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Power-editing with AutoWikiBrowser

Guess what the power users of Wikipedia use to edit...

The AutoWikiBrowser (AWB), of course.

AWB is a semi-automatic Wikipedia editor. It works on lists of pages, automatically edits each page the way you specify, and then automatically takes you to the next page once you approve the changes to the current page. It has powerful features. It can even run an external script, regex (regular expression) on each page it processes.

In order to use AWB, you must either be an experienced editor with over 500 edits, or a Wikipedia administrator.

AWB is very useful and helps perform repetitive WikiGnome tasks very quickly, like stubs sorting, substituting templates, and searching/replacing.

For on-the-fly general discussion and support requests for AWB, try the AWB IRC channel: #AutoWikiBrowser connect

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