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Stefani performing "Serious" in the black and white stripes popular in New Wave fashion

Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is the debut solo album by American pop singer Gwen Stefani, released by Interscope Records in November 2004. The album originally began as a small side project, but grew into a large production with numerous collaborations and producers. The album was designed as an updated version of a 1980s music record, and was influenced by artists such as Madonna, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and Club Nouveau. Most of the songs on the record focus on fashion and wealth. The album introduced the "Harajuku Girls", four backup dancers who dress in Stefani's interpretation of the youth fashion trends of Harajuku, a district in Tokyo. Despite gathering mostly positive reviews, L.A.M.B. received criticism for its many collaborations and superficial lyrical content. The album yielded six singles and had high sales, going multi-platinum in several countries, and selling seven million copies. It earned Stefani several Grammy Award nominations in 2005 and 2006. (more...)

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