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Today's featured article

This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.

The Main Page includes a section where an adapted lead section from one of Wikipedia's featured articles is displayed as "Today's featured article" (TFA). The current month's queue can be found here. TFAs are scheduled by the TFA coordinators, Brianboulton (Brian), Crisco 1492 (Chris) and Dank (Dan). Community discussion of suggestions takes place at the TFA requests page.

If you notice an error in a future TFA blurb, you can usually fix it yourself, but if the mistake is in today or tomorrow's blurb, you will need to leave a message at WP:ERRORS to ask an administrator to fix it. The blurbs are formatted as a single paragraph as close as possible to 1,200 characters (including spaces) in length, with no reference tags, alternate names, or extraneous bolding. Only the link to the specified featured article is bolded, and this must be the first link in the blurb. For biographical articles, birth/death dates are trimmed down to year only. The blurb should be preceded by an appropriate lead image when available; fair use images are not allowed.

The editnotice template for Today's Featured Article is {{TFA-editnotice}}. It is automatically applied by {{Editnotices/Namespace/Main}} when the article's title matches the contents of {{TFA title}}. To contact the TFA coordinators, please leave a message on the TFA talk page, or use the {{@TFA}} notification template elsewhere.


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Today's featured article

Children of Mana is a 2006 action role-playing game for the Nintendo DS handheld console. It was developed by Square Enix and Nex Entertainment, and published by Square Enix and Nintendo. It is the sixth game of the Mana series and the first entry in the World of Mana subseries. Set in a high fantasy universe, Children of Mana follows one of four young heroes as they combat an invasion of monsters and learn about the cataclysmic event that killed their families. Both the main plot and side-quests require the player to fight through dungeons and defeat boss monsters before returning to the central Mana Village. Like many of its predecessors, the game features a local cooperative multiplayer component. Children of Mana was designed by series creator Koichi Ishii, directed by Yoshiki Ito, and produced by Takashi Orikata and Katsuji Aoyama. The game was a moderate commercial success: it sold 100,000 copies in its first week of release, and over 280,000 copies in Japan by the end of 2006. While critics praised the graphics and music as beautiful and unique, they found the combat simplistic and repetitive, and the story insubstantial. (Full article...)

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Chilean battleship Almirante Latorre.jpg

The Almirante Latorre class consisted of two super-dreadnought battleships designed by the British company Armstrong Whitworth for the Chilean Navy, honoring the Admirals (Almirantes) Juan José Latorre and Thomas Cochrane. Construction began on 27 November 1911. Both were purchased and renamed by the Royal Navy prior to completion for use in the First World War. HMS Canada (Almirante Latorre) was commissioned into British service in October 1915 and spent her wartime service with the Grand Fleet, seeing action in the Battle of Jutland. She was sold back to Chile in 1920, resuming her former name. The crew of the battleship instigated a naval mutiny in 1931. After a major refit in 1937, she patrolled Chile's coast during the Second World War. HMS Eagle (Almirante Cochrane) was converted to an aircraft carrier, and finally commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1924. She served in the Mediterranean Fleet and on the China Station in the inter-war period, and operated in the Atlantic and Mediterranean during the Second World War before being sunk in August 1942 during Operation Pedestal. (Full article...)

Part of the South American dreadnought race series, one of Wikipedia's featured topics.