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Location of Deusdedit's unmarked grave

Deusdedit (died c. 664) was a medieval Archbishop of Canterbury, the first native-born holder of the see of Canterbury. By birth an Anglo-Saxon, and perhaps originally named Frithona, Frithuwine or Frithonas, he became archbishop in 655. The name Deusdedit, which he probably took when consecrated as archbishop, means "God has given" and was the name of a recent pope. He was archbishop for more than nine years until his death, probably from the plague. There is some controversy over the exact date of Deusdedit's death, owing to discrepancies in the medieval written work that records his life. Little is known about his episcopate. The see of Canterbury seems to have been passing through a period of comparative obscurity and Deusdedit only consecrated one bishop; the other new bishops in England were consecrated by Celtic or foreign bishops. He founded a nunnery in the Isle of Thanet and helped with the foundation of Medeshamstede Abbey, later Peterborough Abbey, in 657. He was considered to be a saint after his demise, with a feast day of 14 July. A saint's life was written after his relics were moved from their original burial place in 1091 (location of unmarked grave pictured). (Full article...)

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