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Hi and Welcome to Hellboy2hell's guide to RfA. I'll guarantee that you'll pass RfA. uhm...

You're think you're ready? Think again.

The Looks[edit]

First you must have a fully trusted account. No 3RR violations in 6 Months or better than that, ever. Also no blocks, vandalism or attack at a user; except a confessed vandal who after the last vandal, has a clean record.

The Need[edit]

Make sure that you really need the administrative tools. This includes banning, blocking, deleting pages, rollback, and protection policy.

Being an Admin is not "Cool"[edit]

Adminship is not a trophy, barnstar, award, authority or "coolness". Its just a set of tools and trust given to an experienced user.

No big deal[edit]

Jimmy said that, "I just wanted to say that becoming a sysop is *not a big deal*.

I think perhaps I'll go through semi-willy-nilly and make a bunch of people who have been around for awhile sysops. I want to dispel the aura of "authority" around the position. It's merely a technical matter that the powers given to sysops are not given out to everyone.

I don't like that there's the apparent feeling here that being granted sysop status is a really special thing."


If you answer Q1 of the RfA question like this:"I contributed many artcles and I'll continue.....", you'll surely get a tough opposition because you have no need for the tools.

Mathematics & Over-Confidence[edit]

The general rule of 80% to pass a RfA has urged admin-hopefuls to calculate like this for example: (85/43/0)=FAIL.
Over confident users can miscalculate and just think they are in the diving seat.


If you are an admin-hopeful of quality; I urge you to see this grading system of passing RfA's(passing grades are bolded):







If you read all of this and still think you can pass, Good Luck and here.