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Title searches

You can focus your searches by using the intitle: parameter. Here's how:

(1) In the Wikipedia search box, type the word intitle followed by a colon, then the word or phrase you are looking for. When you click on "Search," then, you'll be presented with a list of articles that have your search term in their titles.
(2) You can also search for one word or phrase in the title and for others in the text of the articles. For example:
Query Result
intitle:airport All articles with airport in their titles
intitle:international airport Articles containing the two words international and airport anywhere in their titles—which will give you a list that includes, for example, the article World's busiest airports by international passenger traffic
parking intitle:airport Articles with airport in their titles and parking in the text
intitle:"international airport"   Articles containing the exact expression international airport in their titles.

An even more powerful tool for searching titles is Grep. It lets you search titles using regular expressions, and in the results it lists the titles only.