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Tired cat feels tired.

At one point in a Wikipedian's edit life one just becomes tired with either the project and/or with other users' behaviour/pedantics/idiosyncracies.

The civilized solution to this problem is generally to take a wikibreak or if that's not enough one could just leave the project, preferably without causing drama.

If you're merely suffering from sleep deprivation then turn off your computer and go to bed. If you are insomniac do some new page patrolling or vandalism fighting, this may eventually make you feel tired enough to enjoy a good night's rest.


Tired Wikipedians may add the following userboxen to their user page by adding the code next to the box.

Tired 20-year-old cat.jpg This user is just tired of it all.

This user has blanked their user pages with an angry edit summary and flounced off in a huff promising never to return
They will probably think better of it in half an hour or so and remove this template. Don't hold it against them and in the meantime don't stick your Wikipedia where they suggested.


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