N 94°58'0"E) Kwingyi (17°22'0"N 94°56'0"E) Kwingyo Kyontha Magyihla Mogyobyit Nadaw Ngapizeik Ngathainggyaung Nyaungbintha, Yekyi Nyaungmaw Nyogwin Panzankwin Payagyi Phetthalet Sadaw Tagyo Taseik Thaunggyi, Yekyi Thezauk Thitphyubin Twegya Yinshe Yônbin