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A WikiMaster is a very mean, nasty Wikipedian. WikiMasters tend to bite newcomers, or block them for simple, newbie-typical mistakes. They also block people who try to get in their way of process. They do own a WikiTARDIS for a while, then they actually, literally own/pwn the WikiTARDIS and then lose it. Soon after, they will get blocked, probably by a WikiDalek, and end up getting a sockpuppet account, and hiding themselves, before again realising they truly are a WikiMaster. They then nick a WikiDoctor's WikiTARDIS and become the centre of attention. Soon they are exposed to be malicious, block MORE users, and end up getting blocked, before getting lost and going on Uncyclopedia.

How to find one[edit]

Normally a WikiMaster can be a really uptight user who cannot resist blocking every user within their vision. Also, they don't exactly bite, no, they tear a newcomer limb from limb, throw him/her on the barbecue, marinate them, cover them in garlic sauce and then bite the remains, giving the rest to Grendel to chew on while he's not eating Geats.

How to know you are one[edit]

(see above)

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