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No one cares what you think[edit]

Except for facts that are so widely accepted that the phrase "what you think" is an inaccurate description, you can't write what you think in Wikipedia articles, even if you know it's true. Basically, no one wants to know your opinion. It has no place in articles or on talk pages – unless there's a source backing you up.

We don't believe you[edit]

This is closely related to the above point. It's not that we think you're an inveterate liar, exactly – that would be a violation of WP:Assume good faith, among other things – we're just not happy accepting your statements without some verification. While you can make unsubstantiated remarks on Talk pages, they're not likely to result in any concrete changes to any article, so making such posts is kinda unconstructive, and sometimes other editors can get a bit shirty about that.

You have no friends[edit]

To be more precise, you shouldn't have any friends. Wikipedia isn't a social networking site, although there is theoretically a community of editors, and a community spirit is generally thought to be a good thing. Note also that there are various occasions where editors are asked to avoid editing if they are closely related to a person or subject, and even admins are frequently prevented from acting in an administrative capacity if they have a prior involvement with any party. So while friends in general are a good idea, the problems begin if you have specific, actual friends.

Your insults are stupid[edit]

We really have a problem with those big obvious insults. If you want to be impolite, please make your remarks subtle enough that the average passing idiot won't perceive them as such. The perfect insult is one that only the recipient understands to be one.

Wikipedia is not a reliable reference[edit]

Nobody trusts Wikipedia as a reference source. This is because the information in Wikipedia is all unreliable. This is because the community blocks or bans any editor who comes here wanting to tell the truth. Duh.