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Displaying tips on your userpage

If you would like to display the tip of the day on your userpage, here's how:

Edit your userpage and insert one or more of the following strings:

{{totd}} - the main version of the tip of the day template, with border, centered in the middle of the page. Complete with inspirational lightbulb.
{{totd b}} - a more compact version of the above template. Useful for columns.
{{totd-tomorrow}} - this shows tomorrow's tip, and is used for proofreading tips before they go live. If you would like to help monitor tips for accuracy before the rest of the Wikipedia community reads them, please put this on your user page or talk page. Thank you.
{{totd-random}} - this is the tip of the moment template, which automatically displays a different tip every time you enter a page it is on (to a maximum of one time per minute). If it doesn't update, try clearing your browser cache.
{{Tip of the day}} - the borderless version, with lightbulb.
{{Tip of the day with h3 heading}} - article formatted version with level-3 heading. (No lightbulb).
{{totd3}} - a purple box version, useful for displaying the tip in columns.
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