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Tip of the day...

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To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd}}.

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This is the tip of the day project, providing useful advice daily on how to use or develop Wikipedia more effectively. It is responsible for maintaining the tip of the day templates, and the collection of tips that are displayed by those templates.

For the complete schedule of tips, see below. See also Wikipedia:tips, the complete library of tips arranged by subject.

Displaying tips on your user pages[edit]

To add one of the many versions of the tip of the day template to your user page, Click here.


To participate in developing, proofreading, and scheduling new tips, see the instructions on the talk page.

Tip of the day scheduling queue[edit]

List of tips

This is the tip scheduling queue. The TOTD system operates on the "yearless year" approach, in which each tip's page is automatically displayed year after year.

Each tip needs to be proofread before its upcoming presentation date arrives, to ensure that it hasn't grown out of date or obsolete! Please help.

Now, without further ado, here are Wikipedia's daily tips, by presentation date:

More templates[edit]

The following template {{Totd-random}} is for Wikipedians who can't wait until tomorrow for their next tip! It presents a random tip each time you load the page it is presented on:

Another Tip of the moment...

Displaying the Tip of the day on your user page

To add this automatically updating Tip of the day box to your userpage, go to your user page, click edit this page, and add {{totd}} to your userpage's source text. (The text you see in the edit box when you click edit this page is called "source text", because it is a lot like programming code, which is called "source code"). Be sure to include the double curly brackets.

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To add this template to your user page, use {{Totd-random}}.

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This template {{Totd-tomorrow}} is for monitoring the tip queue one day in advance for any editing needs:


Please proofread the daily tip...

It's displayed below one day early.

Some tips are obsolete. So we need new tips too. Please share your best tips and tip ideas at Wikipedia Talk:Tip of the day.

Tomorrow's tip of the day...

Please fill in edit summaries

Just below the edit box is the edit summary field. Edit summaries are displayed in an article's history to make it easier for other editors to know what you did to an article. They are a very important part of Wikipedia operations, so please summarize all your edits!

Do you keep forgetting to fill in the edit summary box before saving your edits? Well, you can let Wikipedia remember for you! Go to my preferences, select the "Editing" tab, and check the last option box, "Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary". With this option set, Wikipedia won't allow you to save if the edit summary box is empty.

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To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd-tomorrow}}.

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