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The TFAR requests page is currently accepting nominations from December 30 to January 29.

Planned requests for beyond that date can be entered below. Articles on this list aren't automatically accepted, because TFA coords have a variety of constraints to meet when scheduling articles, and articles competing for the same dates might show up at TFAR.

Before nominating here, please check for dead links using checklinks or otherwise, and make sure all statements have good references. This is particularly important for older FAs and reruns.


Date Article Reason Primary author(s) Added by (if different)
January 12 Hurricane Alex (2016) Why Cyclonebiskit
January 16 John C. Breckinridge Why Display name 99 Wehwalt
January 31 Zebra Why LittleJerry
February 2 Groundhog Day (film) Why KingEuronIIIGreyjoy
February 5 Apollo 14 Why Wehwalt
February 11 Bernard A. Maguire Why Ergo Sum
February 15 Silesian Wars Why Bryanrutherford0
February 27 MissingNo. (rerun) Why Kung Fu Man Poydoo
March 2 Lionel Matthews Why Peacemaker67
March 3 Carmen (rerun) Why Brianboulton Gerda Arendt
March 4 Warren G. Harding Why Wehwalt
March 7 The Grand Budapest Hotel Why DAP
March 10 Battle of the Aegates Why Gog the Mild
March 14 Nasr of Granada Why HaEr48
March 15 Battle of Halmyros Why Cplakidas
March 19 University of Washington station Why SounderBruce
March 25 Biblioteca Marciana Why Venicescapes
April 7 Peter Badcoe Why Peacemaker67
April 12 Yugoslav monitor Drava Why Peacemaker67
April 13 Qibla Why HaEr48
April 15 Aftermath (Rolling Stones album) Why Isento KingEuronIIIGreyjoy
April 17 Yugoslav destroyer Zagreb Why Peacemaker67
April 21 Elizabeth II Why EstebanGoesToSchool
May 1 Yugoslav destroyer Beograd Why Peacemaker67
May 5 Alan Shepard Why Hawkeye7
May 18 Burnley F.C. Why WA8MTWAYC
May 25 Operation Rösselsprung (1944) Why Peacemaker67
June 3 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Why czar
June 18 Five Go Down to the Sea? Why Ceoil
June 24 New Rochelle 250th Anniversary half dollar Why Wehwalt
June 28 Phillip Davey Why Peacemaker67
June 30 Margaret (singer) Why ArturSik Poydoo
July 21 Dementia with Lewy bodies Why SandyGeorgia, Colin, Outriggr, Ceoil
July 21 Space Shuttle Why Balon Greyjoy
July 22 History of the Jews in Dęblin and Irena during World War II Why Buidhe
July 23 Arthur Blackburn Why Peacemaker67
July 26 Battle of Caen (1346) Why Gog the Mild
July 30 Apollo 15 Why Wehwalt
August 1–6 Partisan Congress riots Why Buidhe
August 11 Arthur Sullivan (Australian soldier) Why Peacemaker67
August 19 Orangutan Why LittleJerry
September 3 Battle of Dunbar (1650) Why Girth Summit, Gog the Mild
September 10 MAX Red Line Why Truflip99
October 20 MLS Cup 1996 Why SounderBruce
November 12 Interstate 82 Why SounderBruce
December 12 Japanese battleship Tosa Why The ed17

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