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Sacrifice is a video game developed by Shiny Entertainment for the Windows 98 platform. Published in 2000 by Interplay Entertainment, it was the first commercial video game to take advantage of video graphics cards that can process transform, clipping, and lighting instructions. In the real-time strategy game, players control wizards who fight each other with summoned creatures and spells. The wizards collect souls to summon creatures, and their mana—energy for casting spells—constantly regenerates. Players customize their attacks by choosing from spells and creatures aligned to five gods. To defeat an opponent, the player's wizard sacrifices a friendly unit at the opposing wizard's altar, thereby desecrating it and banishing the enemy wizard. Aside from a single-player campaign, up to four players can play against each other over computer networks in a multiplayer mode. Sacrifice was praised by reviewers for the novel designs of its creatures and for its humorous content. The high level of attention needed to manage its frenetic combat was mentioned as a flaw. Despite winning several awards, Sacrifice was not a commercial success, and no sequels are planned. (more...)

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