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A common complaint in the Wikipedia is that there are groups of users, usually newbies, who have no power, make none of the decisions, police the behavior of everyone else, and disclaim any responsibility for such actions – while not building the encyclopedia.

There is only a community if you want there to be one[edit]

Especially among your fellow editors and peers, there really is a community. A community works by shouting everything very loudly publicly, as unlikeable and stupid as the ideas and actions of some may seem. You can call those groups that are a little too annoying and prominent for your taste a bureaucracy, or in some cases an anarchy, if you're into politics, or you could consider the possibility that they're only human, and have a tendency to stick together when confronted with hostility towards all of them.

There is a community[edit]

As Wikipedia grows, its governance mechanisms become more complex, and hierarchies of power (admin, bureaucrat, etc.) are established. As it grows larger, some users will form organisations, and create even more hierarchies, such examples can be seen in WP:ESP and WP:CCD.

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