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Today's featured list

This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.

On Mondays and Fridays, the Main Page includes a section where an introduction to one of Wikipedia's featured lists is displayed. The current month's queue can be found here. The lists appearing on the main page are scheduled by the featured list director Giants2008.

To appear on the main page, a list must already be featured. For more information on the featured list promotion process, please see Wikipedia:Featured list candidates, and the featured list criteria. In addition to being featured, a main page blurb must be drafted, which introduces the subject of the list. Main page blurbs are roughly 1,000 characters in total length, with no endlines, reference tags, alternate names, or extraneous bolding, although the link to the specified featured list should be bolded. You can submit a list at Wikipedia:Today's featured list/submissions.

At the moment, lists are scheduled by the FL director or the FL delegates, although we will eventually be devising a community-based system for selecting each day's list. We encourage editors to submit and review as many blurbs as possible. If you notice a problem with an upcoming main-page featured list, please leave a message talkpage here.

Further ideas on how you can participate can be found at Wikipedia:Today's featured list/get involved.

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Hurricane Agnes
Hurricane Agnes

The 1972 Atlantic hurricane season is one of five Atlantic hurricane seasons not to have any major hurricanes. During the season, seven tropical or subtropical depressions formed, all of which became tropical or subtropical storms or hurricanes. The season officially began on June 1, 1972 and ended on November 30. The first storm of the season, Subtropical Storm Alpha, formed on May 23, before the season began. The final storm of the season, Subtropical Storm Delta, dissipated on November 7. Of the seven tropical cyclones, three were subtropical storms, and four were tropical. Three became hurricanes; none of these reached Category 3 intensity or higher on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale. Although it was an inactive season, 1972 brought one of the deadliest and most expensive hurricanes to strike the United States, Hurricane Agnes (pictured). Agnes was a weak but large storm that made landfall at the Florida panhandle and then followed the east coast northward. It killed 122 people and caused $2.1 billion (1972 dollars) in damage, mostly due to flooding in Pennsylvania and New York. (Full list...)

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Manitoba Legislature in downtown Winnipeg
Manitoba Legislature in downtown Winnipeg

Manitoba's 137 municipalities cover 20% of the Canadian province's land mass yet are home to 94% of its population. Manitoba is the fifth most populous province in Canada with 1,208,268 residents as of 2011 and is the sixth largest in land area at approximately 552,000 km2 (213,000 sq mi). A municipality in Manitoba is "a municipality that is continued or formed under" the Municipal Act, which was enacted in 1996. These municipalities provide local government services to their residents. The Local Government Districts Act, enacted in 1987, allows the formation of local government districts as another municipality type. Of the 137 municipalities, 37 are urban municipalities (10 cities, 25 towns and 2 villages), 98 are rural municipalities and 2 are local government districts. Over half of Manitoba's population resides in the City of Winnipeg (Manitoba Legislature pictured), the provincial capital, with a population of 663,617. Manitoba's first municipality was the RM of Springfield (originally Springfield-Sunnyside). Winnipeg was incorporated as a city a few weeks later, on November 8, 1873. (Full list...)