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A WikiDoctor is one of the last of his kind, the Wikilords. There are very few WikiDoctors left. A WikiDoctor owns a spacecraft known as the WikiTARDIS. A WikiDoctor will have a WikiTARDIS, no matter how dishivelled, grubby, and badly-used it is. They usually despise WikiDaleks.

A typical WikiDoctor.

How to know you are a WikiDoctor[edit]

You are very bold, ready to be blocked, and do not flinch if an article of yours is deleted. Though you get upset if a friend of yours, especially a WikiRose is blocked or retires, you take a deep breath, have a break, and then find yourself a WikiMartha or WikiDonna.

How to find one[edit]

They are all over the place. just find the right person and BAM! You got a WikiDoctor! They can be a bit shy, so DO NOT BITE THEM, or they may blank your userpage with the Sonic Wikiscrewdriver!

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